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What You Need is This Free 6 to 9 Month Old Sleep Schedule

If you haven’t created a 6 month old sleep schedule for your baby yet, now is the time. I’m not talking about an appointment-type schedule, though.

I am talking about a rhythm-type schedule. The kind that will help your baby start to understand a certain pattern of eating and sleeping.

The Importance of Rhythm in Your Baby’s Day

Babies who have chaotic schedules during the day tend to have chaotic schedules during the night too. They become used to snacking on the breast all day (or bottle) and collapsing on the living room floor during the daylight hours, so this is what they expect to happen after the sun sets as well.

When your infant was a newborn, that lifestyle made sense. His tummy couldn’t consume enough food in one feeding session to last more than a few hours anyway. Now that your child is older, the entire family will benefit greatly from a 6 month old sleep schedule!

These are the Averages for Your 6 Month Old Sleep Schedule

The first place to start working on your 6 month old sleep schedule is to understand the numbers you’re aiming for. Here they are:

  • Total sleep needed every night: 11 hours
    Total sleep needed during the day: 3.5 hours
    Number of daily naps: 3
    Maximum length of time he can stay awake before getting overtired: 1.5 to 2 hours

Got those? Okay, our next task will be to take those numbers and slide them into the day’s 6 month old sleep schedule. Did she wake up at 6:30? Then you can expect to need to put her down for her first nap at around 8:00am (1.5 hours later).

Use My Free 3-Page 6 Month Old Sleep Schedule to Get Started

It’s a bit more complicated than that, but that’s the main gist. I’ve created a three-page free printable 6 month old sleep schedule to help you work out all these numbers for yourself. Just put your information in below and I’ll send it right over.

Don’t forget to refer back to the original article, New Parent? This 6 Month Old Schedule Will Be a Huge Help, for more help!

This is the Only 110% Money Back Sleeping Guarantee on the Internet

Yes, you read that correctly. We have the only sleep training program that offers you more than a refund. This way we BOTH have skin the game. We’re both leaping off the Cliffs of Insanity together, I just happen to know how to sew parachutes. (Not really, skydiving sounds terrifying.)

The Super Sleeper Full Coaching Program will help you overcome the sleeping hiccups that keep you stuck in a cycle of exhaustion.  

We will teach you how to…

  • Wean away extra unwanted night feedings
  • Get your baby used to sleeping in the crib
  • Develop stronger daytime naps for your baby
  • Help your baby sleep later in the morning
  • Eliminate nighttime wake-ups without using traditional cry-it-out

Yes, my friend, it is possible to proactively teach your baby to sleep all night long without forcing yourself to sit on your hands in the living room while your tiny banshee wails down the walls.

“Amy and Heather are nonjudgmental, caring, and invested in making sure you have the tools you need to help your baby sleep. My son now sleeps 8pm to 7am and there’s no fussing when we put him to bed awake—he knows it’s time to wind down on his own. Hallelujah!”

Meg Johnson

Talking with a Certified Gentle Sleep Expert Will Change Everything

You’ve been winging it for long enough. It’s time to sit down and really talk with someone who can confidently answer the question of “When do babies sleep through the night.” Let us listen to your situation, get to know you and your baby, and then make some recommendations. Nothing can give you hope like a plan!

Here’s how our Full Sleep Training Program works. (You know, the one with the 110% Money Back Sleeping Guarantee. I’m not sure I’ve mentioned that…)

Step 1: Schedule Your 1.5 Hour Consult

After your purchase, you’ll be directed to another website so you can schedule a private 90-Minute Consultation with Certified Gentle Sleep Coach Amy Estell.

Step 2: Fill in Some Paperwork

Amy’s assistant will email you several documents that we’ll need you to fill out so we can get to know your family and unique child a little better. This Health Assessment allows Amy to do a lot of the prep ahead of time, making sure that we’re not wasting any time.

You will also get a Full Sleep Training Program Workbook for you to print off and use during your Consultations and Follow-Up Calls (see Step 3!).

Step 3: Talk with Certified GSC Amy Estell

After your Consultation is over, you will have a Sleep Plan written down in your Sleep Training Program Workbook. But don’t worry, you’re not on your own!

As a part of your purchase, you will also receive eight 20 to 30 minute Follow-Up Phone Calls with Amy so we can regularly check on your progress and make tweaks along the way.

Although most of your direct work will be with Amy, she and I discuss every case together. Two Certified Gentle Sleep Coach heads are always better than one!

Some parents don’t end up needing all eight calls, having met their sleeping goals early on. If this happens to you, you can either bank those calls for later use or I can issue a refund for the unused calls, whichever you prefer.

See how easy this is?

“She goes down so amazingly easy now. You just turn off the lights, turn on the sound machine, put her in her crib and walk out. She’s asleep within minutes! Talking things through with Heather & Amy really encouraged me.”

Alicia Bowman

Don’t Use Our Sleep Training Program If You Aren’t Really Ready
(And That’s Okay)

We would love to have you as our next sleepy family, but before you jump in, you should know that our sleep training program isnt for everyone.

Sleep training isn’t easy. Your child isn’t going to want to start sleeping on his own.

Our methods are gentle, but they are not tear-free. (Honestly, even so-called books that talk on the cover about being “no cry” admit there’s crying if you read them…)

They are gentle because we teach you how to actively encourage your baby as he learns these new sleeping skills. He DOES, though, have to learn these sleep skills, which means he’s may not like you for a while. (That said, he will always love you.)

Let me make you a few promises:

  • We will teach you a variety of soothing skills that (I’m betting) you’ve never tried before.
  • You CAN pick up your child during the coaching! We just have a few guidelines to make sure that pick up means something.
  • The more consistent you are in those first few nights, the faster your child will get it and you’ll see results.

Most people who fail at sleep coaching fail because they fail to understand that you have to get through the fire in order to actually get through the fire. Once you’ve mentally accepted that the beginning is going to be a little rough, you can dig your heels in to get through it. Fortunately, we will be with you every hot step along the way.

Invest in the Advice of a Professional Sleep Expert

Okay, so who are we, anyway? Just two moms who have a couple of kids who somehow slept through the night eventually? What makes our knowledge any different than the advice you get from your Mom’s Group?

A certificate, lots of experience, and a tushload of invested money. This is our profession, not a side hobby. Here’s what makes our sleep training so different from than the other (non-certified, non-gentle) sleep coaches you find online.

We have studied directly under The Sleep Lady herself, Kim West, and have learned to spot possible medical issues, as well as gentle weaning techniques for every sleeping issue under the sun moon. We always have access to Kim if we need an outside perspective. (Three Certified Gentle Sleep Coach heads are better than two…)

As Certified Gentle Sleep Coaches, we’ve completed over 80 hours of coursework under medical doctors, a psychologist, attorney, lactation consultant, doula, and a family therapist. Together, we have over six years of GSC experience and have helped hundreds of sleepy families reclaim their rest.

Every year we have to pay a hefty re-certification fee and take continuing education classes to confirm that we are up on the latest sleep research for children!

Amy Estell
Certified Gentle Sleep Coach
Heather Taylor
Certified Gentle Sleep Coach Supervisor

Still Skeptical? Read This.

Hi Heather,

I wanted to be sure to pass along feedback to you on how our sleep coaching experience was, particularly working with Amy. 

First, let me say we worked briefly with another sleep coach last year and as far as your process goes, you guys blew us away! You were so thorough, so organized, and so accessible. It was a remarkable difference from what we’d experienced in the past and was such a breath of fresh air in terms of the challenges we were facing. Everything from the assessment up front to the pacing of the consultations…the whole thing was exactly what we needed.

In regards to {removed}’s sleep progress…wow. We are beyond encouraged. He is finally getting the sleep we know he’s needed all along and he has learned so much about sleep skills. We are so proud of him. And in addition to that, we feel so much more confident in our ability to help him now and in the future. We recognize now some of the reasons why he encounters sleep troubles, how to avoid them, and how to address them when they inevitably come up. We just feel so much more “in control” of our lives nowfor everyone’s benefit! It’s such a blessing. 

And Amy. To put it simply, we LOVED her. She was so easy to work with, so patient with us (our questions, worries, etc), provided the insight we needed into what the real issues were, and the encouragement we (especially me!) needed to stick to the plan to feel good about what we were doing. She is the reason sleep coaching with {removed} went so well. 

My husband was a little skeptical about the idea of a sleep coach before I begged him to do this, and a few days after we were done, he walked in after putting {removed} to bed and said, “That was the best money we’ve spent in a long time.” We already have recommended Amy (and will continue) to a couple of different friends. We are both so happy with Amy and so happy with your service!

—Jessie and Martin Kelchner
Super Sleeper Graduates