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7 Weird Teething Symptoms You Should Know About

Anyone can tell you the standard teething symptoms. (Like me, for example.)  You know…the drooling, the fussiness, or the dead give away: spotting a tooth.

But what about those baby teething symptoms that aren’t so obvious?  The ones that you can’t find in The Big Book of Baby or at  www.MegaBabySite.com?

What about the weird teething symptoms? The Freak Show cousins that no one ever talks about, but are still there, sniffing glue in the corner?

It’s time they were acknowledged, friend.  Time to drag them out of the shadows and into the spotlight.


*tipping my top hat and waving my walking stick*


Weird Teething Symptoms #1
Vampire Mouth

This is the weird teething symptom sends most moms into hysterics, especially when the blister pops.

It’s pretty nasty.  Your infant looks up at you with a bloody mouth that looks like…Well, I think you know what it looks like: a horror movie.

The technical term for this is an “Eruption Cyst” but that’s just BORING.  I’m starting a petition to call it “Vampire Mouth” instead.

Here’s what happened:  the tooth starts moving toward the gum line.  The tender gum tissue bruises a little, turning a purplish color.  (One mom thought her son had been chewing on an ink pen.)  As the tooth erupts through the skin, it “pops” the balloon, so to speak and a little blood comes out.

This doesn’t hurt your baby any more than the usual teething experience.  Letting him suck on a cold damp (or partially frozen) washcloth will reduce the swelling and help with pain.

NEVER poke or try to drain the blister.  This can lead to an infection, which is bad news bears.

Take a brief second to write down in your tracker the date you first notice the blister.  That way, if it sticks around longer than a month with no tooth, you know to give your dentist a call.

Weird Teething Symptoms #2
The So-Called Ear Infection

I’ll take “Infant Anatomy” for 300, Alex.

The nerves on the gum line, below your infant’s budding nubs travel up the jaw and behind the ear.  By tugging on the earlobe, your smart infant has figured out a way to provide some relief to those nerve endings.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve taken my babies to the doctor convinced of an ear infection, only to leave with a “just teething” diagnosis.  Frankly, it’s embarrassing.  I have a website about babies, for goodness sake!

Eventually, I got smarter and picked up a good otoscope.  Being able to actually look inside her ear eliminated all those extra co-pays!

Weird Teething Symptoms #3
The Diarrhea Conspiracy

Why is diarrhea listed as “weird” in my list of teething symptoms?  Because, according to the medical community, it doesn’t exist.

Just like Area 51…

And yet, a strange  number of otherwise-happy teethers will suddenly experience leaky bowels.  So do we ditch the doctors? or look suspiciously at the parents?

Do UFP’s, Unexplained Flowing Poops, really exist? 

I’ll let you decide. Be on the look out for some loose stools, and if you spot them take a picture as medical proof concentrate on keeping your baby well-hydrated.

Weird Teething Symptoms #4
The Mother of all Rashes


Oh, how I hate thee. 

Little red bumps of torture. 

I consider rashes one of the weird teething symptoms, because, frankly, these rashes are just hideous.

The “bucket ‘o drool” look your baby is going for these days has some side effects.  The chin, the neck, or even his hands can all start to turn blotchy, red-chapped, and bumpy.

And those are just the rashes on the top half of his body.

Some babies will also get rashes on their bum.  Probably due to the increased acidity of the diarrhea-poop (that doesn’t exist, remember?).

I smear a layer of Triple Paste on the face (but not the lips!!!) and neck to protect those fragile skin cells. It’s really an excellent diaper rash cream – but it works just as well for teething drool, because it helps fight against the yeast infection causing those bumps.

Another excellent choice for diaper rashes is this bottom balm, it’s all natural and organic – a great choice for crunchy moms!

The Digs on Drool

As much as you may hate the fact your baby is nearly as drooly as your basset hound, drool is actually a good  thing.  It acts as a topical cushion of gel between your baby’s tooth-bergs and his tender gums.

You think he’s Mr. McCrabby Pants now?  Trust me, he would have been beyond tolerable without the river of drool!

Weird Teething Symptoms #5
Sleep Schmeep!

Why is sleep considered a weird teething symptom? Because it’s usually not your baby who loses sleep.  It’s usually you.

Some babies will be champion sleepers…until teething hits.  Then they’ll wake up fussing until you rock and shush them back to sleep.

Yes…be surprised.  I’m actually encouraging you to rock your baby to sleep.

It’s usually a training mistake, but in this case your baby is hurting and needs your physical touch and perhaps some teething medication to comfort into slumber again.

  • If your baby has already started teething…try these sleeping tricks for immediate help.
  • If your baby hasn’t already started teething, but it’s on the horizon…start now to teach him how to fall asleep.  (Falling asleep on his own is a skill he will need to master if you want to avoid getting up 2-3 times a night when he’s two or three.)

A baby (and parent!) who has been getting the sleep he needs on a regular basis will be able to weather the rough waters of teething a lot better.

Weird Teething Symptoms #6
The Invisible Fever

I like calling this “Invisible Fever” because just like doctors insist there’s no credible evidence that diarrhea is a sign of teething, they ALSO say that babies don’t get fevers for teething.

Well, I have it on good authority from the Shaman who lives in a cardboard box on the corner of 6th and Main that fevers can happen for teething babies.  (Take that CDC!) With the Shaman and personal mothering experience on my side, I’m confident I can put this on our weird teething symptom list.

The Invisible Fever is a low-grade fever.  If your baby gets a temperature of 100.5° F (38° C) and lasts more than a day or two, give your doctor a call.

FREE PRINTABLE:  There’s a great free “When to Call the Doctor” printable in this article that may come in handy! Just print it off and stick it on the fridge for easy reference.

Weird Teething Symptoms #7
The Haunted Cough

The last weird teething symptom you might witness is the Haunted Cough.

*oooooOOOOOooooo* *dirty diapers start flying around the room*

It’s haunted because your baby’s nose is as dry as your husband’s milk supply.  (In my brain, I just heard 5,000 of you all saying EWWWWW! )

The nose is dry, but the cough sounds all wet and sticky. There’s no tangible evidence that the cough should exist…AND YET IT DOES.

Sure, I could ruin all the fun by explaining why, but I’d rather call the Ghostbusters and let them take care of it.

If you’d like to avoid the ectoplasm and find out anyway, read my article explaining how to decipher the cough code. It will reveal the answer!

Teething isn’t for Sissies
(Time to Arm Up!)

When it comes to The War of the Tooth, your infant will fall into two camps.

  1. He will hardly break a sweat.  You won’t realize he’s teethed until he smiles one day and you realize they’re all there.
  2. He transforms into Mr. Furious. Nothing pleases him.  Nothing satisfies. The reign of King Crankypants has begun.

If your baby is the first category: Congratulations.  95% of the parents reading this hate you.

If your baby is in the second category:  Be encouraged.  This will pass and your fat-cherub-of giggles will return.

In the meantime, you have some options…

  1. Browse through my other article on the signs of teething to confirm your suspicions.
  2. Read through my 57 strategies to stop teething pain (and get some sleep again!)
  3. Subscribe to Mighty Moms and get the latest published articles delivered to your Inbox on Saturday afternoons!

Or, you could REALLY go crazy and do all three!

I mean, at the heart of it, aren’t we all freaks in our own way?  *removing my chicken hat*

Why not hang out with other mothers who can relate to the underlying weirdness lying just under the skin of us all?


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68 thoughts on “7 Weird Teething Symptoms You Should Know About

  1. My son will be 14 months next week. He has 15 teeth already and up until the past 2 days he fit into category 1 where all other parents would hate me. His first tooth we knew the day he cut it because the day before it wasn’t there when my finger was in his mouth but the next day he bit me and geez!

    After that we realized that he was just a kid with a really high tolerance for pain… We knew it was high for other reasons.

    However, past two days he is crying more, drooling more, trying to pull his ears off, using toys to scratch behind his ears, chewing everything including his own feet, he is pooping more but not loose, yesterday though he had clear liquid coming from his nose at one point but not again.
    Today as he we are on our deck him playing with toys and water table and pool and me exercising I had to include him in my squating! Um hello I’m already heavy set and to have to hold a 24 pound child and squat and get back up is just killer (obviously for my thighs too).

    I don’t want to run to doctor because that’s a 45 minute drive now. Praying it’s teething and not water in ear or ear infection. He hasn’t been sick since he was 7/8 months when he developed pneumonia because the daycare didn’t adhere to sick policies! And when I say not sick I mean his temperature on a daily basis is normal and never elevated even during all his teeth!

    Please be teeth!

  2. My daughter (now 2 and half years) cut out 8 teeth at once at 7 mths without more than slight temperature. No fussiness, catarrh, fever, rash, diarhoea and any wierd symptom. Its just the drooling. She did great all through. But my son is 8mths now with just a pair of teeth and is so fussy and hot, wit loose stools, catarrh etc. Am so worried for him. The baby and I dint catch a wink of sleep last night. Am so worn out. I wish he was like his sis

    1. Hello, Chantel!

      Teething can be so tricky and it is amazing how the symptoms of it vary from baby to baby. If the symptoms seem extremely severe to you, I would take him to see a physician. That way, after he has been looked at by a medical professional, you can rule out any other physical ailments that might be contributing to the fussiness and lack of sleep. This article, http://incredibleinfant.com/sweet-stuff/baby-teethers/ is about different teethers and how they can help your baby. Although teething may be a factor in your baby’s fussiness, it may not be the only contributor. Hopefully this article http://incredibleinfant.com/health/crying-baby/ might also be helpful in determining why your little one is so fussy. Take care and good luck with those little ones!

  3. Is dark red swollen gums a symptom? Freaking me out. Has a 101-102 temp, cranky, sleepless ugh. These are her 2 yo molars ?

  4. My son is older than most of the posts on here. He always had a fever and diarrhea when teething as a baby (yes it does exist! I think from the extra drool they are swallowing and their change in diet to mostly softer foods). Now, he is 5 and cutting the “kindergarten molars.” He had a low grade fever for one day, then the fever went away but he is still lethargic, sneezy, and red eyes. It’s like allergy symptoms but we have 4ft of snow on the ground. Besides the fever none of his symptoms are like when he cut teeth as a baby. Thanks to your site and reading other comments I am confirmed that he MUST be ready to cut those guys. He currently has NO signs of illness, it’s just allergy symptoms (nothing new introduced in his food or the house). I’m glad to see others defy the medical myths about growing babies… Dr.s are smart but they don’t know everything!

  5. My bby is 8mnths old she’s cutting her 1st teeth nw’she had eczema n it went away bt nw her teeth is almst cuming thru n I saw a rash tht lookd like da 1st tym I found out she had eczema omg’its on her tummy’back’face n behind her ears’I dunno anymore bt I do hve oinmnt I put on her…mbe its part of teethng.

    1. Rouza,

      The rash could be because of teething (especially if she is drooling a lot) but if you are concerned it would be worthwhile to have your pediatrician take a look. You could even contact your doctor and see if they would like you to send in a photo first… It’s up to you.

  6. from reading different comments posted here I’m convinced that teething comes with different symptoms to different babies. my son is turning 1 year in a months time and he’s teething the premolars already. He developed these whitish-painful-irritating sores on the tongue, on mouth walls and on the gums.
    His Dr. said it’s mouth infection but it has nothing to do with teething. I clearly understand that teething might be the source for those. he can’t eat anything willingly. he can’t even chew the teething rings due to paibdul sores. I’m stressed beyond measure, but I know this will come to pass. Thanks for the info on weird-uncommon signs of teething. They exist…

    1. Kelello,

      Oh dear! That sounds terrible! So sorry for your little guy. You might want to add some probiotics to his diet if you haven’t already.

      Also, what is the doctor recommending for the mouth infection?

  7. My 1st was category 1 never knew she was getting teeth until she smiled. Easy breeze. My 2nd has every single teething issue on the list. Ahhhhh I love your website. I was sure her diarrhea and diaper rash was from the 3 teeth she is currently cutting. Oh and what’s up with some babies not loving the tethers. Mine wants wood anything wood which she can’t have but has snuck here and there and I find half the crib railing looking like a beaver had a go at it. Grinding teeth is a strange teething symptom I’ve noticed but don’t see listed anywhere. Maybe my daughter is just really intense. What do you think? Could it be teething? She grinds the 5 she’s got already alot.

    1. Yvonne,

      I have a little one who grinds too. It sounds terrible, doesn’t it?!
      Take a look at our Facebook page. We just posted a do-it-yourself way to protect a crib from little beavers! 🙂
      So glad you love the site!

  8. Thanks for this!!  A”nana” to five and one 11 months old, I knew the “blister was normal-ish enough (although watching),  but my Daughter will be happy to know I’m not the only person on earth that thinks she’s not growing an alien bubble in her mouth!!  Rash, grumpy, sleep pattern shatter – yep!  And of course I’m here living it all as Mommy nurtures #5 in the hospital…….so wait a few months, rinse…repeat!!

    1. Jane,

      You sound like a wonderful nana! Glad this was a help to you. Congrats on your new-grandbaby!

  9. My son will be 10 months old in a week. His first 2 bottom teeth already cut and are slowly growing in. Hes been having a lowgrade fever, no higher than 99-100 and he has a slight running nose on and off. Of course he is irritable, crying a lot, and drooling but was just curious if I should be concerned about this fever or runny nose.

    1. Heidi,

      It sounds like he is experiencing normal teething symptoms. Keep an eye on his fever and if it gets out of the low-grade range then check in with your doctor. Otherwise, just focus on keeping him hydrated.
      Also, here’s another article with suggestions of how to help with the teething pain. If you are interested in natural remedies then take a look at this article too.

      Hope this helps your little guy!

  10. My little guy is only 3 months old but he has been fussing non stop during the day and the tears always start as soon as I see the drool. He’s also trying to fit his whole fist in his mouth as of recent. I suspect teething although I know he’s kind of early for it- but I got my baby teeth pretty early too so maybe it’s genetic? He has still been sleeping through the night though. Is it unusual for baby to be dealing with most of the pain during the day? Or is it just lucky?

    1. Sky,

      Is he a pretty deep sleeper? My first born was and never had trouble at night while teething. You might be interested in this article about amber necklaces. We used one for our youngest and she seems to do better with teething pain when she has it on.

  11. I didn’t notice if a similar question has been asked above…

    My daughter is 1 yr and a month old. Her first two bottom teeth came in late April. Her top two front arwon the verge, as she has been disolaying teething synptoms for weeks, with lots of chewing and night restlessness this week.

    A few days ago I noticed a lot of first flaky, now broken skin, on a small area on the outer side of each of her big toes, one side was almost bloody. She has only been walking for 3 weeks, so I first thought it had something to do with bare feet. I showed my sister and she was like “is she chewing them?”. Duh! She has been since she discovered them but lately she has been chewing her big toes (and her hands) like crazy! Now that I realuze she is doing this, how do I get her to stop! We have tries cold teethera and basically everything you can think of, but nothing seems to stick. Also, socks would not be helpful bc not only is the weather very hot right now, but she has never left them on.

    1. Donna! I’m so thankful you added this! That makes total sense, but I had never thought of it. Thanks for including it in the article, making it so much more helpful. I would put some Aquaphor on her feet – especially when she gets out of a bath, to lock in the moisture. That will help the skin stay supple and avoid flaking and cracking. (It’s okay if she gets a little of it in her mouth, it’s nontoxic.) xoxo

  12. So, my daughter was amazing she didn’t really fuss or loose sleep she just drooled a bit and had a low grade fever which she sleeps when she doesn’t feel good (As do I). She actually didn’t get any teeth until right after her first birthday. Then she got all four teeth on top at one time and about a month later got all four on bottom. Which I actually pressed down on her gum to ease the pain and help them cut threw she is pushing 5 years old now and we are out of the woods but…

    Now my son is almost 4 months old and has every sign but rash beard and leaky bowels he even gets head sweats the only way to sooth him is by rocking sitting him straight up and letting him gnaw on my knuckle. All he does is cries and holds his head like he has a head ache sometimes he doesn’t even want to nurse it sucks so bad because he seems so miserable, I wish I could do more than rock him and give him my knuckle, I guess I got too lucky the first time around. Lol

    1. I know what you mean, Merry. My first was an easy teether, too. Lulled me into a “teething isn’t so bad” belief. One that my 2nd also destroyed. 🙂 You may find this article on 57 ways to soothe a teething baby helpful. There’s bound to be a few things there you haven’t tried yet, hopefully! xo

  13. My baby girl is cutting her third tooth right now at 9 months old. She hasn’t really had an other syptoms besides the drool, teething poops and slight crankiness. Her weirdest symptom is that she sleeps almaot ALL day and night with spans of 2-3 hours of play time in between sleep in the day. She cut her first 2 bottom teeth at the same time and she just slept through them cutting completely. I’m super thankful, don’t get me wrong, I just think it’s odd because everyone would tell us that she would be a super crabby baby when she started teething because she has a pretty laid back, chill temperament and it supposedly wouldn’t last. Hooray it has though!

    1. Amber,

      That is really the crazy thing about teething, isn’t it?! You never know how your child will respond. I have had the “Oh, wow! There are teeth in there. Never even knew he was teething!” child and the melodramatic child as well. I’m glad it has gone so well for you both!

  14. my first daughter who is now five had an awful time teething… She had a diaper rash every time she would start cutting another tooth (this happens because the ph level in pee tents to be more acidic when teething) but she would get them so bad she would have lil spots that would bleed. I used at least five different diaper rash creams and none helped until I found Boudreaux’s butt paste. Amazing. And doesn’t have that terrible smell like desitin. It actually has a very pleasant smell. She also got a bunch of ear infections and even once we got rid of those her ears still killed her from the nerves. And she also got boils on her inner thighs and on her butt. Most of them I could take care if myself but a few she had to get cut open at the hospital. Now our new five month old is teething, she has not had a problem with diaper rash, but she has been extremely fussy and needy. She wants to be held 24/7 her ears are bugging the crap out of her… I just wish I could take all the pain from them.

    1. OH, Tina! You have been through it! You deserve a “brave mama” award for all of that! It’s so hard to see our children in pain.

  15. Do fever and rashes other than on the face, hands and bottom have anything to do with teething or is my baby getting sick? I assumed she was teething because she is very crabby but I noticed a light rash on her foot and chest and she has a low grade fever.

    1. Jamie,

      I would take a photo and send it over to your pediatrician’s office just in case. They can tell you if you should bring your little one in.

  16. This just started yesterday with my son, he recently got over the common cold with an ear infection and took meds his doc prescribed and was 100% better up until yesterday evening. All of a sudden my son became tired and dint want to anything but lay down, he even turned dinner away. So we put him in bed for the night with some juice and about 1 am he wakes up and he has a slight fever and has random red patches on his body that look as if he got bit by a bug countless times, so we decided to give him an oatmeal bath and put calamine lotion on the affected areas such as arms, hands, stomach, back, and legs. When he woke up that morning he was fine but now through the day it all has came back. Could this be possible because of 4 teeth coming in at once because he will only snack and he constantly chews on his paci switching from side to side of his mouth.

    1. Starr,

      I would recommend that you go ahead and contact your pediatrician’s office. See what they recommend. They might want you to take a photo of the rash and e-mail it in.

  17. My 8 month old cut her bottom front teeth at the same time a couple weeks ago. 3 days ago I noticed on the tip there was a thing that looked like a little white ring (not at all what a tooth looks like coming up). I thought maybe it was formula but it wouldn’t wipe off. Yesterday the white ring was gone but I could see what looked like dents or little cuts, I’m thinking from her pressing her new teeth into her upper gum, there was also a little bit of blood. But now today there’s what looks like 2 big white blister looking things on her upper gums. I’ve never seen this before and am kind of worried. Depending what happens tomorrow I might take her to her ped just to get it checked out.

    1. Andrienne,

      I’m guessing you took your daughter to your pediatrician already but, yes, blisters can be part of teething. However, we do like to say “When in doubt give Doc a shout” so hopefully you did. Also, in a case like this you might try taking a quick photo with your phone (if you can hit a moving object, right?) and e-mailing that to your pediatrician’s office. Sometimes that might be all they would need to give you a quick “come” or “no need”.

  18. My sisters 7 month old has explosive watery diarrhea and nasty death smelling burps it smells like something is rotting inside. Is this normal when the child is teething? You can tell she is because she has white bulbs on her gums where her teeth are.

    1. Shandra,

      It certainly could be related. Be so cautious about the diarrhea! It’s very important that the baby stays hydrated (I’m sure you know this). I recommend Probiotic Drops to help with the diarrhea (and the bad breath!). Sounds like she needs a little help stabilizing her gut right now.

  19. There are so many unwritten teething symptoms. My 9 month old is ending day 2 of fever and runny nose. Her 3rd and 4th bottom teeth are cutting in as well as her 1st and 2nd top teeth. She has a little blister on her top gum. She was also sick when the first 2 bottom were coming in. I’ll be so glad when they all cut through the gum. Our previous ped was one that believed teething could trigger cold like symptoms.

  20. my grand child will be five mothes old on the ninth of this month. feb. I’ve been googling some sights which I cannot find. His teething but I notice he has body sweats and his feet and hands are always cold, so I worry about him having a bad cold. Please help me and baby

    1. Barb,

      A fever is certainly one of the symptoms of teething. However, if you are feeling concerned about your little grand baby you should take him to see the doctor. I like to quote Heather’s mantra “When in doubt, give Doc a shout”. I feel like this especially applies to babies under 6 months! Hope you get things worked out soon and your little guy is feeling like himself again.

  21. My 5 month old is teething, no teeth popping through yet, however tonight I noticed her cheeks swelled just under her eyes. Anyone else have this same issue?
    I’ve seen a few other posts on other sites, but I’ve been seeing mostly allergy related swelling.
    She’s breastfed & I have started to switch her to formula & given her teething tablets, but if she was allergic, I’m sure the symptoms would’ve shown up days ago.
    Hopefully someone can tell me this swelling is one of those weird symptoms?

  22. My grandson is 16 months old .. at one yr he cut all four of his top teeth at the same time and they emerged through the front of the gum .. Oddest thing I’ve ever seen .. NOW .. he seems to be cutting both molars up top …. and both molars on botton and all the front four teeth on bottom AT THE SAME TIME …  Never in my life have I seen such teething.- and I’ve raised three of my own and been involved in the care of 13 nieces/nephews .. … This little grandson seems to be okay during the day while he’s distracted with toys and such but at night . .. he screams as if he’s being tortured … Motrin and tylenol seems to ease the pain a bit but what else can be done? Have you ever heard of such odd teething?

    1. Mary,

      Wow! That’s amazing! He has to be the champion for doing it all in one fell swoop! 🙂

      Take a look here for more ideas on how to handle that teething pain (poor little guy!).

  23. My LO is 16 almost 17 months, I thought we were in the clear, she has maybe 10/12 teeth already. Well a few days ago her gums swelled up so much that you can see any of her little teeth anymore, freaked me out big time, and then yesterday I took her to the grocery store to get baby orajel and her favorite macorrini(she refused to eat anything else since her gums are hurting), in the check out line she starts crying because she doesn’t like the cashier(the cart would only fit on the other side of the stand, I know bad mom alert) so I rush over and move the care to the end next to me and BAM! Gush of horror movie blood come rush out of her little mouth, omg I was sure someone was about to call CPS so we rushed out of there, stupid after reading this. I’m still freaked out, her gums are still swollen and I had to straddle her just to get the orajel on her lips -_-. Now I’m thinking I should take her in to the doctor, the gums in between her top front teeth are turning white/gray, I’m sure it’s because of the swolleness but I can’t find anything about it anywhere. Eyeye I want my own mom right about now!

    1. Sara,

      Oh dear! I feel your pain! It’s so hard to feel like you don’t know whether a symptom is normal or cause for concern. A good rule to follow is (to quote Heather) “When in doubt, give Doc a shout”. I hope you followed your “mama instincts” and decided to call your doctor just in case!

  24. I just noticed on my sons bottom right front tooth is a blister it looked like a tooth but it’s not hard it just feels like his gum he doesn’t act like it’s painful just makes mommy wonder why he has a blister on his gum by his first tooth?

    1. That’s happens some times, Amanda. If he doesn’t seem affected by it, I wouldn’t worry. I would, however, mention it to your doctor – just so he/she is in on the loop!

    1. Grinding teeth can make you wince, especially when your little baby’s doing the grinding! However, it’s pretty normal when little ones are teething. It’s called bruxism and is a way to help ease the discomfort they are in. You can try giving your little guy a chilled teething ring (or one of these). It might cut down on the grinding!

  25. Hii, it seems like you have this teething thing figured out! So I must ask, have you ever heard of a baby breaking out only on his lips while teething? And not his bum rather his genitals? I’m stressin but don’t want to inconvenience my Saturday to a 45 minute drive to the doctor if this too shall pass. And his little hands have a few bumps on them too. I don’t want it to by hand foot and mouth or impetigo – never saw either google just has me on the tip of my chair trying to pin down these dang symptoms. DEFINITELY teething, soaking several shirts a day, snotty, mild fever, the bumps are what is stumping me. Thoughts?

    1. Katie, that is a stumper! My first thought was impetigo, honestly. Since he’s slobbering so much, I’m wondering if he’s had a little bacteria visitor… Perhaps give it another day or two and see if it clears up – and if not, start that 45 minute trek…Especially if he’s not showing signs of illness (fevers, etc.). Follow your gut, though. If he looks uncomfortable, or if something looks “off” it may be worth the trek.

  26. My son is 5 & a half months and just starting to teeth. I thought he had a cold so took him in to see the Dr. and sure enough….the teeth haven’t come up yet buy definitely showig signs, he chews on almost anything he sees and can get his little hands on, I breastfeed so sometimes he likes to nibble while nursing (not one of my faves!). I noticed someone said their baby was sweating when teething, my son also sweats like crazy! I’ll be nursing him and we’ll be sitting there relaxing and all of a sudden he starts pouring sweat like he’s in a sauna! I just have one question because I can’t seem to find anything about it online right now, and I know every baby is different, but how do you tell when they’re teeth are almost out? And does it get less painful for them after the teeth come out? Thanks in advance ! 🙂  

    Also! My son has a really runny nose from teething!? Anyone else experience this?

    1. Isn’t it amazing how each child is different! 🙂 You can usually see the teeth poking through the gums. Normally the teething pain goes WAY down once they poke through. It’s just those tender “it’s coming” pain that can cause such distress! Yes, I’ve heard of babies who get a runny nose because of teething. If it’s clear snot, don’t worry about it. It will pass. If it’s yellowish, that’s a sign of an infection. You’ll want to mention that to your doctor. If he gets super congested, here are things that can help with that! xo

  27. Thanks for the read! We’re at the beach for the week and of course, our 8 month old son is sprouting a top tooth! His 1st top tooth was a piece of cake but his 2nd one has been a catastrophe. Our poor little guy has been so fussy… His weird teething symptoms include: clear runny nose, drool, watery red eyes, and very fussy. It’s making our vacay not much of a vacay. Our saving graces include frozen bananas in a mesh Nuk feeder and Hyland teething tablets. Praying to God we wake up tomorrow to a tooth nub cut thru his gum line!! XO

    1. Laura, UGH!!! That sounds terrible. Not what you want in a relaxing vacation! You’re a smart mama, having some things to try! Did it break through? #fingerscrossed

    2. my LO just turned 21 months today and has been trying to cut his top two eye teeth for a little over a month but they finally have broke the gum and are poking through a bit on both sides.. hes been very cranky, whinny,diarreah and all the normal symptoms of teething for over a month while waiting for them to cut through but since they have hes had a runny nose and low grade fever but tonight hes eyes started watering pretty bad and were red and swollen and i was freaking out lol im a first time mom so i get nervous when new symptoms we never been through happen so ive been googling for over an hour looking for someone to say this happened to thier LO while teething so i jus wanted to say thank you for sharing this you have put this worried mommas mind at ease!!
      and i love this article! its very truthful and all of these symptoms are very real no matter wgat the doctors say lol! thank you all for sharing!!!

  28. My son is almost 8 months. He has two bottom teeth that came in about a day apart from each other. He has been grumpy and drooling since he was 4 months old! He holds the side of his head like he has a headache and his head sweats! I’ve been told teething fevers are an old wives tale but he must be breaking a fever. I’ve never caught it on the thermometer but the random head sweats are a little disconcerting!

    1. Stephanie, I’ve heard that too, but I think there’s a connection. My kids all got low-grade fevers when they were teething. I would give your doctor a quick call and get his personal opinion and his definition on what he thinks is a “low grade” fever for your son at this age. It will put your mind at ease, while letting him know what’s going on. Those random head sweats are really interesting, I’m so glad you mentioned them!

  29. My first son who is now 18mo is the rare first camp teether BUT he gets boils the size of a dime on his left hand and diarrhea everytime he cuts a tooth.. We thought hand foot mouth when he was 9mo but it never spread and always comes back when having a teething episode, not painful but definitely looks it!

    1. Jessica, that IS a weird teething symptom! I’m so glad you shared it. It’s good for other parents to know that babies all handle teething in different ways!

  30. I have worked with children ages 0-3 for 20 years, and I agree with all of the ones listed above. As well as the eight month old I currently live with! But here is some other weird information about teething: it affects muscle tone in some children. If you have a child with a neurological issue, you may find that your child with low muscle tone is now Gumby. And if you have a child with high muscle tone (tighter muscles), you may find that it seems their muscles have developed the strength of concrete and are more unbendable than before. Don’t know why these symptoms happen, but I know they do!. So if someone;s child has these issues and you notice a change in muscle tone while they are teething, it is probably nothing to worry about. 🙂

  31. My 8 mo old son has recently had his first two teeth start to emerge and his favorite things to chew on to ease the pain?… My jaw and my collarbone! The 10 different tethers he has just don’t cut it I suppose. Whatever helps 🙂

    1. I’m like a mad woman running back and and forth to the freezer trying to find ANYTHING to appease her. Even though frozen broccoli florets work the best, as soon as they get warm she starts fussing again!

    2. Oh friend, teething was the bane of my parenting existence. Love the broccoli florets idea! I would be careful to put them in a teething feeder to make sure there’s no choking hazard. Good luck! I hope you can find a long-term winner!

    3. Yup my 8 month old rubs his gums on my shoulder/collarbone. Even gave me a couple of love bites haha. I just carry him round when he’s unhappy, and we co sleep and i breastfedd on demand so nights are no issue. In fact, he is generally content apart from when cutting a tooth for a week or so he just wants me to hold him and as bad as days can be he’s happy as soon as mummy picks him up and sleeps soooo good at night. My now 9 year old was a terrible sleeper and teethed real bad! Really appreciating baby boy being such an easy baby! Also I use homeopathic teethas. Xx

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