Stir Up Some Romance With These Free Love Notes

Remember why you fell in love him in the first place? How he used to make you laugh so hard you’d snort? Remember when he was your favorite person on the planet?

Well, if it’s been a while since you’ve felt that way…you’re normal. Young kids are exhausting, and usually the first casualty is your marriage relationship. Yes, sex helps build that intimacy…but you also need to feel intimate with someone to enjoy sex.

Something a Little Unexpected

These free love note printables can help. Print them out and leave them places you know your hubby will find them. Let him read and be remembered why you chose to stand next to him during that wedding ceremony in the first place.

Trust me, nothing helps a man to thaw (and start thinking about you) quite like hearing how much you respect, love, and honor him. It’s the first step to help break down the walls exhaustion can build.

Why not hide them around the house for a scavenger hunt? Each clue leading him closer and close to you. In the bedroom. Wearing (or not wearing) something you’re both sure to enjoy.  🙂

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