Let Ron Swanson Help Make This Father’s Day Extra Epic

Ron Swanson (from Parks and Rec) just may be the manliest man in the entire world. So, of course, he’s the perfect person to encourage Dad for Father’s Day! 

Here’s how to use them to send Dad on an entertaining Scavenger Hunt! 

  • Print out this free printable. 
  • Have the kids cut out each quote. 
  • Write clues on the backs of your favorites (or all), to send Dad searching around the house. 
  • Leave your Father’s Day gifts at the end for the prize!

If you’re just too exhausted to do a Scavenger Hunt, just leave these little notes scattered around his favorite haunts (around his toothbrush, in his car, in his underwear drawer…) with notes on the back about how much you love and appreciate all he does!

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