The Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers—Guaranteed to Brew Excitement!

Go ahead and feed their addiction. They’ll love you for it.

These are, mugs down, the best gifts for coffee lovers. -

One of the parenting surprises that sneaks up on you (and your budget) is the sheer number of presents or special crafts you now have to come up with.

And I’m not even talking about ones for your kid.

No, I’m talking about all the new holidays you now celebrate —Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, Baby Shower Day, National Donut Day (first Friday in June; you’re welcome).

Buying presents for all the adults in your life can get overwhelming. Trying to keep gifts “fresh” year after year can become a last minute frenzy of Pinterest, glue, glitter, and handprints.

But I will let you in on a little secret: there is one thing most parents, grandparents, and parents-to-be all have in common.


Fun Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Whether coffee beans, nifty makers, or accoutrements, coffee lovers just really like anything that has to do with their addiction coffee.

So to help you out for the next holiday or baby shower, I offer you a bounty of one-click gift ideas in a handy-dandy cheat sheet. Here are some categories to consider:

  1. Coffee Makers
  2. Sweet Accessories
  3. Awesome Mugs
  4. Coffee Gift Baskets
  5. Comfy Clothes

Because raising kids takes a village and copious amounts of coffee.

Gifts for Coffee Lovers:
Coffee Makers

One hallmark of a coffee lover is how much they like to talk about coffee, which includes sharing the newest “best way” they have found to make it. Give them the gift of gab and a great start to the day all at once with one of these fun ways to brew coffee.

These brewers make awesome coffee gifts! Mightymoms.clubCoffee Gifts That Think Outside the K-Cup

  1. AeroPress My husband’s favorite way to make coffee (and my favorite to drink), and also top of the list of many coffee review sites. If your gift-receiver already has one, they would love this handy-dandy storage caddy.
  2. French Press — For the geek out there, you can get this nifty Doctor Who coffee press, which is awesome.
  3. Fancy Pour Over Coffee Maker — No filter needed for this one.
  4. Chemex Pour Over Coffee Maker — A classic. Don’t forget the filters!
  5. Syphon / Vacuum Pot Coffee Maker This is the most fun of all styles of coffee makers, though not always easy to clean. For an easier, yet not quite as visually striking version, try this one. For the one that will make the biggest impression on the counter and make them feel like a mad scientist every time they use it, try this one.
  6. Moka Pot Stovetop Espresso Maker For the coffee traditionalist in the house.

Confused over which of these brewing coffee gifts is what? These folks give a pretty simple breakdown of each type.

Gifts for Coffee Lovers:
Sweet Accessories

Help your coffee lover mix it up a bit with some new accessories that will help enhance flavor, get (and keep) the perfect temperature, or make it extra special.

Amazing accessories like these make thoughtful coffee gifts -

Coffee Gifts for the Connoisseur

  1. Programmable Electric Kettle — Get the perfect temperature and perfect flavors for coffee makers #1-4 above. For a fun stovetop option, this Pour Over Kettle is the classic.
  2. Frother Mmmmm frothy…
  3. Burr Coffee Grinder — Coffee connoisseurs know that freshly ground beans make for the most aromatic brews, and that the right grinder can make all the difference.
  4. Mug Warmer — Perfect for the desk-bound coffee drinker.
  5. Coffee & Tea Joulies — This little genius invention is a group of special little “eggs” that goes into a mug, cools it to the right temp, then keeps it warm for hours.
  6. Reusable K-Cup Coffee Filters — This way, any coffee beans/grounds can be enjoyed with a Keurig.
  7. Drink Hyperchiller — Make any drink cold in just 90 seconds! Perfect for iced coffee on those hot days.
  8. Manual Burr Grinder — Easy to take for overnight trips, and gets those grounds…um…ground…exactly like they want them.

Gifts for Coffee Lovers:

Whether it is pretty, useful, witty, or themed, everyone likes to drink their coffee in a mug that has some stamp of personal expression. These mug options come with the potential perk of becoming someone’s favorite coffee-delivery method.

Need coffee gifts? Pick a smile-stealing mug!

Coffee Gifts to Make Mornings Better

1. Pink Marble | 2. “That’s what.” | 3. “My Precious”
4. Mommy Needs More Coffee | 5. Harry P. Color Changer
6. Corkcicle Travel Mug| 7. Wait to Speak Mug
8. Build-On Lego Mug | 9. Yeti Coffee | 10. Bless Your Heart

It might be easy to think that people can have too many mugs, and that your mug will get lost in the shuffle. But as someone who has almost 150 mugs, cherishes each, and knows exactly where each one came from (even those two you snuck into my cabinet, Mom and Dad), I believe that every mug can truly be a favorite mug.

Gifts for Coffee Lovers:
Coffee Gift Baskets

These gift baskets are for the coffee lover who has everything! Because you (I mean, they) are always in need of fresh coffee, and it’s fun to try new flavors.

Coffee gift baskets should really be on more baby registries, as they are Numero Uno of the “Top 10 Baby Needs No One Talks About Before Having Kids.” (Second is Oreos, of course.)

These coffee gift baskets will delight the taste buds!

Coffee Gift Baskets to Drool Over

1. Crazy for Coffee Chocolate, Coffee & Snacks | 2. Java Planet Gift Basket
3. Whiskey & Rum Barrel Aged Coffee Set
4. Bean Box Coffee Gift Box | 5. Specialty Coffee Gift Basket

Wearable Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Lastly, here are a handful of wearable items to keep your coffee aficionado smiling all day long. It’s amazing how a mutual coffee-addiction can bring people together. Wear it proudly!

Coffee Gifts to Declare Your Allegiance

1. First I Drink the Coffee | 2. Espresso Patronum
3. Guatemalan Coffee Bean Jewelry | 4. First of All Coffee
5. Bring Me Coffee | 6. I Love You a Latte Necklace
7. Everything I Brew, I Brew It For You | 8. This Mom Runs On Coffee…
9. Periodic Table Coffee | 10. Coffee Bean Necklace

Brewing Up Some Happiness

Drinking coffee is waaaay more than just drinking coffee.

  • It’s the cuppa that gets you through the morning crazies and out the door.
  • It is the hot mug that motivates you to make it until naptime.
  • It’s the chilled decaf that greets you on the back porch after the kids have gone to bed.
  • It is the smell that fills the house with deep calm breaths.

When you give coffee gifts, you are really giving warm smiles and endurance to those who need it most.

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How’s it feel, knowing that every time they sip-and-smile, they are thinking of you?

That’s a win-win in my book mug.

*takes a long satisfying sip*

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These are, mugs down, the best gifts for coffee lovers. -

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