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The 4 Best Magic Baby Formulas for Acid Reflux

There are two types of parents desperately searching the Internet right now, looking for the best baby formulas for acid reflux.

  • Parents whose baby has been diagnosed with either silent or acid reflux.
  • Parents whose baby has NOT been diagnosed, but the constant spitting-up and screaming is kinda freaking them out.

If you’re one of those two, consider yourself lucky.

Today I’m brushing out the giant cauldron I keep in the basement and using my Snape-taught potion mastery to share 4 formulas magically inspired to help your baby overcome the curse of acid reflux.

Double, double, toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and caldron bubble.
Fillet of a fenny snake,
In the caldron boil and bake;*

*Fifty “cool parent points” if you can name this source!

The magic baby formulas for acid reflux presented here are specifically centered on helping your baby keep his meal down.  If your baby spits up more than five times every day, these formulas may be your saving grace.

If you suspect a milk allergy or intolerance (fussy, gassy, cramping, etc.) is making your infant miserable, you need to use my formula allergy checklist first.

If you suspect colic, (your infant screams for hours for no reason) let me introduce your new hero.

First…What Defines Baby Acid Reflux?

There are three main kinds of baby acid reflux. Here’s what I like call them (along with their proper fancy-pants medical term.)

Regular Reflux: GER

Impress the Doctor Term:  Gastro Esophageal Reflux, (reflux or GER)

GER is very common in babies, basically it means the baby spits up once in a while. It’s not that serious so start with allergy-sensitive formulas first.  Give it a a week to see if things improve.

The Crappy Reflux: GERD

Impress the Doctor Term:  Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

This type of acid reflux is not as common (1 in 300 babies) but is much more serious.  These babies will struggle to grow, hate to eat, seem to have constant colds, and may wheeze or show other breathing problems.

Talk your doctor if you suspect this.  Your little suffering infant will mostly likely need medication. I would also discuss switching to one of the formulas for acid reflux below, as they have been shown to help with GERD.

The Sneaky Reflux: Silent GERD

Impress the Doctor Term:  Silent Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

This type of reflux is by far the crappiest because it’s silent.  Your sad-faced little guy re-swallows the spit-up so you never see it. This causes twice the damage, since the bile burns on the way up and on the way down.  Poor baby!

Silent reflux is hard to diagnose.  Look for him to be Mr. Cranky Pants, hate the sight of a bottle, and cry more after meals than at other times during the day. Call your doctor for an analysis and see if using one of these formulas for reflux can help.

What Can Help a Baby with Reflux?

The reason babies struggle so much with reflux is because their tiny little esophagus isn’t 100% fully formed.  This means that the flap of skin (my technical term…) that keeps foods down in the stomach isn’t quite ready to play Bouncer and keep breakfast’s milk from trying to join the party going on in the mouth.

Here are a few things that tend to help babies with acid reflux.

Medications: Zantac or Prevacid

The two most common medications in treating acid reflux in the US are Zantac and Prevacid.  Zantac doesn’t actually reduce the amount of acid in your baby’s tummy, it just makes it less acid-y (another technical term from yours truly).  For this reason, babies can be on Zantac for longer periods of time. It can take several weeks, however to kick in and make a difference.

Prevacid actually reduces the amount of bile in that tiny tum-tum.  This is okay for short durations, but can cause damage if used for long periods of time.  For that reason, most doctors will choose to hold this option back as a Trump card, waiting to see if you can see improvement on just Zantac.  If your baby is reaching the peak time (4-5 months) and doesn’t seem to be improving, using Prevacid for a week or two may help you get over the hump.

Sleeping On an Incline

Gravity can help keep supper down where it belongs.  (This baby bean bag is helpful for this. Don’t use in the crib, though.  This is best for non-squirming newborns under mom’s watchful eye.)

Using Baby Probiotics

Recent studies have shown that giving your baby a probiotic can help babies struggling with acid reflux. There are some new baby formulas for acid reflux that already include probiotics, but you can also add it on your own with one of these best-performing baby probiotics.

The Thickened Magic
Formulas for Acid Reflux

One of the first ways a parent can help a baby with acid reflux, is to slightly thicken the formula, so it’s heavier – which means it’s more likely to stay put in the stomach instead of traveling up the esophagus to say hello to your shoulder.

There are two ways to get thicker baby formula, but only one will give you those magical happy results.

Method #1: Thicken the Formula Yourself

Here’s how most parents thicken their infant formula at home:

  1. Throw a tablespoon of rice cereal into a warm bottle of formula.
  2. Shake vigorously.

BAD IDEA. Here’s why:

  1. Newborns struggle digesting rice cereal. Their tiny tummies are set up for digesting solid foods. (If you insist on this, shoot for rice starch instead of cereal.)
  2. Shaking creates a bubble frenzy in the tummy. No matter how hard you try, you’re going to get bubbles when you try to mix them together. So instead of screaming because of acid reflux, she’s going to scream because of gas. Huzzah!
  3. The Nipple Nightmare: It’s stuck. You have to perfectly figure out how to thicken the formula without clogging up the nipple, leading to a really cheek-sore and frustrated baby.

Method #2: Use a Pre-Thickened Baby Formula for Acid Reflux

The method I would recommend is to pick up a standard baby formula that has been pre-thickened for you. No bubbles, no nipple nightmares, no kitchen experiments at two in the morning.

Because these pre-thickened formulas for acid reflux are in the same formula family as the basic baby formulas (all based on cow’s milk), you should be able to switch abruptly without any tummy troubles

Below you’ll find the best price on Amazon for you to try these out. You can save a LOT of money by purchasing these formulas in bulk!

The Hypoallergenic Magic
Formulas for Acid Reflux

Scientists have shown that in some cases switching a baby to a hypoallergenic formula can really help manage the acid reflux symptoms. The two most popular hypoallergenic formulas for acid reflux are…. *drum roll* *envelope tear*

Before you jump into the hypoallergenic pool, make sure you talk it over with your doctor first. If your baby is currently using a regular formula and you want to switch to a hypoallergenic, make sure you follow my steps here on how to switch “formula families” without disrupting your baby’s delicate tum-tum.

These formulas aren’t cheap, so do your wallet a favor and buy these formulas for acid reflux in bulk.

2 New Formulas for Acid Reflux
I Have to Tell You About

After I wrote this article, I started getting emails from parents all over the world who had found their “Magic Formula” for acid reflux outside of the formulas I listed above.

I was shocked (and VERY interested). Here are the two formulas for acid reflux they kept raving about. (So really, I should call this the six best baby formulas for acid reflux…)

Kabrita Goat’s Milk Formula: Digests Similar to Breastmilk

Kabrita Goat’s Milk Formula has been shown to be easier to digest than cow’s milk formula.

If you keep striking out with the pre-thickened formulas, but aren’t yet ready to shell out hundreds for the fancy hypoallergenic formulas, why not give Kabrita Goat’s Milk Formula a try?

Studies have shown (like this one), that goat’s milk digests in the stomach more similarly to breastmilk than regular cow’s milk. This means that babies who often struggle with constipation or reflux when using cow’s milk-based formula will often do much better on goat’s milk formula.

  • Regular goat’s milk has a high protein content that can be difficult for a baby’s kidney, but this formula has been specially adapted to balance that protein out so it’s easily digested and easy on the kidneys.
  • Although the packaging says their formula is a “toddler formula” their nutritionalist (with a doctorate in Nutrition and Dietetics) told me that is perfectly safe to use for any child over 6 months who is has started eating solid foods.

Click here to learn more about what makes goat’s milk formula so much easier for babies to digest. Or, skip all that medical mumbo jumbo and use this special offer to try this amazing formula for yourself.

HiPP HA: An Organic Formula for Acid Reflux

American parents are falling in love with European formulas. Learn why.

HiPP Organic Hypoallergenic Formula is one of the most common formulas I get emails about. The difficulty with this formula is that it’s not FDA approved for sale, so the only way to get it is to purchase it here from Germany and have it shipped.

People LOVE these European baby formulas. Here’s a short list of why. (Click here for the long list.)

  • The milk comes from cows who eat grass raised on Demeter farms (who have a much higher organic standard than those on the US.)
  • The EU does not allow formula manufacturers to use certain ingredients (like corn syrup).

Yes, you’ll have to get used to the different packaging (boxes not cans), but fortunately the instructions also come in English!

Try a single box here, or save a bundle and have them shipped over in bulk. 

Are These Formulas for
Acid Reflux Hype? or Holy-Cow?

Call me nosey, but I’d love to hear whether or not one of these formulas for acid reflux like these helped your infant.

How quickly could you tell a difference?


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352 thoughts on “The 4 Best Magic Baby Formulas for Acid Reflux

  1. My daughter has been a mystery. She was born at 30 weeks and her spit up issue started in the hospital. They had there ways of fixing it but unfortunately it wasn’t something we could do at home. What they suggested was a hot mess and didn’t work. We’ve tried her on alimentum, nutramigen, Puramino, Prosobee & Enfamil AR. None work. She’s extremely fussy and cries a lot after she eats and she usually spits up at least half a bottle. It hasn’t been too concerning to her doctor because she has been gaining weight. Lately she doesn’t spit up from about 9-10pm until 6am but as soon as 6am hits all hell breaks through and she’s back to spitting up. So in that way it’s improved because before she was spitting up constantly all hours. We’ve also tried Zantac for her uncomfortableness but it didn’t help. Is there anything you’d recommend trying that we haven’t yet?

    1. You could ask your doctor about Prevacid. It can’t be used for long periods of time, but it can be helpful. Zantac doesn’t reduce the acid, it just makes it less “acid-y”. Prevacid actually reduces the amount of bile being produced (which is why it can only be used for a short period of time). Most doctors will hold this option back until nothing else is working. Ask him about the Prevacid and see what he says. Hang in there, friend. I’m so sorry to hear about your little girl’s struggle! I hope this can help!

  2. Hi, our baby is 2 months old and he started on Similac. He was having infrequent stools and was constipated so they switched us to Enfamil and we had the same experience. Then they switched us to Enfamil Reguline and he was pooping so much it was basically diarrhea. Then they switched us to Enfamil GentleEase which worked well for the first 2 weeks and now he has diarrhea again. He’s been on acid reflux prescription med since 3 weeks and the probiotics drops as well. Any suggestions as to what to change to next? Some are saying Goodstart formula may be the answer. Thanks for your suggestions.

    1. Have you considered trying a hypoallergenic formula? Or a pre-thickened formula like Enfamil AR? Enfamil AR is less expensive than Nutramigen (a hypoallergenic) so perhaps start with that. Ask your doctor first, though. He will know things I don’t. 🙂

  3. My baby is seven months old and has silent reflux that we still haven’t seemed to get under control (he’s been on medication since he was three). I need to supplement with formula since my supply seems to be dropping. I’ve tried the hypoallergenic formulas like nutramigen and alimentum but he wants nothing to do. He is eating solid foods now so I’m wondering if switching to a soy formula would be best? Or to try one of the ones you’ve listed. I’ve heard dairy agitates it.

    1. Dear Stephanie,

      It sounds like you have been battling this silent reflux for awhile. That can be so frustrating! Firstly, I’d like to encourage you to continue to do whatever your doctor suggests. I’m in no way a doctor, or have the expertise that can help you with issues that medical science can assist you with. That being said, I can give you some ideas to think about and talk over with your doctor so that hopefully together you can find a resolution to help your little guy. I have talked with a well-known gastrointologist to hear his thoughts on acid reflux treatments and here they are so that you can talk them over with YOUR doctor.

      1) I would suggest trying Similac Total Comfort or Good Start Soothe. Just make sure you switch slowly so that his system has time to adjust.

      2) Make sure he’s sleeping on an incline or put him in a Rock n’ Play. to sleep.

      3) Keep him up right for 20-30 min after each feeding. A baby carrier is great for this. Click here for the baby carrier article.

      4) Talk with your doctor about probiotic drops. Recent studies have shown that they help babies with reflux.

      I hope this can encourage and help you. You’re being such a good mom in helping him through this. Being a parent of a refluxing baby isn’t easy at all. Hang in there!

  4. I have a 7 week old that has acid reflux. We’re on Zantac. She’s fussy and spits up constantly. She is breast fed and I have tried everything with my diet. Wondering if I could mix breast milk with the powdered formula?

  5. Good day,

    I just would like to know:  our 3 month old have reflux and we currently give him NAN-AR plus his is getting 10mg of nexium each day. His nose sometimes sound blocked.
    Now we want to switch the formula milk to Isomil – do you think it is the right way to go?

    Thank you very much!



    1. Marie, I can’t give medical advice – that’s something you’ll want to discuss with your doctor. Isomil is a soy-based formula, so if you decide to make a switch, make sure you do it gradually, since it will take some time for his tummy to adjust to the new protein source. Here’s how to switch formulas slowly.

  6. Great link! Thank you so much Heather for taking the time to help my baby! I’ve found a great organic rice cereal, will definitely try it, hopefully it will work.

    Have a great day!

  7. Is there any organic formula that is A.R. or for spitting up? my bbay is currently on Hipp, but he’s been spitting up too much and I’d like to try something that might help him, but still been organic. thank you in advance!

    1. I haven’t found one yet (if anyone knows of one, please add your comment!). You could talk to your doctor about thickening an organic formula by hand. You can add a little bit of rice cereal, that will make it harder to spit up. Talk to your doctor about that, though, because you’ll want to make sure you get the amounts right. It has to be “Just right,” – not to thick, not to thin, etc.

    2. Thank you! I guess that adding rice cereal might be a good plan. I just have the feeling that our doctor would tell us to get a ready formula (as he already did even knowing that we use an organic formula). Finding a new pediatrician should be the goal now, the problem is that in the small country that we live this is quite an impossible mission.

  8. My daughter is 10 weeks old. At 6 weeks, she was diagnosed with reflux. She is currently on Zantac, 2 mL 2x a day. We have her on Enfamil AR because of her massive spit up episodes. I also give her probiotics every day. She seems to be doing great — except at night. She will lay down around 830 and will wake up to eat around 130 – 2 am. After that, she is a grunting, groaning little monster. She will fall asleep on me after I feed her, but as soon as she goes in her bed, she is grunting. She will grunt for a few minutes, pass gas, and fall right back asleep. She will do this probably 15 – 25 times after her 130/2 feed, until it’s time to get up for the day. Her poor little tummy won’t let her fall back into a deep sleep after her first feed. It’s worth noting that she stays asleep, albeit a super light sleep, through this grunting but Mama and Daddy can’t sleep. (We have even moved her out of our room.)

    Do you think it’s worth changing her formula? I am hesitant to do so because her spit up and hiccups are non-existent now. (She was getting hiccups probably 10 – 12 times a day.) I just don’t want to take steps backward — it’s been a long road to get her to this point. I am also wondering if the Zantac is neutralizing her stomach acid to the point that the milk proteins in her formula can’t be broken down, thus causing the gas.

    Gas doesn’t seem to be an issue for her during the day. Only at night, and only after her feed. She refuses to burp — I’ve even tried burping her every 5 minutes and nothing.

    What do you think? Is it worth switching her formula or is this gas something she will grow out of?

    1. Sara,

      So good to hear that you have found a formula/medication + probiotics that are working almost all of the time (though getting sleep at night would be good too, huh?!).
      My first question is have you tried having your little one sleep in a Rock N Play? If not, get your hands on one as fast as you can! 🙂 This can really make a difference for reflux babies. The elevated head position is so helpful for babies with reflux.

    2. Hi Danielle,

      Yes, she sleeps in the rock and play. I called her pedi and he suggested switching her to soy. For two days, she was a new baby! Now she is spitting up quite a bit and is super constipated… she does manage to poop, but they are little clay-like pellets. My poor baby! I wish they made a thickened soy formula! I am at a loss. She is sleeping better, but still grunts after the first feed.

      I am at a complete loss. We get her tummy feeling better for a few days at a time, then it’s back to square one! 🙁 She is also hiccuping again like crazy.

    3. Sara,

      Such a disappointment when you think you finally have found the perfect formula and then constipation sets in! Take a look at this article about constipation. Perhaps your little one will need a little help in this area until her digestive system has time to mature a bit more.

  9. My doctor suggested switching to spit up formula for my four month old she said either similac or enfamil, he is currently on similac, should I stick the similac because he is already on that brand or should I switch brands and what’s your thoughts on the similac spit up brand having corn syrup as its first ingredient

    1. Kim,

      I think the fact that you mentioned it means you’re not too excited about the corn syrup (I wouldn’t be either!). That being the case, I would go with your other option. Be sure to give the new formula a week before you decide if it’s a good fit for your little guy. You might also want to add probiotics, they have been proven to help babies who have acid reflux. Hope this does the trick!

  10. Hi Heather, thank you for this site and the way you are helping so many moms. I am a first time mom with a 3.5 month old and feeding has been an issue since day one (I wasn’t expecting that!) Breastfeeding was a big struggle so we had to supplement early with formula and full time after a few weeks. We had so many problems with screaming and eventually full blown colic so we switched him to Nutramigen. Now that he is almost four months, the colic is slowly fading, but his reflux is still a mess. He’s been on Zantac since week 8, which definitely helps his pain and he is much better at taking bottles. He is thriving, but we have so much spit up. It has gotten worse in the past couple of weeks, where he is still spitting up quite a bit even an hour after feeding.

    I’m wondering if I should try another formula like Enfamil AR or just stick with the Nutramigen and perhaps add cereal to it. I am hesitant to make any changes as we’ve had such a rough road so far and I don’t want to go back to colicky screaming for hours at a time. I should mention tht he never had any allergy symptoms, we just went to the Nutramigen for colic.

    Do you have any suggestions or insights for how to help his spit up? I am about to go back to work and am afraid of our poor nanny having to deal with it. Plus we are running out of clean clothes!

    1. Erin,

      The laundry is out of control, yes?! I remember these days. It’s tricky to change formula when things basically seem to be working… If you do decide to change take a look at this article first. It will be important to do the change gently, especially if you are changing from a hypoallergenic to a non-hypoallergenic. I would recommend letting him do the transition of you going back to work and adjust to that before you change his formula. It might be too much change all at once otherwise.
      One other thing you might try right away, if you are interested in something more natural. Take a look at this article about Hazelwood. You didn’t mention eczema but this has helped with excessive spitting up too.

  11. My 5 week old is on Enfamil gentlease right now. Shea started taking Zantac twice a day last Thursday. She’s still having trouble sleeping more than 30 -60 min at a time. Should I think about changing formulas? She eats well and is gaining weight good – she just seems to be uncomfortable after she eats and has gas bubbles etc while trying to sleep.

    1. Amy,

      You must be exhausted! We usually recommend a week trial period before you try something new. You are coming up on that so if she is still having trouble it’s probably time to try a new formula. Gerber Good Start Soothe is very gentle (100% whey) so you could give that a try or try one of the other formulas from this post. Also, what is she sleeping in? Have you tried a Rock N Play? These tend to work well for babies with acid reflux because they keep the head elevated. One last thing, have you tried baby probiotic drops? These have been proven to help babies with acid reflux because they help the gut find a better balance.
      Hope this helps your little one!

    2. I haven’t tried the probiotic drops yet.  I thought I read somewhere not to use them before 6 months of age.  Is that incorrect?  We have a rock n play, but I’ve been afraid to let her sleep in in during the night time hours when the rest of us could also be asleep.  We bought a can of Enfamil AR but I’ve been a little hesitant to try it because I’m afraid she will end up constipated or excessively gassy – which makes me wonder if I’ve helped her if I make one problem a little better and create others.  I’ve never tried Gerber formulas.  Do you think the Gerber Soothe is a better place to start than the Enfamil AR?  Our pediatrician really likes the Enfamil Gentlease that we are already on.  I know  that the big difference between the gentlease and the AR is the lactose is already partially broken down in the gentlease and then not in the AR.  I guess I’m just really confused at this point because we switched to the gentlease because she was extremely constipated and gassy on the enfamil newborn, and both have been better with the gentlease but now she is refluxing.  Most of her reflux seems to be the silent type – we know it’s coming up but it doesn’t always come out.

    3. Amy,

      You can use this probiotic before your little one turns 6 months. This probiotic is recommended after 6 months.
      Regarding the Rock N Play, as long as your baby isn’t an amazing escape artist 🙂 she should be fine in the Rock N Play at night. I recommend that you keep it in your room and keep her strapped in too!
      I think it would be worth trying a different brand of formula and Gerber Good Start Soothe is what I would recommend (though keep this article in hand if needed). Keep in mind that you will want to ease her in gently (start with 25% of the new and 75% of the old formula and go from there) and give the new formula a week before you decide if it stays or goes!
      Hope this helps your little one!

  12. I am having an extremely hard time with my daughter. She is 12 weeks old and we started out Breastfeeding but after the constant screaming even after being placed on Zantac and me eliminating dairy from my diet I put her on the Similac Alimentum Ready to feed. She is now on Prevacid, Zantac and the Gerber Soothe Colic drops. She still screams from about 9:30 am to at least 6 pm. Well screams off and on and cries like is in pain. She is gaining weight. She is hungry and will start eating but after about 1 1/2 ounces she is crying and doesn’t want to eat. The doctor is going to send her to a GI specialist. I just don’t know what else to do. My 3 year gets a small amount of attention as I am always having to tend to my LO. Any suggestions are welcomed. Thank you!

    1. Jessica,

      You two have had a rough time of it, I’m sorry! It’s such a good thing that your doctor is sending her to a GI specialist. At this point you really do want to have her seen by a specialist.
      Have you tried switching her to a different brand of hypoallergenic formula? Also, your doctor may need to try a hyper-hypoallergenic. Take a look at this article about hypoallergenics to see if you can find some additional, helpful information.
      In the meantime, do you have a carrier to use with your little one? As a last resort, when the crying gets to be too much (and hopefully this won’t be for much longer!) you can always use the “a good pair of earplugs” escape. This is especially helpful when it’s the end of the day and your nerves are shot.
      Hang on, mama! You’re doing a great job. Keep being the advocate your little girl needs.

  13. My son was born 5 weeks 2 days early.  Because of that, he wasn’t able to latch and I have been pumping around the clock and giving him breast milk in a bottle.  At first it was working well, but as we increased the amount of breast milk, he began to show more signs of reflux.  We went to his pediatrician and he recommended upright positioning, burping him well, and then to come back if the problem didn’t subside.  In the meantime, I wasn’t making enough milk for him, so we began to supplement with Enfamil Enfacare since it was recommended by our pediatrician.  After ~5 days of supplementing my breast milk with Enfacare, the reflux symptoms worsened.  Went back to pediatrician today.  He recommended Zantac, rice cereal, and that we skip straight to Alimentum.  But I’m confused.  Should we try something like Similac Sensitive or Enfamil Gentlease before skipping to hypoallergenic formula?  Am I missing something?  I started him on a probiotic ~3 days ago.  Any help would be greatly appreciated :):)

    1. Maria,
      That’s great that you have already started a probiotic! Give it about 7 days before you see a change from that. In the mean time, have you been able to talk to a lactation consultant about building your supply? I’m sure you already know the standards: drink a lot of fluids, try to rest when you get the chance and… you are already pumping. A premie takes so much extra care it may just be too much to try to avoid formula. So, if you need to work with a formula, yes, you are completely right. Try a different brand first. Take a look at this post for a good list to get you started. I think Similac Sensitive or Gerber Good Start Gentle (or Soothe) might be a good next option for your little guy.

      It’s pretty normal for premies to struggle with reflux. Here’s a little list of things we recommend regarding reflux (some, I know you are already doing!):
      #1) Try a hypoallergenic formula if the thickened formulas aren’t helping (you might want to talk to your doctor about switching to a thickened formula if the switch to Similac or Gerber doesn’t help). They are more expensive, but have been shown to be helpful. Ask your doctor for free samples or coupons.
      #2) Make sure he’s sleeping on an incline – try a Rock N Play.

      #3) Keep him up right for 20-30 minutes after each feed- a baby carrier is great for this. Take a look at this article for more information on the types of carriers.

      #4) Talk to your doctor about probiotic drops. Recently studies have shown they can help babies with reflux.

      #5) Medication may be your best chance of getting a handle on the reflux. Zantac is usually the first drug prescribed – it makes the bile less acidy. It can be prescribed and used for a long period of time. Prevacid is usually the next thing they prescribe. It actually reduces the amount of acid being produced. Because of this, it can only be prescribed for a short period of time – which is why it’s usually the last resort.

      If you need to consider a hypoallergenic formula at any point this article should help. Also, if you make a switch to a hypoallergenic you will want to do it gradually. This article explains how it’s done.

      The last thing I should mention is that, if possible, you want to give each new formula a week before you decide if it’s working for your little one.

      I hope things get better for you both very soon!

    2. So, we did go ahead and start the Alimentum since it was recommended by our pediatrician.  He has done better with the Alimentum, but I’m still curious as to why we went straight to that before trying another formula.  Would you recommend the Gerber Gentle (or Soothe) over the Similac Spit up or Enfamil AR?  The Alimentum is just so expensive.

      I’m also curious as to why he recommended the rice cereal to thicken the Alimentum instead of just trying one of the pre-thickened formulas.  I’m reluctant to use the rice cereal at this point since baby isn’t even 2 months old!  Most everything I have read suggests that this isn’t a good solution anyway.  So, currently, we are using the Alimentum, Zantac, probiotic drops and of course, the upright positioning.  I am going back to work in a month, so I’m working diligently to find the formula that will work for my little guy.

      This has definitely been the most helpful website I’ve found.  As a first time mother and mother of a preemie, this website is invaluable.  Thank you!!

    3. Maria,

      So glad to hear this site has been helpful! If you haven’t already you can become a subscriber so each new article comes to your inbox.
      Hypoallergenics are so expensive! You could switch to Gerber Good Start Soothe. It’s 100% whey so it’s easier to digest. If you do make the switch, make sure to do it gently. Also, try it for a week before you decide if it’s working for your little guy.
      If you need to go back to a hypoallergenic then take a look at this article about how to save money on formula, it might help!

      I hope things settle down and your baby is happy and healthy in the days to come!

  14. My daughter is 2 months old and she was diagnosed with acid reflux and is on medication for it which hasn’t shown atomic help any. We tried enfamil gentilease, a.r and soy and she isn’t seeming to keep anything down. Although she gains wait she still gets fussy when she spits up. We’ve taken her to the e.r and got 3 confirmactions that it’s not pyloricstinousis. Even if I space out her feedings 1 ounce every hour, it isn’t working she still intensely spits up. I don’t know what to do I have even tried putting cereal in gentilease and that didn’t work either.

    1. Gloria,

      So sorry your little one is having such troubles! Have you talked to your doctor about trying a hypoallergenic formula? Take a look at this article for more information. I would also recommend trying probiotics. This will help her little intestines work more efficiently.

  15. NONE of these formulas work. I have tried everything and my poor little guy is still spiting up with every burp and I mean by the mouthfuls. He has been on 5 formulas and 3 medications. Sill up every 2 and a half hours to eat because he never gets full an is always sick. I am now on my 3rd doctor who is sending us to a specialist next week.  It is ridiculous what my poor baby has ben through in 3 short months. Trust your gut and do what you need to do..

    1. Sandra, Ugh! What a nightmare! It’s so hard when nothing seems to work. It’s good that you’re going to see a specialist. Hopefully he can help you get on the right track. My guess is he’ll suggest a hypoallergenic formula. Recent studies have showed that can help reflux babies. Studies have also shown that using probiotic drops can also help. Ask the specialist about those. Hang in there, friend. These days will get better. xo

  16. So my son was put on puramino but now elecare as its covered by wic. It was due to him crying endlessly for 30 hours.

    He has done well and even his acid reflux stopped acting up so much when we spaced out his feedings as the doctor said. However, he is just over 3 months and is 14 pounds and we are lucky to get 19 ounces in him. Today he got 19 ounces but it seems as though he spit up at least 4 of that al while screaming and crying about it. This tells me he is not just a happy spitter. When we saw the doc he said we had 3 choices: space out feeding, add cereal, get a prescription. We chose to space feedings. It worked I guess until now.

    He spits up and cries and then is hungry again. I just sent hubby for cereal because he already is not eating as much as he should but added with spit up I’m worried he will stop gaining weight.

    I saw you suggested the pregesteril (spelling?). This is lactose free but unfortunately not dairy free and I can’t go back to him crying all day long and not smiling.

    We use dr. Browns bottles to help with the air. For past 2 days he has been gassy. And for past 3 weeks he drools so much he chokes on it. I’m not sure if he teething and this drool is causing him to spit up as well?

    Right now he has no insurance. Obama care won’t let me have my own insurance so have Medicaid and I applied for him and they keep telling me first come first serve! So he stopped having insurance after his 2 month check up which is why I am here asking for guidance!

    1. Angela,

      Sounds like this has been a long 3 months for you! Good for you for continuing to look for answers for your little guy!

      Here is what we recommend for babies with acid reflux:

      #1) Try a hypoallergenic formula if the thickened formulas aren’t helping. They are more expensive, but have been shown to be helpful. Ask your doctor for free samples or coupons.

      #2) Make sure he’s sleeping on an incline – use the tips in this article to incline the crib mattress safely, or try a Rock N Play for sleep.

      #3) Keep him upright for 20-30 minutes after each feed- a baby carrier is great for this. Take a look at this article for more information on the types of carriers.

      #4) Talk to your doctor about probiotic drops. Recently studies have shown they can help babies with reflux.

      #5) Medication may be your best chance of getting a handle on the reflux. Zantac is usually the first drug prescribed – it makes the bile less acidy. It can be prescribed and used for a long period of time. Prevacid is usually the next thing they prescribe. It actually reduces the amount of acid being produced. Because of this, it can only be prescribed for a short period of time – which is why it’s usually the last resort.

      From your comment I know that you are already using a hypoallergenic formula. However, take a look at this article so you know what your options are if the brand you are using does not work out (sometimes switching brands can make all the difference). If at some point you decide to make a switch make sure you read this article about doing the switch gently.
      I feel like adding probiotics to his diet could be the very best thing for your little guy. It’s definitely something to talk over with your doctor.
      Regarding new baby gear, I would reach out to your mom friends to see if anyone has a Rock N Play or carrier that they would be willing to loan you (I borrowed both items for my youngest, so helpful on the budget!).

      I hope this helps. Keep your doctor informed and he will help you watch weight gain. Your little guy is blessed to have you for a mama, keep up the good work!

  17. My baby is 2 months (3 months on 9/10) and he has reflux, and spits up constantly sometimes before a feeding is over and before I or my husband get a chance to burp him. He’s been on Similac spit up, Enfamil AR, and Enfamil Gentlease. He spit up worse on the AR than the Gentlease. But his spitting is random. I took him to a new pediatrician for a 2nd opinion and he had is give the spit up a try. What is the gerber good start soothe? When he spits up, it comes out of his nose too…we are at a loss at what else we can do. He was on ranitidine and it made the reflux/spitting up worse

    1. Ashlie,

      Your poor little guy! Acid reflux is no picnic, for the baby or the parents either! Gerber Good Start Soothe might be a good formula for your little one. It has probiotics in the formula so that can help those little intestines. Just keep in mind that each time your switch your formula you want to give the new one a week before you decide if it’s working. Also, take a look at this article for information on how to do the switch.
      Here are some things we recommend for babies with acid reflux to talk over with your doctor:
      #1) If Gerber Good Start Soothe doesn’t work you might want to try a hypoallergenic formula. They are more expensive, but have been shown to be helpful. Ask your doctor for free samples or coupons.
      #2) Make sure he’s sleeping on an incline – try a Rock N Play for sleep.

      #3) Keep him up right for 20-30 minutes after each feed- a baby carrier is great for this. Take a look at this article for more information on the types of carriers or this one for what the benefits are to using one!

      #4) Talk to your doctor about probiotic drops. Recently studies have shown they can help babies with reflux.

      #5) Medication may be your best chance of getting a handle on the reflux. Zantac is usually the first drug prescribed – it makes the bile less acidy. It can be prescribed and used for a long period of time. Prevacid is usually the next thing they prescribe. It actually reduces the amount of acid being produced. Because of this, it can only be prescribed for a short period of time – which is why it’s usually the last resort.

      Hope this makes a difference for your little one!

  18. My daughter’s two months old now. We had to switch her a little over a month ago to Enfamil a.r. due to acid refluc. it was work great until about 2-3 weeks ago she all of a sudden started spitting up a lot again, and then a few days after the spit up started back up she got congested. We started letting her bottles sit for a little longer so the formula could thicken more. It worked for a few days and now she’s spitting up a lot again and sometimes it’s really chunky like curdled milk and I have to pound on her back for an hour to help her get ask the spit up out to make her comfortable again. She recently started getting extremely gassy and sour stomachs as well. I know it’s normal for babies to be gassy and spit up but has the issue after every single bottle and its starting to make her extremely uncomfortable; we switched to the A.R to lessen the spit up. .

    1. Brittney,

      Try the A. R. for a week before you decide if it’s working. If not, then I recommend trying a different brand this time. I also recommend trying probiotic drops. These will help her little intestines process the food better.

      Hope this helps!

  19. My son is 1 month. We started with similac advance and he wasn’t pooping at all. His ped said they don’t always have to poop but I he was very fussy like something was bothering him. So they switched him to similac sensitive. Pooped the first day but didn’t get anything after that. So we got switched to the alimentum. Yes finally he was pooping but was still fussy then Started crying while feeding. Ped gave us Zantac seems to be working a little but he is still very fussy. I’m just so confused. My first born didn’t have these problems so I feel like i don’t know what I’m doing it becomes very overwhelming. He hates being in the car seat he cries so badly. He sleeps in the rock and play at night and sleeps in a hippy lounger during the day. He often gets the hiccups. Help please. Mom of two and I feel like I can’t get anything done or give my three year old the attention he needs because my one month old is very fussy and needs a lot of attention

    1. Cindy,

      It sounds like it’s been an exhausting month! Hang in there, mama. It’s hard when the lack of sleep and the changing hormones happen all together with hard times feeding too!
      I am glad to hear that your little guy is getting some sleep in his Rock N Play (I always recommend this for babies with reflux). In addition to the Zantac that that doctor started him on I recommend you try infant probiotic drops. These are proven to help babies with reflux, it helps their little digestive tracts work more efficiently. Give that a try and then, after things start to stabilize (he’s gaining, sleeping better, fussing less), you might consider a switch back to a non-hypoallergenic formula. Perhaps switch to a different brand and something gentle like Gerber Good Start Soothe (it has probiotics in the formula). If you do decide to do the switch take a look at this article for ideas on how to do it gently. If your little one still has trouble with constipation you can talk to your doctor about adding a little prune juice to his bottles. It’s important to get the dosage right so make sure to get that from your doctor.
      The hardest part of all of this is how to be two places at once and give your three-year-old the attention needed. If you have any family in the area that can help for even just an hour at a time take advantage of that. Or hire a babysitter to come and hang out with your three-year-old for an hour while you are busy with baby, or to hold your baby while you interact with your three-year-old. The good thing is that this intense period will only last for a short time and you have given your first-born a beautiful gift in a little brother, the best gift ever!

  20. I called the doctor office today, the nurse told me it’s ok to switch to any brand any type formula as long as she’s ok with it Since she’s old enough now. I started to give her similac for spit up today, see if that would help since her symptoms are very similar as u described above. Should I give it a try for a week or two? Or maybe I should just give her similac total comfort instead?

    1. Cici,

      We recommend that you stick with each new formula for a week before you decide if it’s a good fit for your baby. Try this one for a week and if her tummy isn’t happy then you could switch to total comfort. Also, keep in mind that if one brand ends up not working well switching brands can sometimes really help. This article gives you lots of options for future reference.

  21. This is a great site, very helpful and calming me down a little. I believed my daughter had silent reflux since she’s 3 weeks old. Since she’s gaining weight fine, doctor always told me just leave it like that. She’s now 8 months old and still having hard time to drink formula: she would turn away in sight of bottle and arching while feeding and I am only able to feed her when she’s asleep. Some times I would put her in the rocker and gave her toys to play with to distract her, she would spitted the nipple out 3,4 times b4 she finished the bottle. But then she would sometimes got choke b/c of that. She ‘s only taking 5.5oz (maximum she takes)every four hours and started on solids too. And she’s constantly constipated. I gave her the probiotic and it didn’t work too much. She’s on similac advanced. Should I change the formula? It took me almost a hour to feed her most of the time. Please help me!!!!!!

    1. Firstly, I would seek a second doctor’s opinion about the reflux. I think your instincts about silent reflux sound reasonable, but I’m not a doctor. I would see if there’s another doctor that could look her over with fresh eyes. Some babies just really like to linger over their milk, so it can be hard to tell. (The article I wrote about feeding types using the Muppets might be useful, since really it’s talking more about how a baby’s personality can affect their feeding preferences.)

      You could also try a lower lactose formula, that’s not hypoallergenic but a closer step in that direction. In Similac, that’s Total Comfort. If her tummy is struggling with the lactose level, that may be a good first experimental step. After that would be a hypoallergenic formula (article on those) but I wouldn’t cough up all that extra money without a doctor’s advice on it first. (To make sure you’re not just wasting money.) I hope this can help, Cici! Hang in there friend!

  22. My DD is a little over 4 weeks old. She is currently drinking Good Start. I use the concentrated packs not the powder. Since birth she has always had hiccups with almost every feed and is very hard to burp. For the last 2 weeks she has been stiffening up and crying throughout feeds, more so in the evenings. Ive tried gripe water and Infacol which sometimes help but other times do not. Ive changed all my bottles to anti colic bottles, still the same. Now for the last 2 days she has been spitting up at the end of the bottle quite alot. Does this sound like reflux?

    1. Gracie, it’s hard for me to say, based on a few sentences (and no medical degree!). I would have her evaluated by the doctor and see what he thinks. In the meantime, if she’s got intestinal gas, the gripe water isn’t going to help much (it works mostly on stomach gas). I would perhaps give some baby probiotics (like these) a try for a few weeks. Extra bonus, if she does end up with reflux, probiotics have been shown in recent studies to help that condition as well – so a double whammy perhaps. In all things, just remember that even though it can seem like these days last forever (all the crying and fussing!) it will get better. Dig your nails into the couch and keep looking off towards a few more weeks. Little steps now take long journeys in a few weeks, so you’re doing exactly what good moms do – seeking information. Well done, sister. 🙂

  23. Hi, thanks for helping me breathe a little easier, I just switched my grand baby to the AR, she was projectile vomiting through the nose and choking , it was horrible and so scary!! The AR has had an almost immediate effect on her but we are now dealing with the constipation . With her being only 4 weeks old should I water the prune juice down? She’s only taking 4 ozs at a time every 3-4 hours. Thank you thank you!! I honestly thought this was a hopeless case.

    1. Sheila, I’m glad you’ve seen some improvement! When a newborn, I’m thinking you’ll want to add only 1/2 tsp or so to the bottle…but your doctor is going to know what’s best in this case. Give him a call – the nurse can put you down the right path if he can’t talk. 🙂

  24. Hey all you moms with acid reflux babies, one word for you…..NEOCATE!!! Tell your dr they will give u a prescription for it and boom no more problems! Trust me my last baby was on every formula they make and then a friend thank god told me about neocate! It was a life saver. You welcome 😉

  25. First, let me just tell you how much of a god send this site has been. Ive pretty much read every entry but I still am not sure what the answer is for my little guy.

    Hes 4 mo old, has been on Similac Sensative since 4 weeks old and has never spit up.  We started rice cereal at 2 weeks shy of 4mo and  solids a few weeks later and he seemed to be doing ok.  For the past 2 weeks he has shown many of the signs of Silent Reflux with the occasional spit up now, but mostly he arches his back and grunts a lot after a feeding as well as will not calm down and he also wont sleep for much longer than 4 hours because he’s become uncomfortable.  I try my best to keep him upright for 30 mins after the feeding as well as his mattress is raised as well.

    For the last week we have stopped all solids, and are using premade Similac Sensative thinking maybe we started solids too soon.  He doesn’t seem to be improving too much.  After talking to the doc, she gave us a prescription for Zantac but Im not sure it helps too  much.  He’s been on that for a week as well.

    My question I guess at this point is should I try a formula switch to Enfamil AR?   Or should I just continue with strictly formula for the next week to rule out us starting solids too soon?

    Also do you think its ok to introduce solids back in to his diet?  He was more than comfortable eating when he was.

    Im just at a loss of what to do right now?  Any advice would be appreciated!

    1. Jodi,

      I’m so glad you’ve found the site helpful! That keeps me going! 🙂 As for your problem, I like your instinct to try the AR – it’s a little thicker and may help him keep things down. I also agree that you’re a little early for the solids. I’d set that aside for a few months and concentrate on getting your formula situation fixed – since all his nutritional needs are going to come from that anyway. Here are some suggestions for you to talk with your doctor about.

      1. Moving to AR for a week/two to see if that helps.
      2. Trying some baby probiotics (like these) to help with intestinal gas.
      3. Give the Zantac a month. If things get really bad, discuss using Prevacid as a short-term respite. (Prevacid should be considered a nuclear option, since you can only really use it once for a short period of time. So doctor’s usually hold it back until it’s a last-resort situation.)
      4. If the AR isn’t helping, discuss with your doctor about moving over to a hypoallergenic formula. Reflux babies have been shown to do well on hypoallergenic formulas – but they are more expensive, so starting with AR may be a good more-affordable first choice.

      Four months is on the young side of starting solids, in my opinion. I would try these other things first – then talk over the solids question with your doctor. Usually it just adds stress (because it’s more complicated than fixing a bottle), and baby ends up spitting most of it out anyway, since the tongue movements for solids is different than the tongue movements for sucking on a bottle. I’d wait another month or two, but that’s just me. You know your baby best. Talk it over with your pediatrician and then decide on this one. I’m sure you’ll make the right decision. 🙂 xo

  26. Hello heather. I’m a first time mom who is concerned about her 9 weeks baby girl. Originally I was breastfeeding and I realized something was wrong so I told her doctor at her 1 week check up. And sure enough she wasn’t gaining weight in fact she was loosing! So she gave me ready made enfamil gentlease as a supplement between bm feelings. It worked for a while. With some spit up And up all night. So the doc switched her to similac total comfort and she just got worse and her poop got so thick it was like paste. Which within that week we switched her back on the enfamil( had some powder left over we bought before doc decided to switch.) well at her month old check up we found out both enfamil and similac had caused her to get eczema. Plus we found out she has acid reflux so the doctor switched her to nutrimagen. ( I realize this now but we didn’t gradually introduce so maybe that’s why it was so severe?) well she spit up projectile out of her nose all of it that was given to her that night and morning. Still had some enfamil so we put her back on that with eleton cream and reflux medicine. Well nothing is working and I’m about to go to her next appointment for her vaccines. Should I talk to her doc about good start soy or an ar or is there one with both? Please help! I can’t stand to see my baby suffer!?

    1. Kristen, firstly you get a solid A+ in the parenting department. Even though you may feel discouraged – remember that you’ve been making progress! Everytime you tried something and it didn’t work, you took a shakey step up the mountain. You know a LOT more about her little digestive system than you did 8 weeks ago. So be encouraged. These are all steps towards a long term solution. Although it’s TORTURE to watch our little ones suffer, there can be comfort in realizing that as terrible as this is, it will be a memory that only we will carry. One of those stripes parents receive, while our kids prance around clueless in the years to come.

      Few things come to mind in regards to your doctor. (If you’ve already met with him, my apologies. I was on vacation and am just slogging through the comment box! You can probably just call and ask these things over the phone and avoid a co-pay.)

      1. Regarding the reflux, usually hypoallergenic formulas like these tend to do the best, especially when there’s eczema present. (Several readers tested hazelwood as a eczema remedy – you may find reading that article interesting…) Since the Nutrimagen was a disaster, I would perhaps ask about PureAmino, or Elecare and test that.

      2. Recent studies have shown that adding probitics can help some refluxing babies. Here are some probiotics for newborns. I would definite ask your doctor’s thoughts on that.

      3. I’m assuming your doctor put her on Zantac? That’s usually the first thing prescribed because babies can be on it for a longer period of time. If things are really not progressing, you could ask your doctor about Prevacid (or something in that family). Zantac makes the spitup less acidy, so it doesn’t burn as much. Prevacid actually reduces the amount of bile the stomach is producing. For that reason, it can only be used for a short amount of time. That said, if things are really bad, he may decide now’s the time to pull that Trump Card. Something to ask about, anyway. He will know best.

      4. I would also seek a 2nd opinion with a Pediatric Gastroenterologist. They are highly specialized in this field and can really be helpful. My friend Chelsea wrote about her experience with a difficult reflux case in this post: How We Battle the Big Bad Milk Monster – and Won! You may find reading through it encouraging.

      Hang in there friend, you are absolutely doing everything right! Keep asking questions and being an awesome advocate for your baby! xoxo

  27. Thanks so much for the reply. Just an update. We decided to try the Enfamil AR since he seemed to be tolerating the formula quite well. Still not sure why or what is in my breast milk that doesn’t agree with him. We actually using AR with Enfamil gentlease in a 3 to 1 mixture and it has been working good. He’s not spitting up as much but more importantly his feedings are going so much better! No gulping, wheezing, or heavy swallowing. He is still on the Zantac, too. He already sleeps in the rock and play and is taking a probiotic so I think we found a combo that works. Oh, and he’s been sleeping much better at night and has even had a couple 7 hour stretches! Just waiting for the time to come when he hopefully outgrows this. Thanks again! Just wanted to update in case it would help anyone else.

  28. Need advise. 6 month old diagnosed with reflux and on Zantac 2 x’s s day for months. Had been on gerber good start gentle. Helped a little with reflux but she threw up every bottle for hours every day. Dr says she’s happy and gaining so we are happy. I talked to a nutrition specialist and they suggested she has a lactose sensitivity. I am intolerant and so is dad. Went to mixing half gerber and half similac sensitivite. No more throwing up no spit up either, yay. But I notice cranky when she wasn’t before, sleeping less like before zantac, refusal to lay on her back and the worst I see her reflux white chunks into her mouth and swallow back down. She’s not happy. Wold I really have to ignore the lactose sensitivity and go back to spit up 24/7 bec at least she was happy? Is there anything else out there that helps reflux and lactose sensitivity? Please help. Waiting to hear from dr. Thank you. Your site is so full of great info. I’m so glad I found it.

    1. Yvonne,

      So glad the site’s been helpful for you! I am also glad you are keeping your doctor in the loop about all this.
      We can recommend the standards (keep her head elevated after feeding, sleeping on an incline…etc) however I would also suggest you consider probiotics since this has been proven to help babies with reflux.

  29. Instead of trying to sleep during my nightly 30 mins of peace/time, I’m scouring the internet and found you. Thanks for an easy to understand site!
    My 9.5 mth old was on Zantac from 2 weeks until 5 months when Zantac was no longer available. We have been dealing with this “fun” since then. Always sick, snuffily nose, wheezy breathing, coughing and very little sleep at a time. Enough was enough and we were referred to a paediatrician. She prescribed Zantac again but of course, it’s still not available. After harassing my pharmacist, he agreed to compounding it for me (I live on a tiny islAnd). Yesterday was her first dose at supper time. We were up every 30 mins instead of every hour all night. Today she had explosive diahrrah 5 times (had 2nd dose of meds at breakfast and 3rd at supper). My question is, is this normal? From what I have read tonight it may be a sign she’s on too high of a dose (3ml twice a day). Should I stop? Should I keep going? She I lower the dose myself? Could this be a coincedence and it have nothing to do with that but maybe teething? Help please!

    1. Heather,

      I wish I could help you with this but I really can’t give this kind of advice. You need to take this to your doctor, hopefully you have already.

      I hope your little one is doing better (diarrhea is a big deal for babies because of the hydration factor!).

      I recommend that you talk to your doctor about probiotics, this has been proven to help babies with acid reflux. Also, if the Zantac isn’t working you can talk to your doctor about Prevacid though it can only be prescribed for a short period of time because it reduces the amount of acid in the stomach. Can you get your medications on line?

  30. Hello,

    I have been reading these comments and answers for a few days trying to decide what to do for my 9 week old. He has been diagnosed with reflux, silent at first but after he was put on Zantac he actually started to spit up. Not projectile, but at least a dozen times a day. He’s been on breast milk and formula since he was 2 weeks. Presently a half/half combo with Enfamil Gentlease. We actually went back to straight BMW a couple weeks ago and he did awful on it! So, he still has some issues that I’m just not comfortable with. He’s very gassy, it wakes him up along with burps and spit up. He does not nap well at all. Sleeps ok at night for a few hours and then is up every 2. Wheezes, gulps, growls, and sounds like painful swallowing many times while feeding (only doesn’t when he’s super tired), oh and the crankiness- most of the time. I’ve cut out dairy and such from my diet without much difference. My MD suggested trying a hypoallergenic formula to see if that helped. I’m just debating maybe trying the AR first since it’s an easier switch. Any advice? He is bottle fed and I will be stopping breast milk in the next couple of weeks. Thanks!

    1. Oh, Kari, sorry to hear about your little guy’s troubles! It sounds like you have been working to find some relief for him (and the diet changes, those are hard!). I am very glad to hear that you are staying in close touch with your pediatrician through all of this.

      A hypoallergenic formula could be a good next step. Take a look at this article for more information on hypoallergenics. Also, have you tried probiotic drops with him? They have been proven to help babies with acid reflux. The last thing I would ask is, have you tried a Rock N Play? These are great for giving that baby (with reflux) happy sleep!

      Hope your little one is feeling better soon!

  31. Heather,

    Thank you so much for all of this great information. I’ve been struggling now for weeks with TWO extremely fussy and sick babies. We started out on all breastmilk and by 8 weeks, they were violently puking, had constant diarrhea, and screamed for hours. I finally gave in and started them on alimentum RTF. While the diarrhea stopped, everything else seemed the same. I then went to Neocate per my pedi’s suggestion (a little over a week after starting the alimentum) as she thought it was a milk/soy “allergy” and the neocate would have no milk or soy proteins. Omg. Everything got worse. 10x worse. I still don’t have the energy to describe how awful. They had many of your listed symptoms. Obviously vomiting and diarrhea, irritability, wheezing, etc. they had no rash and neither has a weight gain issue. My boy is gaining 1lb per week and my girl about 0.5lb per week. After 10 days on Neocate, we went back to alimentum while trying to find a GI dr. Comparatively, things were tolerable. Meanwhile, somewhere in this we were told acid reflux and put on Zantac, which didn’t work, so then we started Prilosec. Many details you don’t need later, we saw the GI today. We still have wet burps/hiccups, vomiting tho not as forceful as other times, wheezing, and constant screaming. Not crying, screaming. The only thing that soothes is food (alimentum rtf). The GI suggested we go back to Neocate, even with the symptoms we had on it. I refused, claiming I believe their allergy is actually to corn. As Neocate has corn syrup solids and alimentum rtf has no corn products. (Bear with me, my good questions are coming.) He then insisted I start rice cereal, claiming the reflux mixed with an allergy (milk, soy or corn) made everything so much worse. He doubled their Prilosec dose and began to explain that the rice would absorb the acid and allow them to pass it as poop instead of puking it out. While I’m not ok with the idea of rice at 13 weeks, I’m desperate. So desperate. You mention that “newborns” should try a formula with rice starch instead of an actual rice cereal. What’s your definition of newborn? I also saw you list pregestemil as a hypoallergenic formula, with rice starch. Would this be a better option than adding rice cereal (he said to use 2 tsp per oz, no more than 4oz per feeding)? If the pregestemil is a better option at their age, does it contain corn product (I can’t find a definitive answer on this)? My son has, just today, started back with very loose stool. Could be a fluke, or could be because it’s been 8 days on only alimentum rtf. If the alimentum rtf is causing issue bc of a milk/soy protein intolerance, how do I feed them, as no formula seems provides a dairy, soy, corn free option. Last question, can the diarrhea be related to the acid reflux? I ask bc to me, the answer is no. The acid reflux should be an issue from the stomach up, but I could understand the acid causing an upset stomach and subsequently runny stools. Sorry for the long post but I had lots of questions unanswered at our appointment today and I’m kind of at a standstill for the moment.

    1. Jessica, what a nightmare my friend! Here’s the good news…you’ve been finding what DOESN’T work, and what DOES work, and you are meeting with a GI doctor, which is always good.

      Firstly, I’m not a medical professional, so you should always take your doctor’s opinion and your intuition over mine. 🙂 I’ll do my best, though, to answer your questions. Please do confirm my answers, though, with your doctor.

      1. Typically a “newborn” is a baby under 6 months of age.

      2. Clarify with your doctor – I’m guessing he meant to mix the rice cereal in with the Alimentum (or whatever hypoallergenic you use) to thicken it slightly. Rice starch is just more finely ground than the typical rice cereal. It is what most Acid Reflux (that aren’t hypoallergenic) formulas use because it mixes more easily into the formula and doesn’t have as many air bubbles that can be created when you hand-mix in cereals. Since you need a hypoallergenic, I would use the rice cereal as directed (rather than try an Acid Reflux formula with rice starch – hope that makes sense…)

      3. Pregestimil does contain corn products. I was able to find the ingredients list on Enfamil’s website here.

      4. If these hypoallergenics continue not to work, you should ask your doctor about the hyper-hypoallergenic formulas (like Elecare or Neocate). I talk about them in this article, if it helps.

      5. The diarrhea may be more of an allergy issue than an acid reflux issue. Unfortunately, many times (especially with twins) they will have BOTH issues – allergies and acid reflux. It’s hard to tell which is causing the other. (Like “the chicken or the egg” question.)

      6. Recent studies have also shown that giving your baby probiotic drops can help with acid reflux symptoms. Ask your GI doctor about that option. Here are some drops you can give to newborns.

      I hope this can encourage you Jessica! I know this season is SO FREAKING HARD, but it will get better. Keep your head down and keep plowing through, trying things, wearing earplugs (a secret weapon against screamitis!) and reminding yourself this season is just a season and every day is closer to the END of this season. 🙂

  32. Thanks for the information. I have a 4 month old who was recently diagnosed with silent reflux. She was showing a lot of the symptoms, but the docs only diagnosed it when she was having trouble gaining weight. I currently feed her pumped breastmilk, but add a teaspoon of Gentleease (to get her the extra calories to gain weight). Do you know if AR works well if added to pumped milk? I would love to continue giving her BM instead of switching to all formula.

    1. Lata,

      As always, discuss any feeding changes with your doctor – especially since your baby was struggling to gain weight, it will be important that he works with you on these feeding issues. AR is basically a regular formula that has been modified to be thicker. You could easily try the AR, but you could also ask your doctor about thickening the Gentlease by hand. The benefit of the AR is that since it’s mixed ahead of time, there tends to be less gas bubbles. However, it’s more expensive because it requires that extra step – so you’ll have to weigh those pros and cons.

      Two other things that could help her is if you switched to a dairy-free diet and perhaps supplemented with a hypoallergenic formula. Recent studies showed that reflux babies can improve when breastfeeding mothers avoid dairy products and formula-feeding mothers use a hypoallergenic formula. (Usually AR is the first step – it’s not hypoallergenic, but it’s much cheaper.) You may also want to talk to your doctor about using probiotic drops, since these have also been shown recently to help reflux children. Discuss these options with your doctor, he/she will help you make a wise choice. Hang in there, friend. You are doing a wonderful job caring for this little sick baby girl! She is very blessed to have you as a mother. xo

  33. The only thing that worked for my oldest two was switching to whole milk! My mom said she had to do the same with me and now I am dealing with it again with my 4 month old.

    1. Oh, wow! That’s interesting to hear, everyone talks about going off diary… Thanks for sharing.

  34. My son is 2 months. He’s been spitting up a lot lately and even had milk coming from his nose. He was drinking Enfamil then the doctor gave him 2 samples of Neocate. He’s only been drinking the Neocate for 2 days and it seems that he’s gotten worse. He’s more fussy, he seems to be having more pain and recently he seemed as if he couldn’t breathe like he was choking. I know he has gas but, I also thinks he has infant reflux, which plays a big part. What shall I do? What formula should I put him on that will help? Please help me. Although this is my second child, every baby is different.

    1. Saundra,

      Regarding reflux, here are some things we recommend you talk over with your doctor:
      #1) Try a hypoallergenic formula if the thickened formulas aren’t helping. They are more expensive, but have been shown to be helpful. Ask your doctor for free samples or coupons. I know you have tried the Neocate so I recommend switching to a different brand. Here’s an article about hypoallergenics and one about doing the switch.
      #2) Make sure he’s sleeping on an incline – Have you tried a Rock N Play? They can really help babies with reflux.
      #3) Talk to your doctor about probiotic drops. Recently studies have shown they can be helpful.
      #4) In cases like this, medication may be your best chance of getting a handle on it. Zantac is usually the first drug prescribed – it makes the bile less acidy. It can be prescribed and used for a long period of time. Prevacid is usually the next thing they prescribe. It actually reduces the amount of acid being produced. Because of this, it can only be prescribed for a short period of time – which is why it’s usually the last resort.

      I hope this helps your little guy!

  35. Hi heather.

    After you change formula how long will it take to see the results in the babies poop. I think my son has a milk allergy because of his ezcema and also lot of spitting up. We changed his formula to similac for spit up and all the poopy diapers have been dark green. We started the new formula on March 4 and I have noticed that the color has started to change to a bit of brownish but looks like the one this morning had mucous in it.

    1. Karen,

      What was he using before you switched to the Similac?

      We usually recommend a week before you decide if the formula is working for your little one. Since it’s been almost two weeks you might want to consider something else. Take a look at this article for some ideas and this one for information on hypoallergenics.

      Also, regarding poop, I recommend you take a photo of the diaper if what you see concerns you. You can e-mail or text it to your doctor’s office to get feedback.

      Hope this helps your little guy!

  36. Thank you for this article and reading/responding to all of your readers questions.
    My 4 month old had been a “happy spitter” since birth, but the quantity and frequency started increasing at 2 months. He had some stool issues at first (too loose/too hard) and finally decided on mixing 50% Gerber Soothe and 50% Gentlease to help with that. Because he is happy and growing very well, anytime we mentioned the spit up our Dr basically just brushed us off. For the past month our son has had a rash, brought him to the Dr twice and both times they blamed it on winter/dry skin. At his 4 mth visit I asked if she thought we should try Nutramigen (our oldest was in it from 5 wks on, so we are no strangers to this roller coaster). She agreed that the rash could be from a milk protein sensitivity even though his stool samples had come back fine months ago when we tested. He’s been using Nutramigen for two days and although the rash does look like its clearing, he’s still spitting up a lot and it’s clear and almost projectile.
    How long do you think we should trial this formula before deciding on whether to stay on it? Is this as good as it’s going to get? If not, what should we try next?
    I’m just hoping once we start introducing solids, this all stops.
    Thanks for your help!

    1. Cheri,

      This is tricky, I know. My girls have also had trouble with milk protein. I think you were wise to trust your mama instincts in regards to a sensitivity.

      We usually recommend that you try a formula for a week before you decide if it’s a go or not. Are you keeping your little one upright for 30 minutes after each feed? If the spitting up doesn’t get better then you may need to talk to your doctor about trying something different. Take a look at Heather’s article about hypoallergenics to help you with this decision.

      There is a good chance that things will get better when you start solids (!). Just keep in mind (you probably know this already because of your first) that he might not be able to start dairy products at 12 months. Talk this over with your doctor. You may want to do a challenge, testing him with a very small amount under the doctor’s supervision, before you start.

  37. Hi,
    Reading this article and all the comments has really giving me encouragement in a situation that I found to be very frustrating. You seen my daughter will be 14 weeks this Friday and she has been breast-fed from birth. Unfortunately my supply is starting to run low due to the fact that she’s refusing to nurse. I pump but it’s not the same! For a while we couldn’t figure out what was exactly happening but all the symptoms started to point to silent reflux. Dr put her on Zantac twice a day but I don’t think it’s helping. She’s also starting to develop eczema so we are also thinking she might have a milk allergy.
    I need advice, what formula which you recommend for a baby with silent reflux and a possible milk allergy? I’m really afraid I’m going to run out of milk and we will not be ready and know what formula to give her so I want to start supplementing now. Any other advice on how to help ease her stomach due to reflux and a possible allergy? Thank you!

  38. Thank you for posting this… My son will be 3 months old on mar 16 and has been on similac advance since he was born when he was 6 weeks he started spitting up with each feeding he would start coughing and sometimes projectile vomit or spit up around 2 ounces. He has been congested and coughs and most of his spit up has been mucousy his bowels are fine poops every other day. he used to spit as soon as I put him on his back and  start coughing soon after finished his bottle (4oz) He is on zantac 1.8 ml twice a day and on probiotics. My husband is lactose intolerant but can eat yogurt and cheese in moderation but cannot do straight milk.

    I started Similac for spit up on march 4 and it is helping a lot he no longer spits up or coughs when he is laying down and after a bottle he doesn’t and spits up (according to medical terms) a lot for a mom.. he has runny nose right now and have noticed that in night feeding he congested and burps its mucousy but I can tell its better than before. He also started getting eczema which makes believe that he is allergic similac advance or milk in it. Waiting for another week to see if the coughing and mucosy in the back of his throat gets better after some feedings. So I can rule out my theory of him allergic to milk.

    1. Karen, I’m glad to hear he’s improving! The ultimate way to test for a milk allergy is for your doctor to take a stool sample and test it for signs of blood. That said, sometimes that not possible (due to medical costs etc). You are absolutely doing the right thing in using trial and error to figure it out on your own! Know that if you end up using a hypoallergenic, you could always ask the doctor (over the phone) for help in thickening that formula by hand. It’s not as ideal, since there could be bubbles, but if he’s doing so well on the thickened regular formula, it may be helpful with the hypoallergenic as well. 🙂

  39. Thank you so much for writing this! I found it very helpful. Quick question… Are there any organic options for acid reflux? My two month old son is miserable and it’s breaking my heart watching him go through this. Not to mention the lack of sleep is killing us both.

    1. Rachel,

      I understand your sadness. My first-born also had reflux. We didn’t find a good organic solution at the time. However, I recommend that you do some checking into baby probiotics. You can try these drops as a starter. The biggest thing to be concerned about, of course, is whether your little one is gaining as he should. Make sure that you and your doctor are keeping taps on this. I am sure you are already doing this, but make sure he stays upright for 30 minutes after each feed and a Rock N Play is a great solution to sleep!

  40. Hi. I have a 7 week old daughter. Reflux started about two weeks ago. She has been on pregestimil since she was about a week old due to other health complications. I switched bottles around the time the reflux started and never really put two and two together. I switched back to the avent natural bottle and she is doing much better so far!!

  41. I love this article and love that the writer is, not only knowledgable, but encouraging in all responses to the readers.  It can be a very frustrating, and overwhelming time for us moms with fussy little ones.  I know that I doubt myself, a lot, when trying to make these decisions to help ease my daughter’s issues.   All i want is for someone to give me an answer on what to do to soothe her.  This is never going to happen and we have to play the dreaded guessing game.  It is nice to see all of the comments and hear what other moms have tried, and that the same questions I have are being asked.  My daughter is 2.5 months old and currently seeing her second GI specialist.  I believe that she had gas issues on top of reflux at the beginning.  She is taking alimentum formula now, which smells terrible, and taking Prilosec daily.  She still shows symptoms and has episodes of reflux, but is wayyyy better than her earlier weeks of life.  I think time has a lot to do with that also.  I am considering switching her formula again, if the GI specialist gives me the okay. I would like to try the AR now that her stomach is a little more developed.  Originally, she was diagnosed with a milk allergy, thats why we changed to alimentum, but she never showed signs of that except for excessive colic, no rashes etc.  So, now I am wondering if she even has an allergy at all?  If I can get her off of the alimentum and find a formula that soothes her reflux, I would be thrilled.  If it turns out that she is sensitive to dairy, then Ill just go back to the alimentum.  It has been awful playing the guessing game, as all of you can surely relate.  I wish you all the best of luck and congratulate you on your new bundle of joy.  Even if we don’t find a solution, it should get better on its own, in time, at least.  I was also told that reflux peaks at about four months.  So I have my fingers crossed that by six months she will be golden :).

    1. Thanks so much for posting your thoughts on this, Angie! I think your experience is one that more moms need to hear. That we are all in the same boat – making guesses and then testing those guesses…who knew parenting was such a huge Scientific Experiment? 🙂

      I think that sounds like a good plan, Angie. Especially if your GI specialist gives you a thumbs up. You’re also right on the money – it does usually peak around 4 months, and it will eventually go away. You’ve got the perfect long-term vision that will help you through this difficult time. Keep with that mentality – looking for the top of the hill while you’re walking along the path – it will bless you with a more peaceful journey. xo

  42. I really hope this comment gets on your site. My son is now 2 1/2 months old and we struggled with several issues for the first month or so, which included difficult feedings, silent reflux, difficult bowel movements and serious gas which would not let him sleep at all. Not to mention that he grunted day and night.. constant. He also had the red ring around his little butt that would not go away. After starting with Enfamil infant we switched to Alimentum on Dr recommendation. We didn’t really see any change so we switched to Gerber Soothe.. we also added the following things which have changed our lives!!

    * only using dr brown wide mouth bottles

    *stirring, not shaking bottles

    *mixing formula in super hot water and letting cool

    Now come the ones that helped the most!


    *fennel and catnip drops (organic)

    *chamomile and calendula massage oil (great for eczema and rashes-diaper too)

    *chamomile tea – 1c water boiled, 2 tsp organic chamomile flowers steeped, strain and add 1c water. replace tea with one ounce of water in two bottles a day. morning and night (use drops in these bottles as well.)


    I can’t tell you the difference this has made in my son. I didn’t want to give him medicines that may or may not work and could be harsh on his little body, so I scoured the web for more natural remedies. He still has some days that his tummy hurts, but it really has been amazing.  Read up on the benefits of chamomile..it just may surprise you!



    1. Hannah,

      Thanks so much for passing on this helpful information. It’s always nice to hear what has worked for other parents. I have a 6-month-old with eczema so I will have to try the chamomile/calendula massage oil!

      We love to recommend the probiotic drops so I’m glad that worked for your little guy. Good work, mama!

  43. I have a 2 1/2 month old daughter who has had reflux since four weeks old. We have been on Zantac. We have tried gentlease, puramino, and now trying prosobee. They have switched us from Zantac to Prevacid which we will start tomorrow. The prosobee does not seem to be helping shes sleeping great at night but screaming all day the spitting up is terrible constantly all day. She sounds stopped up all the time she gets chocked when feeding at times and sometimes she will only eat two ounces. This is my 4th child and i have never been so desperate for a answer i hate seeing my baby in so much pain

    1. Sabrina,

      Congratulations on your 4th child! How wonderful!

      So sorry to hear your little girl is having such struggles. How is the Prevacid working for her?
      You may want to talk to your doctor about the possibility of switching to a hypoallergenic formula. It sounds like she may have a sensitivity to dairy and often babies who don’t do well with dairy also don’t respond well to soy. Take a look at this article for more information about hypoallergenics. You should also consider probiotic drops. They have been proven to help reflux babies. Hang in there, friend! Taking care of a reflux baby isn’t easy. It’s such a good thing that she has you!

  44. Hello. I am not a first time mom but it seems like it cause my boys are 14 yes apart but any way I just wanted to ask a question to see what you think. Here it goes, my son is a month old and we just found out that he has a milk allergy so his ped switched him to Gerber soy but all of a sudden he started spitting up more and sometimes its clear and sometimes it looks like cottage cheese. His ped also told me to use Karo syrup to soften up his stools. I am just wondering if he really does have a milk allergy or if its the Karo doing it. I thought he has reflux also because some of the things that everyone else is describing he has, so can you please help me with some advice on what should I use and talk to his ped about. I hope I am wording this right. Thanks

    1. Teresa,

      How did you discover his milk allergy? Perhaps you should consider trying a gentle formula instead of switching to soy (many babies that have trouble with cow’s milk also have trouble with soy). Talk to your doctor about trying Gerber Good Start Soothe, the milk protein in it is very small so it’s more gentle and easy to digest. It also has probiotics which will aid the digestion. If constipation continues to be an issue talk to your doctor about adding a little bit of prune juice (consult your doctor on the amount also) to his bottles as needed.
      If your doctor is concerned about going back to a milk based formula then you may need to talk about the possibility of switching to a Hypoallergenic formula. Take a look at Heather’s new article about hypoallergenics.
      Hope this does the trick!

  45. Hello, My daughter, now 5 was diagnosed with GERD very young. It sucked to watch my wife struggle to breastfeed (baby was tough-tied)  just to have my daughter spit what little she did get back up. We ended up getting a script for a liquid heartburn medicine, and putting her on enfamil’s A.R (acid reflux) formula. The medicine stopped the pain and the formula minimized the spitting up. No it didn’t stop it.

    Now we have our boy who is 2 months and as we assumed, has reflux as well……BUT he brought a wrench to the party and he also has the cow’s milk protein allergy. Like another reader posted the signs were diarrhea, bloody stool, very gassy, and fussy. So doc tells us to use Prosobee…… with the medicine like his sister, fussiness is gone, still gassy, and poop is hard to the point we have to suppository him to get things moving. we tried prune juice and yet it gets things moving he gets diarrhea. So we use it sparingly now. This last week we tried to address the ouzes of spit up now that he’s more than happy to feed. The result of adding a table spoon to 4oz of formula was also diarrhea apparently his stomach isn’t ready to digest starch.

    So here I am with my children’s story try to hey my boy. Is there any formula that will satisfy both the protein allergy and the AR???


    Thank you


    1. Paul,

      So sorry to hear about your little guy’s eating trouble!

      I have a couple of things for you to talk over with your doctor:
      Often babies that have milk protein allergies are also allergic to soy. So talk to your doctor about the possibility of switching to a hypoallergenic (or in this case maybe a hypo-hypoallergenic) formula. Take a look at this article for more information about hypoallergenics. This switch may take care of the constipation but if you are still having trouble with it talk to your doctor about mirilax. It is non-addictive, and gentle and might help. It’s very important to get the dosage right however, so don’t try it without a doctor’s supervision.

      Hope this does the trick!

  46. Ran across your article while researching formula. My preemie is now 4.5 months old. Doctor told us at birth he has reflux but most babies do and will out grow it. Gave us no other information. Our baby started spitting up at about 2 months. Sometimes would scream bloody murder and sputter all over. I had to clean spit up out of his eyebrows and lashes before. Then at 3 months he had a little bit of blood and mucous in stools. Doctors said “probably a little bit of milk protein sensitivity” so we put him on Alimentum along with his bottles of Breast milk(now getting 2 bm bottles and 3 formula bottles). He doesn’t randomly scream bloody murder or sputter/cough spit up all over but he still spits up all the time. I watched my dairy intake while pumping because I have a slight lactose intolerance. I know how much I can handle. I am lost as to which formula to try. Doc wants to try soy next which I don’t want to go there. I am torn between Similac Total Comfort and Sensitive. Sometimes I think maybe Spit Up. Doctor doesn’t want to start foods until we get it figured out. My baby will be 6 months in Feb 2015. I am just lost.

    1. Lori,

      Sorry you and your little one are having such trouble. It’s hard to deal with eating issues at such a young age.

      I have a few suggestions: Try to keep your little one upright for 30 minutes after each feed. Also, do you have a way to keep his head elevated when he is asleep? Look here for ideas on how to safely incline your baby’s mattress.
      I agree with your doctor that your baby may have an intolerance to milk protein (different than lactose intolerance) and if that is the case it would be best for you to go off all dairy. Try it for a week and see if it makes a difference.
      In regards to formula I recommend you take a look at Heather’s article on hypoallergenics.
      one other thing that you can talk over with your doctor is probiotic drops. These have been shown to help reflux babies.

      Hang in there! It’s hard to care for a reflux baby. He is lucky to have you as his mom!

  47. My now 3 month old is struggling with reflux. She now has what is considered a chronic cough which no one can figure out. I believe it’s the wear and tear of the acid up and down her throat. We just got home from a barium swallow today and all is good. Any tips on reducing the acid to get rid of this awful constant cough?

    1. Meghan,

      Oh, I’m so sorry for your little one!

      Here are some things to talk over with your doctor (though I am sure you are probably doing most if not of these all already):

      #1) If you are using formula try a hypoallergenic formula if the thickened formulas aren’t helping. They are more expensive, but have been shown to be helpful. Ask your doctor for free samples or coupons. Here is an article on hypoallergenic formulas.
      #2) Make sure she’s sleeping on an incline – use these tips to incline the crib mattress safely, or try a Rock N Play (we love ours!).
      #3) Talk to your doctor about probiotic drops. Recently studies have shown they can be helpful.
      #4) In cases like this, medication may be your best chance of getting a handle on it. Zantac is usually the first drug prescribed – it makes the bile less acidy. It can be prescribed and used for a long period of time. PRevacid is usually the next thing they prescribe. It actually reduces the amount of acid being produced. Because of this, it can only be prescribed for a short period of time – which is why it’s usually the last resort. I am guessing that you are already working with some kind of medication (since she had the barium swallow).
      I hope this can encourage you! You’re doing great. Being a parent of a refluxing baby is not easy at all. She’s a blessed baby to have such a long-suffering and caring mama.

  48. My baby boy is 3 months old and I have him on enfamil gentle ease but he spits up with a burp after his feed and as well as even two hours after his feed.. He eats about 4-5 oz every 3 hours…He will spit up formula, sour formula or even just very watery Saliva… I got through a lot of bibs and cloths bc he spits up so frequently… Probley 12 or more times a day.. Help me?? Does he need a thicker formula???

    1. Michelle,

      If the spitting up is the only symptom that you are dealing with I would leave things as they are. Some babies do spit up A LOT! Usually when acid reflux is present you will see other symptoms along with the spitting up. You might be doing this already, but if you can try to keep his head elevated when feeding him (as much as possible) and then keep him upright for 30 minutes after the feeding that should help. Baby carriers are great for this. You can just put him in and wear him around the house while you are busy getting things done! 🙂 I love this one.
      One other thought, just keep an eye on your little one’s weight gain. If at any point your doctor is concerned that he’s not gaining enough then you should come up with a plan together on how to stop the spit up!

  49. Hi Heather

    I am in the Uk and would love to hear your thoughts on my DS. He is almost 14 wks- currently going through bronchilitis, but wanted to have some advise on what to do after this horrible virus passes…i will try to keep brief.

    Born 38 wk +6, c/s, 11lb 1oz birth weight. refused breast for 1.5 day eventually gave cow and gate- took it ok. diagnosed with laryngomalacia, slight stridor few days after birth. seems to have improved somewhat. told this wouldnt affect feeding.

    Baby was a poor feeeder from birth-started dropping weight taking v few oz per feed, v windy and mucousy poo, health v suggested cmpa?-  tried pepti 1, then sma lf, currently nutramigen. he has since increased weight- currently 13lb 10oz through sheer determination on feeding in my part.

    This is the weird part – he will take 1.5 to 2 oz ok then he will not take anymore! have to force it into him even though he is hungry- thrashes about , straightens out, pushes teat out (dr b since birth), hits bottle, scrabs at everything. So difficult to endure! if he was fed 5 hrs later would still do this.

    Had also tried infant gaviscon, losec up to 4mg twice a day and after that zantac 0.4ml 3 times  as this worked for my first ds (was on sma lf and zantac ) he was a very bad puker whereas this baby doesnt sick much or cry much- but i KNOW he is in pain and discomfort when feeding. I just want him to enjoy feeds and therefore get some rest as his belly will be full. I stopped all drugs as they made no diff whatsoever. One day tho we had an overlap on losec and zantac and he took 4 x 4 oz and his first 5oz, then next day back to low oz.

    Feeds every 3 hrs- even 2hrly, ranges from 0.5 oz to 4 oz max(once he took 5) he takes feeds better when sleepy/sleeping.

    Waiting on Paed app, though i am not hopeful as had him in the clinic yesterday for broncholitis and they spoke briefly ref reflux, said we had tried too many diff things without giving them a chance to see if they worked. I disagree as he was on losec quite a while no diff. Also 6 yrs ago i took my first ds and they were absolute rubbish (asked if he was on a diet as he was so chubby- had the reflux where he was sick and required constant feeding).

    wonder where to go from here when hes better, any suggestions greatly received. loved reading this site-

    thanks X


    1. Sinead, I have to be very careful about giving medical advice – since I’m not in any way a doctor. So I will have to speak in some generalities. 1) I think you’re doing a good job of brainstorming and trying things. Most solutions come after periods of diligent trial and error. I’m not sure how long they felt you needed to be on something to see if it’s working. Sounds like there may be some disagreement between you and your paed. Perhaps seeking a second opinion and connecting with a different doctor – who can look at the entire situation with fresh eyes would help?

      2) If you’re not already doing so (and forgive me if you are) I would make sure he’s sitting up for about 30 minutes after each feeding. Either by holding him, or using something like a swing or the baby bean bag. That should help with the reflux. Also, probiotic drops have been recently shown to really help reflux babies – they may be worth discussing with your doctor about. You can get them here on Amazon, but considering his previous issues, I would always talk with your doctor before you try something new.

      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading the site. I hope these things can encourage you. Most of all, know that this season WILL pass, and rest that you are truly being the best mom for this baby. You may feel like you’re “winging it” and don’t know what you’re doing – but guess what? Every mom feels that way at some point. Keep doing what you’re doing. He’s going to improve. It just takes time for his little body to catch up. xo

  50. Hi heather! First off let me start by saying I have been recently praying for a site and advice such as this so you are the answer to my prayers and to know others are in my boat helps so much. Next… So I have a five month old who was diagnosed with acid reflux and projectile spit up… Since about 1 month old… He tried Prevacid and Prilosec and neither helped, he currently takes 10 mg of Nexium twice a day…(20 mg total a day) and we put one tsp of single grain rice cereal per oz of formula in each bottle… His projectile spit up has stopped but he stills spits up a lot and it smells of stomach acid and formula…also he has a lot of trouble at night, waking up crying within an hour or less sometimes two or three times and is almost moaning in pain…if we rock or bounce him it’s the only way to stop the crying and sometimes he will burp then and not while eating…he has always arched his back and is very wheezy when and after eating and snores while sleeping…I called ped to try to increase meds and they want him to go to GI doc but friends tell me if he is gaining weight and not a year old they will basically not do much and he is gaining weight…23 pounds at 5 months old! But he and us his parents are wanting to provide him relief and I feel like switching formulas could help but feel so confused on what to try…he took nutrimigen for a while but didn’t seem to make any difference so we switched after switching meds… He’s currently taking the Walmart brand gentle ease… I have heard the ailgment is good and have seen you recommend soothe, but really could use advice on what to try next specifically and whAt path to take to try to keep trying things or how to know when that’s as good as it’ll get for him til he “outgrows” this as ppl tell us he hopefully will! Thanks for any help!!!

    1. Kelly, I’m so humbled to be the answer to your prayer! Praise God that he is at work in many ways. I’m thrilled that I could encourage your faith in this way. 🙂 (Makes my day, actually, and builds my OWN faith!)

      As to your question, here are the thoughts I had….

      1. Is he sleeping on an incline? I would either use these suggestions to safely incline the crib mattress or get a baby bean bag so he’s sleeping on an slight incline.

      2. As for formula, I would definitely consider a hypoallergenic, perhaps one of the hyper-hypoallergenic formulas I talk about in this article. Talk with your doctor about those. You could try Alimentum first for a few weeks and see if that helps, and if not then go to the next level – Elecare or PureAmino.

      3. Recent studies have shown that adding probiotics can also really help with refluxing babies – mention that also to your doctor (via a phone call should work). Here they are on Amazon so you can see what I’m talking about.

      Finally, remind yourself (and your husband) that as difficult as this is (and it’s a Level 5 in Extreme Parenting for difficulty), it is going to pass. I promise. You will get the happy bubbly baby that everyone else seems to have, but you’re struggling to see. Your role right now is to suffer with him, and provide the comfort through your arms and voice and presence, that he totally needs. (And if you haven’t yet discovered the parenting-booster called “earplugs” I highly recommend getting a corded pair! (corded = no choking hazards lying around the house).)

      Hang in there, sister. You are doing what you have been called to – loving and caring for your sick son while he heals. xo

  51. I have an 11 week old little boy that has silent reflux. He is on Alimentum RTF thickened with 1 1/2 tsp of rice cereal per ounce. We tried Gerber Gentle and Soothe/Enfamil Gentlease/Nutramigen before trying Alimentum. I also did a short trial on Soy and he did well but I was concerned about the negative things I read so I stopped that. He is gaining weight (he is 16 pounds). He is irritable and was crying sometimes when drinking his bottle. We tried Zantac but it didn’t help. We just did 2 weeks on Prevacid…he was very agitated and anxious on that. He didn’t sleep and had the ‘shakes’ is what I called them. I have stopped that. I called the GI doctor and they want to put him on Prilosec…He is also super congested 24/7. It seems like he has been congested since he was born. Is there another formula I could try…Could this be an allergy…shouldn’t the Alimentum ‘stop’ the allergy?

  52. My daughter is just shy of 2 months old. She has silent reflux, which sometimes is not so silent! We started out on regular similac, changed to similac sensitive, then tried Enfamil AR, and then went to Similac Alimentum. She stayed on that the longest. It helped with a little of the crying but not the reflux or crying from the reflux. Her pediatrician put her on Zantac and it doesn’t seem to be helping. We also tried the Gerber soothe probiotics when she was on the sensitive and all it seemed to do was give her reallly really runny poop. We have also tried adding rice to the Alimentum. Now her dr wants me to try soy before sending her to a GI so I started that yesterday. Doesn’t seem to be any different than the Alimentum so far. I don’t understand why she would want me to go down that road if the Alimentum didn’t work. Isn’t that a step past Soy? I’ve heard soy could be bad for a baby that doesn’t need it so I’m worried about it. Also my poor baby is suffering all the time and I don’t know what else to do to help her. 🙁

    1. Heather,
      I’m with you in feeling less enthusiastic about soy. My daughter had a dairy allergy and perhaps that is why your doctor wants you to try soy. Unfortunately many babies that have trouble with dairy have trouble with soy as well (my little one did!). I recommend you get in to see a GI specialist as soon as possible. You are your child’s advocate so trust your mommy instincts! Your baby girl is so blessed to have you, keep searching for answers!

  53. My baby is almost 2 months and on BM as well as formula (Goodstart soothe) he refuses to eat – very fussy and cries at every feed. He has silent reflux and colic symptoms as he cries at very high pitch at night @9pm -11pm though it doesn’t last for 3 hrs. Doc recommend Zantac as well as adding infant rice cereal to the milk. So far no improvement using Zantac. Do you recommend changing his formula or should we try adding rice cereal to the formula? Any other suggestions please!

    1. Indeep,

      Sorry about the tummy trouble your little guy is having! I do have some suggestions. First of all, adding rice cereal is fine as your doctor suggested, however mixing it by hand can create bubbles that lead to increased fussiness. You might find giving Similac for Spit Up helpful instead – it’s premixed so has less bubbles. If that doesn’t seem to help after a week, you may need to consider talking with your doctor about using a more expensive hypoallergenic formula like Nutramigen or Alimentum.
      If your little guy has been on zantac for several weeks and there has been no improvement, you can talk to your doctor about a beta blocker – like Prevacid. (Zantac doesn’t reduce the amount of spit up, it just makes it less acidy. Prevacid actually reduces the amount of bile – which is why it can only be used for a short period.) You may also find it helpful to give your baby probiotic drops.
      One other thought, make sure your little one is sleeping on an incline by either using Heather’s trick with your crib mattress or by looking into getting a baby beanbag .
      Lot’s of ideas, I hope this helps you both!

  54. My son has horrible spit up and choking sounds. He hiccups daily and sounds congested and snorting. His burps are wet and I can hear the spit up in his throat come up and be swallowed back. He fusses often. All of this would lead me to say reflux except he has AWFUL gas and poops only every two days. When he does poop he spends the day in an angry painful state until it passes. I have no idea if this has to do with the reflux or if it’s a separate issue. If it’s seperate I can’t tell which is bothering him most. I have no idea what to do. He’s already on nutramigen and breast milk. It doesn’t seem much help.

    1. Jenna,

      Sorry to hear that your little one is having such trouble! I would really encourage you to talk to your doctor about getting a full evaluation for your little guy for reflux. If there’s constipation the doctor may have some suggestions about adding a little prune juice to the bottle to help loosen things up. Check with your doctor first on that though since it sounds like you might have more than one allergy or feeding issue going on. I hope you can get some helpful answers this way!

  55. My son is almost 4 months and I have suspected reflux since he was born but never got taken seriously and figured maybe I was jumping to conclusions. But after more reading and 4 months I still think it is the case. We have switch his formula when he was 3 weeks old to gentleease. He has been on this since but he hit 3 months and it was like everything got worse. He’s has always spit up, but it improved with the gentleease until 3 months when it started becoming over the top spit up, drooling, short naps during the day (an hour at most if he was exhausted) but seeping 11 hours at night. He has also started screaming after eating (new since 3 months) until he burps. It wasn’t until he didn’t poop for 3 days, then when he did it was obviously painful and full of blood that we went to the doctor. Was not impressed with her so got a second opinion (family doctor was not available). They prescribed Zantac, a little pure juice in his formula daily and potentially changing his formula because they said his system could not be tolerating it anymore. Suggested a low iron formula but didn’t think it was an allergy as he would apparently have loose stools. Not sure which formula would be best….

    1. Megan, firstly WAY TO GO about following your instincts and seeking a second opinion. That’s good mommy-ing right there. 🙂 I would be very hesitant about using a low-iron formula. Iron is an essential mineral for healthy brain growth. Make sure you’ve gotten multiple opinions on that one before switching to a low-iron formula. There’s a reason they are harder to find! Double-triple check on that advice before walking down that path.

      Here are some options for you: 1) talk to your doctor about doing a blood draw or something to check for a milk allergy. Just in case.

      2) If that Zantac isn’t helping, ask the doctor about using a short-term medication like Prevacid to help decrease the amount of bile being produced. It would only be for a short time, while you get these formula kinks worked out.

      3) Discuss with your doctor using a hypoallergenic formula. Usually we go down that path like this… first you try an extremely low-lactose formula like Similac Total Comfort or Good Start Soothe (because they’re cheaper). Then you go to a hypoallergenic like Nutramigen or Alimentum. If it continues to not be helping, then you can switch to an amino-acid based formula like PureAmino or Elecare (the are the hypo-est of the hypoallergenics). Talk to your doctor about that progression and see what he thinks.

      Hang in there, my friend. This is EXTREMELY difficult, but you are asking a lot of questions — and that’s the first step towards getting these issues worked out. xo

  56. Any tips for breastfed babes who may show signs of reflux? He seems so uncomfortable after nursing sometimes. (exclusively breastfed) I feel so terrible because he looks like he’s got gas/pooping troubles on one end and some kind of discomfort on the other end! He’s 8 weeks now. I think it’s also interrupting his sleep. Sometimes I”m able to put him down “drowsy but awake” others he is just so uncomfortable I need to hold him upright till he’s good and sleeping. He’s eating well and producing regular wets and dirties so I’m not concerned about nutrition.

    1. Jill,

      Reflux is not fun! My little one is struggle with the same problem right now (breastfed). We switched her to sleeping in a Rock n Play and that has helped a lot! Also, wearing your baby helps if you need to keep him upright after the feeding. Hang in there, most likely he will grow out of this before you know it!

  57. Hi my little girl is 4 weeks and has silent reflux she has hicups all the time very fussy after a bottle very alert all the time not a good sleeper making a wooping noise al the time sinzzing all the time to and crying out in pain when some of the milk comes up her throat I just dont knkw what to do she is on cow and gate comfort and gavisons but its not working she was on nutramigen but she went mad on that would not settle at all after drinking it what should I use now as the we petnis wracked and so unhappy

    1. Mary, I would talk with your doctor about getting her on a medication of some kind – Are you in England? If so, ask your doctor about Ranitidine (Zantac here in the states) or Lansoprazole (Prevacid in the States or Zoton in Australia). You could also talk to your doctor about giving her some probiotic drops – some studies have suggested that can help with reflux. Start there, friend. Hang in there, things will improve!

  58. I have a question? I am having serious problem with my baby. She is throwing up bad and has acid reflux gerd..I was on Enfamil Gentle that didn’t work so Dr. said to try Enfamil AR that didn’t work so we tried similac spit up with rice and she is still throwing up, fussy, acting like she is going to choke because of the acid coming up! I am on wic so I am having a hard time with figuring out what formula to use. We have been buying it but its getting ridiculously expensive. What do you recommend. I am tired of waiting on the Dr. to call back. I will be making a appt with Gi specialist Monday. What is your thoughts?

    1. Firstly, I have to encourage you to follow whatever your doctor says. I’m in no way a doctor, or have the expertise that can help you with these kind of medical issues. I can, however, give you some things to think over and talk with your doctor – hopefully they can help you work out a solution to a very tough situation!

      Last spring I sat in on a talk with a well-known pediatric gastrointologist to hear his thoughts on acid reflux treatments. He suggested several things I’ll share with you to talk over with YOUR doctor:
      #1) Try a hypoallergenic formula if the thickened formulas aren’t helping. They are more expensive, but have been shown to be helpful. Ask your doctor for free samples or coupons.
      #2) Make she’s sleeping on an incline – use these tips to incline the crib mattress safely, or put her in a swing or car seat to sleep.
      #3) Talk to your doctor about probiotic drops. Recently studies have shown they can be helpful.
      #4) In cases like this, medication may be your best chance of getting a handle on it. Zantac is usually the first drug prescribed – it makes the bile less acidy. It can be prescribed and used for a long period of time. Prevacid is usually the next thing they prescribe. It actually reduces the amount of acid being produced. Because of this, it can only be prescribed for a short period of time – which is why it’s usually the last resort.
      I hope this can encourage you! You’re doing great. Being a parent of a refluxing baby is not easy at all. She’s a blessed baby to have such long-suffering and caring parents. Hang in there friend! Xo

  59. I just started using Gerber Good Start Gentle today. I noticed she seems happier or doesn’t strain to pass gas or stool so far. The one thing I did notice is that the gas/stool smells pretty horrible (almost like rotten eggs). Is this something from the probiotics in the formula? Does it get better after using it eventually and not so smelly?

    1. Beth, it’s hard to tell after only a few days. I would give it a week and see if you’re still noticing something. It could be her system just adjusting to the new formula. 🙂

  60. I’d love some advice. I have a 5 week old silent refluxer who was recently started on Zantac. The med has helped w/the fussiness, screaming, and pain, but since 2 weeks until now, she only ever eats 1-2oz every 2-3hrs. Minimal spit up. If she only drinks an oz, I’ll feed her again in an hr or 2 – she’ll drink another oz or she won’t drink at all. Other times she’ll drink 1.5-2 and won’t eat for another 2-3 hrs. There’s no real schedule for her. Total intake in a day ranges from 15-18oz.

    We’ve tried Gentlease & Nutragemin but it hasn’t changed anything. She is otherwise alert & happy, but I just worry if she’s getting enough to eat/nutrients/calories. She gained 2lbs since birth, but 1lb was in the 1st week – the other was in 3 weeks. Ped keeps wanting us to try soy, but I don’t think the formula is the problem, is it? Am I just worrying too much?

    1. Vivian, firstly it’s okay for you not to have a schedule with a baby this young – especially one who is struggling with eating and reflux issues. You’re instincts to keep offering her food are very good. The more food she can take in, the better. That said, since she is struggling with reflux, it’s understandable that she doesn’t want to eat. Poor baby! I have a few thoughts, though, for you to discuss with your doctor.

      1. Hypoallergenic formulas have been shown to be helpful with refluxing babies. However, if the Nutramigen didn’t seem to help, perhaps you should try a pre-thickened reflux formula like Similac for Spit-Up or Enfamil AR.

      2. Zantac is usually the first medication doctors give for refluxing babies. The second is usually a beta-blocker like Prevacid. Zantac doesn’t reduce the amount of bile, it just makes it burn less. If she doesn’t improve and if she continues to struggle to eat you could talk with the doctor about trying Prevacid – which actually cuts down on the amount of spit up that’s going back up the esophagus.

      3. New reflux studies have shown a good correlation with using baby probiotics like these on Amazon. Might be worth trying.

      There are few thoughts of things to talk over with your doctor. I know this is exhausting and so difficult, but you really are doing a GREAT job Vivian. Your mom instincts are spot on. She’s a blessed little girl. 🙂

  61. Fantastic articles here- these are very helpful. Wondering if I could get your opinion… My 3 1/2 month old started out breastfeeding. At 8-9 weeks we started introducing regular Enfamil formula with Iron. He incurred tummy pains, gassiness, frequent spiting up, and constipation– of which he never had with breastfeeding. His father has a dairy/lactose allergy (not sure which one, he just avoids dairy all together or else he feels like crap). His father also has diagnosed reflux. (My son is doomed!)

    So we decided to switch baby’s formula to Up&Up Sensitive- Target’s brand of Similac Sensitive. Baby seems better, but still spits up more than normal. He has wet burps and after burping him after each feeding- he still spits up frequently and has more little burps. I notice it happens more when he lays on his back- so he naps in his swing daily. This formula is still making him somewhat constipated, gassy, and have frequent spitting up incidents. We’ve added Rice to his bottles and even started feeding him solids in the evenings– but mostly because he just seems to hungry all the time. (He’s already doubled his birth weight!) I have no concerns for his health, as clearly he is growing, but the clothing stains, messes, and his uncomfortable nature is driving me crazy…… Is it time to try the AR?

    1. I laughed out loud at the “my son is doomed” comment. It’s amazing that all the things we DON’T want our kids to get from us they end up getting… (sigh!)

      I think trying the AR is a good idea, at least for a week. If it persists and it seems your husbands dairy/lactose allergy has been passed down you’ll have no choice probably but to go to the hypoallergenics (but your doctor will be the guy to ask about that!). You also may need to get him on some reflux medication – another thing to ask the Doc. It’s very common for reflux babies (which what it sounds like to me, but I’m not a doctor) to be hungry constantly, because they’re spitting up half of every meal. I would try to work on controlling his acid reflux with giving the AR a try first (with perhaps some probiotic drops – those have been shown to help with reflux also), and then if that’s not helping talk with the doctor about medication and perhaps a free sample of a hypoallergenic you could try. Hope this can help friend!

  62. Hi I have a question I have a one month old. First week when he was born he was spitting out milk so I took him to his pediatrician by a guess she said he had acid reflux she Put him on Similac for spit up. He kept throwing up after every meal making him fuzzy and nothing will seem to soothe him. She then put him on Zantac making him more constipated and fuzzy. I took him to the er and to them it’s normal that my baby won’t poop up to 7 days and this bumps he has in his face it’s hormones ???? So we kept him on Similac for spit up but I was frustrated he’s been losing weight not gaining any so I decided to swith brands I’m a second time mom but my daughter never gave me no problems at all so I just changed him to Enfamil gentlease. I just started giving him not knowing I needed to do little by little . He seems to keep throwing up but seems more calm but he won’t cry. It’s weird and I don’t know if maybe I chose the wrong milk he seems to drink the milk I burp him after every ounce but after drinking his bottle he will just fall asleep. I am really frustrated already I don’t know what to do. Can u help?

    1. Edith, it’s possible he may be having an allergic reaction to the milk. Oftentimes babies with reflux who don’t do well on the pre-thickened formulas will do better on an hypoallergenic formula like Alimentium or Nutramigen. I would seek a 2nd opinion from another pediatrician and ask about moving to one of these formulas in addition to the medication. Usually I recommend switching slowly, but since he’s not growing and seems to be having such a hard time, you may want to switch abruptly. Ask your doctor about that for sure. Hang in there, friend. You are being an AWESOME mother. You are seeking questions and being his advocate. That’s Motherhood 101 and you’re totally getting an A+.

  63. My son is 1 month now and we started him out on enfamil newborn then gentlease and when he became so gassy and uncomfortable we switched to gerber sooth buy there was no change. The doctor recommended nutramigen thinking he may have a milk allergy and an extra hard time breaking down the milk particles.
    Since that change he has had a much easier time with BM’s And passing gas (still some small episodes but he is no longer in pain all day from gas). We also found out he has reflux, his is more silent not too much spit up but he does spit up a little bit at a few feedings the ought the day. He’s been on the generic for prolosec now for 2 weeks. He hates taking the meds and we honestly having seen a huge change yet. Some feedings he is fine other he still seems to be arching his back, pushing the nipple out of his mouth and just really struggling to eat. I don’t know if I should be doing something else for him. My daughter had a pretty similar issue minus all the gas issues. She stayed on the gentlease formula and was put on generic for Zantac and we saw improvements. Should I ask the doctor about switching him to Zantac instead or is there any other tips you could give??

    1. Jessica, if you don’t see any changes within the next few weeks on the Prilosec, I would ask about Zantac. Prilosec is an inhibitor – which means it actually reduces the amount of acid being produced. It can only be used for a short period of time. Zantac doesn’t reduce the amount of acid, but makes it less acid-y. It can be given for much longer period of time than Prilosec. It’s possible your doctor was hoping to start with a bang with the Prilosec and then eventually move to the Zantac. If you don’t see much improvements in another week, I’d give him a call and see what he says. I’d say you’re on the right track with the formula, though. Nutramigen (and other hypoallergenic formulas) have been shown to be really helpful with acid reflux. Another new development in the “baby acid reflux” world, is that infant probiotic drops (like these on Amazon) can also be really helpful. Hang in there friend!

  64. So I’m a little confused on which is gentler: gerber soothe or gerber gentle?
    My little guy I think has reflux. We have started Zantac and it’s helped some, but I’m not satisfied. I’ve read that the hypoallergenic formulas should be a last last resort as the triglycerides aren’t there that baby needs for proper development. Myth? Truth?
    So if one were to suspect or want to rule out a dairy sensitivity aggravating the reflux and try similac alimentum, it still has casein-from cows milk…?
    We are using similac for spit up- to clarify other commenters question- similac for spit up and similac sensitive for spit up are the same thing, just a packaging change. It seems to help him keep stuff down, but doesn’t decrease the painful episodes.
    I’m wanting to try the gentlest of the gentles -gerber gentle vs gerber soothe confusion – plus above reader’s suggestion of ThickIt. What do you think?

    Also- is there any significance in the forest green poop other readers have mentioned? My dr said everything was normal except blood. Similac advance produces the closest poo to when I could breastfeed. Enfamil anything was grey thin clay, which I thought was very strange and unacceptable. Similac for spit up results in a lot of these forest green stinky thick poo days and occasional more normalish yellow seedy poops. Poop should be the same every time if you’re eating the same thing every time right?

    1. First on Soothe/Gentle: Soothe is the more-gentle of the two. Usually people start with Gentle, and then if that’s not helping, move to Soothe, and then if that’s still a struggle, switch to a hypoallergenic.

      Second on triglycerides: I would talk that over with your doctor. I’ve not heard that and have a hard time thinking doctor’s would prescribe something that’s NOT going to be good for your baby (but I’m generally pro-medical-community, so that’s my bias.) If you are afraid of a dairy sensitivity, I would start with Alimentum or Nutramigen, and if that’s not helping go to a straight amino-acid formula (the hypo-hypoallergenics) like PureAmino or Neocate. Your doctor has tests that can help you figure out the milk allergy issue. ThickIt is something I have no experience with or research on. You’ll need to read the suggestion and make your decision on your own for that one.

      Thirdly on poop: Green poop is very normal (see my poo color guide article). Poo colors will change, no matter if you’re using the same formula over and over again – it depends on absorption of vitamins and minerals. I wouldn’t worry too much, as long as you avoid the colors I mention in the article. I hope this can help Brooke!

  65. Hi there! Such a great post! Thank you! Was hoping for your opinion! My daughter has had reflux symptoms since birth. She even had trouble when I breast fed. Her case is certainly not as severe as most but we are having trouble either her spit up, gas, tummy pains, etc. She’s been on similac sensitive, similac total comfort, similac soy, and similac spit up. Adding cereal to all but the spit up. If any worked they only helped for a week or two. We are wondering what to try next. Obviously similac isn’t for her. I’m not big on adding the cereal so am stuck between trying the Emfamil AR , Gerber Gentle ease, or Gerber soothe. I’m ready to have a formula that will work! Lol so I’m nervousnes the AR will be like the similac for spit up and that the Gerber good start will be to hard on her stomach. But is going to soothe to drastic at this point? Oh and she’s on zantac which seems to help, laying flat has been better since she was put on it.

    1. Usually the best formulas for reflux are either the reflux-specific formulas (Similac for Spit Up or Enfamil AR) or a hypoallergenic formula like one of these. You could switch to the AR and see what happens, brands do matter with the more-sensitive tummies. Good Start is a very gentle formula, and it may help with the gas, but I’m not sure you should expect help with the spit up. Another thing you could try is probiotic drops. New studies on reflux have indicated that can help as well.

  66. Hello!
    I’m so glad to run across your site! I have 8m old twin boys and we found out after a couple weeks of being born that they had reflux. We have tried similac advanced, sensitive, and currently using soy. They have always taken zantac, and rice cereal in bottles since 3m old. As they get older it has got so much worse, especially with one of them. He probably spits up every 10-15mins some days, most days I should say. His brother has spells where he does this but not as often. They puke up baby food, cereals, table food, anything really. They also have a rash since 4m old, that they keep saying is eczema but never disappears. I’m pushing for a GI specialist to see them so I hope to get answers. But do you have any recommendations? They have symptoms for sensitive formula, but no symptoms for formula allergies. Thinking of trying Gerber Good Start gentle, thoughts?
    Thank you!

    1. Brittany, firstly congrats on your double blessing. 🙂 Secondly, I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been having all these reflux troubles. Reflux in ONE baby is tough. Reflux in TWO…mega hugs to you, my friend. 🙂 I would encourage you to consider one of the pre-thickened formulas above first, since they’re cheaper. If nothing improves after a week or so, I would talk with your GI specialist about using hypoallergenic formulas like these. Studies have shown they are helpful with refluxing babies. Also, ask your GI doctor about using probiotic drops like these. The doctor I talked to shared that new studies have show probiotic drops can help. Good luck friend! Hope you can see some improvements quickly!

  67. Hi Heather,
    Thanks for this great article. My baby girl is 11 weeks old and spits up almost every meal during the day. Night time she is much calmer and she seems to do better keeping it down. Per our pediatrician’s request, I’ve eliminated diary from my diet, and we have her on Zantac .8 mL, 2x/day, as well as adding rice cereal to bottles of pumped breast milk. A lot of your suggestions on this page a great for people who are formula-feeding but I’m breast feeding. Do you have any magical potions or tried-n-true recommendations for breast-feeding mamas to help with reflux/constant gas and spit-up? Also, she seems to drink better when I give her a bottle of pumped breast milk, but gets very angry & refuses to feed when I try to breast feed. Any thoughts on why that could be? Any insights you can share would be much appreciated!

    1. I think it’s great that you’re ditching dairy for while. I’ve also heard that giving a reflux baby probiotic drops (like these on Amazon) can be very helpful as well. Perhaps talk your doctor about that and see what he says? I’m not surprised about the pumped milk – depending on the position you’re feeding her, it’s possible that the bottle is more comfortable because she can drink in a more upright position. Have you heard of the upright breastfeeding position? That may also be very helpful and worth the try. xo

  68. Hello!
    I came across this website and have read so much I am confused and need help! My baby boy is 9 weeks old and has been struggling with reflux and colics almost since birth. Ped chNged him from newborn, to gentlease, nutramigen and now AR.
    He was doing ok with nutramigen but still spitting up since it’s so thin but was sleeping longer and only gets colics sometimes but the spit up is constant.
    So yesterday I went to the pediatrician and he changed it to AR but since then, baby has been really gassy, his tummy is always making noises and he really doesn’t last long with the feedings. When I changed his diaper in the morning I saw a tiny bit of poopie (I guess from all the gases at night) and it looked phlemi or mucusy to me. What could this mean? He looks sooo uncomfortable it breaks my heart. Should I go back to nutramigen? Should I try Similac Sensitive? Should I try Neocate? I don’t know what to do!!

    1. Yedi, I would encourage you to give your doctor a call and share this information with him. In these cases, he is your best resource. It is excruciating to watch our little ones suffer and not know what to do about it. Just remember, that you are actually doing something. You are asking questions, going in to doctor’s appointments, commenting on blogs :-), making phone calls…you are advocating for answers. What I see here is a great mom who is searching for answers. Your little man is blessed to have you. Continue to offer him comfort during all this, and then call your doctor with this update, asking him about going back to the Nutramigen, or going up a notch to the Neocate. Hang in there, friend. It’s a storm of uncertainty, yes, but you are providing emotional shelter for your struggling little man through it. That is a job well done. The picture in my head is a mom, clutching her little boy to her chest, fighting through all the wind and rain towards the lighthouse in the distance of safety. That is you. Keep going. Keep asking. Keep trying new things. (hugs)

  69. For the parent’s and for ideas for you coach…my wife and I have had issues with both of our children having reflux. We have found using a thickening agent ( name brand Thick It) instead of baby cereals to bottles helps a lot. It brakes down much better than the cereals and it take very little to thicken most anything. Most pharmacy have it and CVS/Walgreens has name brand as well as store brand.

  70. Hi Heathermy son is currently 10 weeks old.
    My son was on Goodstart for many weeks after birth- spitting up constantly, sometimes 2-3 hours later. When he started to show signs of pain- screaming during and after feedings and when burping, arching back , etc. I decided to try something else. We switched to enfamil A+. Spitting up issue was gone but then he had bad gas pains. Two weeks after switching it seemed the reflux issues were back- no spitting up but the rest. Is this common? Could it be something else besides reflux which I assume would be constant?
    Next we switched to Goodstart Probiotic- again, 5 days of bliss- no gas pains, no screaming etc. but then reflux symptoms , (minus actually spitting up) back again.
    Finally decided to try Nutrimegen. Have been on it for about 5-6 days.
    It seems like he’s in less pain but now has diarrhea.
    With all the formulas, he sounds like something’s stuck in his throat. He constantly chokes on it and stops breathing which either startles him awake or into a fit of crying. Laying him down makes it worse. I have done the usual- burped more often, held upright, elevated crib- these things helped a bit but not entirely.
    1. Would true reflux come and go when we switch formulas like it has for us or could it be something else?
    2. Since he’s not actually spitting up, do you think a thickened formula would help with the “stuff” stuck in his throat.
    3. Dr. prescribed Zantac but id rather that be a last resort. Would the medication help with the “stuff” stuck in his throat.
    4. If he continues to be pain free on the Nutrimegen, would it be ok to slowly mix some feedings of Goodstart (like a bottle a day and then slowly progress) I’d think it might help with the diarrhea
    Thanks in advance

    1. Rosaria, if he’s stopped breathing a few times, and seems to be choking, you need to take him to the ER or the doctor right away. The doctor will definitely want to give him a physical exam as quickly as possible. I don’t want to weigh in on the other things until you’ve checked in with your doctor. I will, though, mention that you may want to check him for mucuous settling in the back of his throat. Does he have a cold? Is his snot yellow and thick? Start with the doctor on all this, then feel free to give us an update and go from there.

  71. I know that they don’t have regular prune juice for babies. Just the apple-prune juice. So when you say give the baby prune juice, is it regular prune juice out of the juice aisle? What kind do you think is best? And for a 5 month old, how much is appropriate? Thanks in advance!

    1. I’ve always given my kids regular ‘ole prune juice, in small amounts. My guess is that the baby prune juice is diluted, but you’d need to check the label to make sure. It’s important, though to ask your doctor about the dosage. If you give too much you could cause diarrhea and cramping, which is no fun either. 🙂

  72. Enfamil A.R. – It was amazing after I figured out what was wrong. I wish I had known about it sooner. As soon as I saw it in the store I called her pediatrician and asked for a change in formula, he okay’d it right away. If I am ever lucky enough to have more kids I am going to remember this so they can have it too.

  73. My baby is 6 weeks old now, I started her off breastfeeding but I got an infection so I stopped around 4 weeks of age. She has been gassy, hard to burp, common hiccups, and spit ups from the day we brought her home from the hospital. The doctor told me to try gas drops and probiotics while I was breastfeeding but no help. When I switched to formula I tried a sample can of similac sensitive with the drops and probiotics but I saw no improvement. She is now on similac total comfort with gas drops, her gas pain has gone away and it’s easier to burp her but she is spitting up twice as much now even with adding rice cereal.

    Should I try a different formula again or just be happy the gas pain as gone away and deal with all the spit up? It doesn’t seem to bother her and she is gaining weight.

    1. Kaci, I would have her checked out for acid reflux (regular or silent reflux) just to be sure. If the spitting up isn’t affecting her health and she’s gaining weight, than you’ll have to decide if switching and trying a new brand is worth it. On one hand, it’s possible that things will improve. On the other hand, it may take some more time of trial and error before you find the right one. Whatever you decide, try to give each new formula a full week before moving on, it will give you a better picture of what’s working. If you switch too soon, you may find her reactions are leftover from the previous formula. Does that make sense?

    2. Yes that does make sense!
      Since I last posted, her gas pains have came back and she is straining to pass gas and passes it all the time and now having bowel movements every other day when before it was once a day. The stools aren’t hard or anything and are a forest green color. I also notice her having a lot more salvia coming out of her mouth and hear her swallowing it but that might just be normal baby stuff?
      I tried stopping the rice cereal Sunday thinking that was the reason but no improvement. I told the pediatrican about the spitting up when I made an appointment when she was 4 weeks old and at the time her gas pains were gone so he was the one who reccommended rice cereal to try and stay on the formula she is on now. He said that reflux symptoms peak at about 6 weeks of age and didn’t want to give her meds until then. I’m thinking that is what is going on. What do you think? And any recommendations on what fomula to try next?

    3. If she’s refluxing, a hypoallergenic formula may be worth trying (or one of the acid reflux ones above – they are much gentler on the tummy than adding cereal by hand). Or, to avoid spending tons of extra money without needing to, you could try her on a Gentle formula from Similac or Good Start. 🙂

  74. My daughter has chronic reflux, she is now 8 months but at 2 weeks she started projectile vomiting and wasn’t gaining weight, she is now on two different medicines and on thickened formula , we tried just about every kind but when she was put on Enfamil AR it got worse once we put her back on similac sensitive for fussiness and gas with rice added things got better but she has to have her meds but now having problems with BMS that are burning and cause redness n soreness on bottom, she is changed very regularly n always has cream but what would help better? Zantac didn’t help my daughter but Prevacid did it shuts of the valves so the stomach won’t produce so much acidm I would ask doctor to try another medicine

    1. I would suggest talking with your doctor about using a hypoallergenic formula like Nutramigen or Alimentium. It’s possible she may be having an allergic reaction to the formula (the red/sore bottom). Also, studies have shown that reflux babies can oftentimes do better with a hypoallergenic formula. (a href=”http://www.incredibleinfant.com/infant-formula/baby-colic-formula”>See them here.) You could also ask your doctor about how to thicken the hypoallergenic formula by hand – if it’s not thick enough. I hope this can help!

  75. My little boy is 6 weeks old with silent reflux, he has screamed the house down since day 4, which has been heart breaking for us to go through.
    He is obviously in a lot of pain. He was put on losec one week ago and we were told to give him mylanta to relieve him until the medication takes full affect, and although we have seen a change it’s not been a huge one. He’s still in pain.
    He arches his back, throws his head back, pulls his legs up, sometimes screams until he’s purple in the face and hyperventilating. He has frequent hiccups, gulps down air as he drinks his bottles and his breathing is very raspy with a bit of a squeak. He chokes on his bottle about 2-3 times each feed. I can hear his stomach rumble (with air?) as he drink. He dribbles, and his milk spits out the side of his bottles, it’s not the bottles, we’ve tried several different ones. He has a rash on his face and neck that he has had since 2 weeks old. Because he cries so much his devolpment has suffered, he doesn’t baby talk or smile often because he is either asleep (if we’re lucky) or crying.
    I have elivated his cot, we feed him sitting upright, and keep him upright after feeds but it seems to make no difference. He is currently drinking novalac colic formula. Which is reduced lactose and ‘easy to digest’. He has gained weight, but he is a comfort feeder, he will force himself to drink sometimes an hour apart because it’s the only thing he can find to sooth the pain. We’ve tried to give him a dummie but he refuses to take it.
    Do you think this is more than just reflux?

    1. Marina, that poor little darling! (And his exhausted parents!) I would seek a second opinion just to make sure. Perhaps with a pediatric gastrointologist, since it seems so severe. When you do, ask him about how the novalac colic formula compares to a hypoallegernic formula like Alimentium or Nutramigen. Studies have shown that in severe cases like yours, the standard “Reflux formulas” aren’t as helpful as a hypoallergenic formula. I would also ask him about his thoughts over giving your baby probiotic drops (example on Amazon). Recent reflux studies have shown probiotics may be helpful as well. Start there, and keep asking questions. You are in the furnace of parenthood right now Marina, and you’re going to come out as pure gold. He’s a lucky little boy.

  76. My baby boy was diagnosed as a happy spitter at 7 weeks old. I knew from around a day old something was wrong. But the nurses and doctors said to continue the formula because it wasn’t good to switch. So we continued with the same formula but were told to add a teaspoon per oz of formula. He had been eating 3 1/2 oz since he was two months old. Around 2 1/2 months old he become constipated assuming it was the rice cereal which had tremendously helped him. And age has also helped him with his reflux. So I had to lessen his rice cereal to 1/2 teaspoon per 3 oz. And the reflux started back up, you could here it come up in his throat and he reswallows it. He’s battled bad gas and reflux for a while. But instead of his dr changing his formula he started him on Zantac, which I really hate giving him. He’s had 3 doses so far. It seems as if it works the same as the rice cereal. So if I were to take him of his Zantac and try the similac for spit up, do you think it would constipate him, since the rice cereal did? And also we were giving him a little bit of prune baby food because the prune juice hurt his belly with gas, and the doc thought it was too soon, but it worked and helped him poop. Do you think it’s too soon at 4 months for prune food?

    1. Amber, I cannot give you specific medical advice – I can only give thoughts for you to talk over with your doctor. He/she will be your best source of information, since he A) knows more than me B) knows your specific situation and C) can physically examine your baby. That said, if you’re feeling a little hesitant over the advice your doctor is giving you, I WOULD encourage you to feel free to seek a 2nd opinion from another doctor. You don’t have to actually switch doctors. It’s just a confirmation that you’re on the right path (or new medically-advised things to try).

  77. Hi I’m not sure if my son has acid reflex, when he was two months old I told the doctor about my son spitting up almost at every feeding she told me to try enfamil ar it helped he’s not spitting up a lot after every feeding but he spits up milk that looks like cottage cheese like an hour or two after feedings, it doesn’t seem to bother him he sleeps fine, he drools a lot and sucks on his fingers a lot, today I was at the mall when I checked on him he had a chunk of milk like cottage cheese on his bib I got scared cuz other times was just watery, once in a while I’ve noticed that when he sleeps he makes faces like he’s nauseous other than that he’s a happy baby.

    1. Mercedes, I can’t tell you whether that’s acid reflux or not – I simply don’t have the training. It does sound like you’re concerned about it, so I would either call up your doctor and ask him over the phone or bring it up at your next well child visit. He can look down your infant’s throat and let you know if it’s irritated. Then you’ll know if it’s reflux or just the standard spit up. 🙂

  78. Your info is so helpful. Im reading all I can. My issue is I have a ten week old boy with heart failure who started having bloody mucous in his stools. So we switched to alimentum bc doc had samples. It fixed the stool issue but he would not drink more than two ounces…i think bc of taste (tested that theory by offering similac total comfort after alimentum and sure enough he drank another ounce). So now he is on Nutramigen….however he
    now cries with feeding and wiggles so much and does not want to eat. I think he has had silent reflux for awhile and just now is crying about it. We are about to start zantac. Im just wondering if we are on the right track or if a formula swap is needed?

    1. I would stick with whatever your doctor suggests. 10 weeks is still teeny tiny, so go with your gut and talk with your pediatrician. I’m a complete outsider, so your instincts and the doctor’s imput will be much more valuable. I hope the Zantac can help! If you don’t see a change after a few weeks on Zantac, perhaps ask your pediatrician about Prevacid. They treat different parts of the silent reflux, so if the Zantac isn’t working, the Prevacid may be a good backup plan. Hang in there friend!

  79. None of these helped my little one her reflux is so bad that she is already on her second medication and it is even making a difference and I have had her on so many different formulas idk what to do she is now on Nutramagin but its not any better than the ones used for babies who have reflux, gas and colic I feel so bad for her cuz Idk what to do

    1. Kaylynn, I’m so sorry to hear this! Are you seeing a pediatric gastrointologist? Or just a regular family doctor/pediatrician? If you are NOT seeing a pediatric gastrointologist, I would recommend you ask your regular doctor about getting a referral. If she’s tried all these things and is still struggling, it sounds like it’s time to “kick it up to 11” and see a specialist. Pediatric Gastrointologists are like the Dream Team of acid reflux babies. They LIVE AND BREATHE acid reflux, and should be able to get your baby sorted out as quickly as possible!

  80. Hi! I really like the info here! Nice to hear similar histories as mine. My baby is 6 weeks old, and she was spitting up since day one. Some days a lot others days not so much. The doctor said she was fine since she had gained over 2 lbs. since birth (but I’m sure it is because I hold my baby up for at least an hour after every feed). So you can imagine I wasn’t getting any sleep and this make everything even more difficult for everyone. Anyway, the doctor prescribed anti- acid medication and suggest if I wanted to change formula to try the most gentle one. I haven’t tried the medication yet (I’m going to hold on it for now). As she has been taking similac since 2nd day we were in the hospital due to weight lost right after birth and low breast milk supply, I gave her similac – spit up. It has been only 1 day, but I can already see that has helped her! I’m so happy!! I’m not concerned about constipation because I’m also breastfeeding and it seem to keep her stool loose. The formula is a supplement due to low supply as I’ve mentioned, but it is about 60% of her total feeding.
    I hope this help others. Thanks and good luck to all!

    P.s.: similac – spit up has a thicker consistency and I had to use flow #2 nipple in my baby’s bottle because she wasn’t eating on #1, as I was using for similac advance. Much better now.A

    1. That’s wonderful Natalia! Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I’m sure it will be very helpful to other acid reflux parents!

  81. Great post! My baby has reflux and I saw that similac alimentum is a Good option. What are your thoughts between this one and similac spit up? Thanks!

  82. Thank you so much for all of your help and support. There is nothing worse than having this feeling that you are all alone and no one will help you. After refusing to eat the Nutrimigen all day yesterday, I was sick to my stomach about how he was not getting anything to eat. By 9:00 at night he was screaming from being so exhausted and I’m assuming starving. He was sucking on absolutely everything! So even though the doctor wanted him to be on the Nutrimigen for at least 5 days, I just couldn’t stand the thought of him not eating and had to try and get him to eat something else. So I started with breastmilk. At first he would suck vigorously like he was starving and then by the second gulp would scream. I just kept at it and kept putting it back in his mouth and eventually he started sucking and swallowing without crying and ate 4 ounces. So determining whether he has an allergy or not went right out the window, but I was happy he ate something. He did “sleep eat” 2 more times in the night, but refused again all morning. So I did take him back to the doctor today and she was not very helpful at all. He lost 3 ounces in 3 days and has lost almost an entire pound in 2 weeks. She doesn’t want to change his reflux meds due to new research how it affects his stomach later on in life. She doesn’t want me changing formulas again, at least for a while. So she wants me to stick with the Good Start Gentle and thickening it even more than I tried before. She even tried to feed him while I was there and he just kept turning away and pushing the nipple out with his tongue. He ate 2 ounces, which is the most I can ever get him to eat, but it was literally force feeding him. She said some babies are just like that (What??? I don’t think so… and he never was before.) Since he wasn’t crying she said she really didn’t think it was his reflux that was keeping him from eating. He just has “baby ADD,” which she followed up with “Not that there is such a thing, but he is just too interested in what is going on around him.” Anyway, I obviously know this which is why I always try and feed him in a quiet room with no distractions, or the complete opposite and get him focused on one thing so that he doesn’t know he is eating. She did agree to refer him to a GI specialist since he is losing weight. So I guess that is where I’m at. I really don’t know if he is in pain or not. It’s so hard to tell because he gets so mad when I try to feed him that he might be crying because I’m trying to force him to eat! It’s so hard to tell. I’m just going to keep trying to get him to eat until he gets in to see the specialist. Again, I can’t thank you enough for all the information on your site and for responding with such helpful, SUPPORTIVE, feedback. Your kind words brought tears to my eyes. Thank you!

    1. Although I hate to bring tears….I’m glad you felt encouraged. 🙂 I think you’re doing exactly the right things. It sounds like, though, you don’t feel 100% confident in your pediatrician. If that’s true, I would encourage you to ask around and perhaps consider switching to a new doctor who can support you in the parenting adventure. I’m not a fan of switching doctors for tiny things, but if you don’t feel cared for or confident in your doctor’s care for you it’s time to look around. Much care to you friend!

  83. Hi there,
    I’ve been reading your site for a few weeks now and I have found it to be so helpful! Thank you so much for all the information you have provided and for taking the time to help so many desperate mommies like me! My son will be 5 months old this week. When he was 3 weeks old he was diagnosed with colic and since my older son had it, I knew all too well what we were in for. So I dealt with the screaming and prayed for the day it would stop. Well, I started to notice a difference between this baby and my older son. He was spitting up a lot, lots of juicy burps, and NEVER slept. He would wake up screaming every 20 minutes at night and during his naps during the day. So the doctor said he had reflux and put him on Ranitidine. It did seem to help with the spitting up, but not the rest. I also did 2 weeks no dairy, just to rule out a milk allergy. It didn’t make any difference. He was not very good at nursing from the start, but I blamed that on my overactive letdown and oversupply of milk. He would choke and gag constatly, even if I pumped before feeding him and I always used a nipple shield because he just could not handle the flow. Well at 10 weeks, he started refusing to nurse. He would arch his back and scream. So after a week of him not eating, I decided to pump exclusively and give him a bottle. This did go a lot better, but we still struggled with him crying during and after feeding time, but he was at least eating! So a week before he turned 4 months I decided to introduce formula at night because not only was I exhausted from the non-stop crying, but the not sleeping, and pumping around the clock was taking its toll on me. I had a lot of milk stored in the freezer so I figured if I gave him formula at night and breastmilk during the day, he would be getting breastmilk for a while longer and I could stop pumping. So i started with the Enfamil for supplementing and he did very well with it. Actually, the day after he turned 4 months, the crying had stopped. (The doctor said because he outgrew the colic.) Well I wasn’t sure if he could stay on the supplementing formula forever. It doesn’t say on the can and I couldn’t find it online. So I figured I could move on to a formula he could stay on. We used the Parent’s Choice gentle with my older son so after doing the supplement formula for a week and a half, that’s the direction I went (but I just did the premium, not the gentle). He did well on this at first. He was eating like crazy, but I assumed he was just going through the 4 month growth spirt. Then after about a week and a half, he started crying about 2 ounces into his bottle and then vomiting. So after several days of this, I started searching the internet for help. That’s when I found your site. So after reading so many of your articles and their comments, I decided to switch him to Good Start Gentle. The day I did this I did take him to the doctor and she thought that was a good choice but she also upped his reflux medicine. Well the throwing up stopped, but now he was just refusing to eat after 1-2 ounces and still spitting up and crying after feedings. So after being on this for a week I took him back to the doctor because he was still refusing the eat. The most I could get him to eat was 15 ounces in a 24 hour period, and most of that was only if he was asleep! So she switched him to Nutrimigen and said she wants to rule out a milk allergy before she tries switching his reflux meds. I have to call her after he’s been on it for 5 days and let her know how it is going. He has been on that for 3 days now and there has been no change. I still can’t get him to eat and he is still spitting up the little bit I can get him to eat and crying after. On a side note, I still have breastmilk to give him, but when he started this whole spitting up everything and refusing to eat, I stopped offering it because he just wasted it. So my thought is that his esophagus is sore and he now has a food aversion due to pain. So after I talk to the doctor, I’m thinking I will have to change him to Enfamil AR, but I’m not sure how to go from Nutrimigen to AR without completely throwing his digestive system for a loop. Do I follow that same mixing procedures when switching between formulas that you have described on your site? I know he will become constipated, as he was constipated on the parent’s choice. Do you have any suggestions for me at this point? This refusing to eat is extremely stressful and I think I’m going to ask his pediatrition to be refer him to a GI specialist. I don’t know how to get my baby boy to ever want to eat again. I did try mixing rice cereal with the Good Start gentle at my doctors recommendation, but he still wouldn’t eat much and spit up even worse. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!

    1. Lindsay, thank you so much for taking the time to write out your comment and share your story. What a wild ride you’ve been on! Despite this difficulty, I verbally cheered you (yes, out loud) when I read this sentence, “So my thought is that his esophagus is sore and he now has a food aversion due to pain.” This sentence ALONE just shows what great mommy-instincts you have! That is exactly what I was going to say. I also want to high-five your instincts on seeking a GI specialist referral. It seems to me that this is the next logical step in his treatment.

      I had a few thoughts to share with you – PLEASE go over these with your doctor before changing anything. The doctor is your best friend when it comes to helping your son get past these difficulties!

      1. Regarding the food aversion, there is such a thing as “food therapy” for babies who have stopped eating because of reflux. Obviously, though, you can’t do that until the pain is better controlled. I think a specialist may be your next best step.

      2. Regarding switching to AR, AR is really just a pre-thickened formula. There’s a toss up between which is better “pre-thickened formula” or “hypoallergenic formulas” when working with reflux. So I would discuss those two options more with your doctor (or GI specialist). Do you switch to the AR? Or do you just thicken the Nutramigen with rice cereal by hand?

      3. If he gets constipated, try adding a little prune juice to the bottle. (Ask the doctor about the amount of prune juice, I honestly can’t remember at the top of my head.)

      4. Finally, recent studies have shown promise with reflux by giving probiotic drops (like these on Amazon). That’s another option worth considering!

      You have suffered through it all, and yet you are still pushing forward for answers. I’m virtually hugging you right now! You’re doing such a great job at being his wonderful loving mother!

  84. My 4 week old LO was just put on Zantac 1.5ml 2x a day for four days so far. He is extremely fussy all day still spitting up quite a lot. The spit up doesn’t seem to bother him as much as the gas and pain he’s in always arching his back when he eats. We had him on enfamil newborn in the hospital for supplementation while breastfeeding due to issues with jaundice. Then noticing he was spitting up a lot and fussy tried enfamil AR which he seemed to do well with but started to have real trouble pooping and when he did it was explosive. Not sure if it was the formula or the breastfeeding. The Dr. Advised to stop the AR and let the Zantac work. So far it’s been four days on the medicine and he crys all day. I took some advice from this site and started him on Gerber Soothe formula, will try this for a week. I don’t want to completely stop breastfeeding maybe it something I’m eating that makes him have so much gas and be in pain. I’m at my breaking point with the constant crying and it seems he only wants to be held. I feel so bad for him that I can’t tell how to make him feel better.

    1. Susan, some studies have shown that eliminating dairy from a breastfeeding mom’s diet can help with reflux and gas. Before you throw in the breastfeeding, you could try that and see if it helps. Also, you could talk to your doctor about adding a little prune juice to perhaps counteract the constipation from the AR.

      I know this is SUCH a hard time for you guys, but know that you’re doing exactly what a good mom does. You hold him, try to help him, ask a TON of questions, try new things…all signs of loving and wonderful parents. 🙂 You may not be able to fix things right away, but you’re not giving up.

      How has the Soothe done? Any better?

  85. Hi! Thank you for this article. I had twins two weeks ago. They were born at 34 weeks and 5 days. One is eating and doing great. The second has still to gained her birth weight back. The pediatrician put her on alimentium with rice cereal in her bottle and axid today. Won’t this be too hard on her stomach. She is still 3 weeks early. I don’t want to cause more problems. Thank you.

    1. Katie, I can’t argue with a doctor’s suggestion. They are WAAAAY smarter than I am. 🙂 However, if you feel concerned there’s nothing wrong with seeking a 2nd opinion. Even if that’s not with another doctor, you could try a nurse’s hotline or something. I have no formal medical training, so as much as I’d love to help you with this issue, I can’t say anything that would be worth listening to. You need to speak to our well trained doctors and nurses on this one. *hugs*

  86. This article was quite informative and I absolutely appreciate the time you put into sharing such valuable information. I have a little girl turning 5 months in about a week. I was strictly breast feeding her at birth but noticed she kept spitting up. Being that she’s my third child, I thought I could surely master the situation but have failed greatly thus far. I kept her propped up, even use the rock n play for her to sleep in, tried a papasan swing, a wedge under her mattress, burped her during and after feedings but was still not succeeding. Her weight gain was right on track so the doc said not to worry. I took her to another doc and explained that I can hear it coming up in her throat, her eyes well up with tears, and she begins gulping very hard before a spit up. She said it was certainly reflux. So I had to stop breastfeeding at 3 months which was very hard for me. We went straight to the AR formula and saw no change. The doc also prescribed Zantac but still no change. Sometimes it comes up and she just swallows it quietly and tearfully but mostly she actually spits up. Sometimes she spits up a clear frothy slimy substance but most of the time it is white and milky, sometimes even curdled. I do not let her be jostled in any way and have not noticed any difference in waiting 30 minutes after a feed or an hour and a half. It just always comes back up no matter how still or propped up I may keep her. As she has gotten older she has been harder to keep as still after a feeding as she wants to kick and roll around. She never eats more than 4 oz at a time either which has in some cases led to more frequent feedings, sometimes every 2-3 hours. Her poo is sometimes mushy but at times so solid and difficult for her to pass that I have to help her with a q-tip and Vaseline and a happy distraction as she works on it. Her belly seems tight at times as well and she is an absolutely pleasant baby but gets irritable after feeding, straightening her legs and fussing, sometimes gassy as well. As for her sleep patterns- she sleeps mostly all night with an occasional feeding once a night at times. I have introduced her to cereal and a few homemade whole veggies and fruits run through the beaba baby cook and she enjoys it but doesn’t want very much of it at this point. I give her a small amount of diluted prune juice once a day as well to assist with the constipation but still cannot get everything sorted out. I hope this was not an overbearing post but I am desperate to solve this for her and help her become more comfortable and less likely to spit up. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated 🙂 thank you for reading 🙂

    1. Leah, firstly I’m so sad to hear this story! And that you had to stop breastfeeding! That is a bitter blow, my friend. 🙁 My suggestion at this point is to go back to your doctor (or see a pediatric gastrointologist – who specalizes in these things) and ask him about using Prevacid or something like it. Zantac is commonly used because it can be used long term. It makes the acid less acid-y. Prevacid is often used as back up plan, because it actually helps reduce the amount of acid being produced in the first place. They won’t want it on her long term (because they body actually needs the acid!) but sometimes it can be helpful in the waiting game, since much of this is just waiting for your baby to get a little older and more physically mature. I would go back and seek his opinion on this option. You may want to share that you’re concerned about long-term eating struggles and want to avoid that if possible. Namely, we don’t want her to associate eating with pain. If she does, we can overcome it, but it takes a lot of work. Best to avoid it if possible. I hope this can help Leah, hang in there. You are a little further down this path than you were, and that’s a good thing. Every inch towards a solution helps!

  87. Hey I have a question, my son who is going on 7 weeks his pediatrician diagnosed him with milk/soy intolerance I have him on alimentum for about 3 weeks now as well as Zantac for acid reflux. He seemed to be doing well these past 5 days finally not colicky or pains in his belly so today I tried putting oatmeal baby cereal in his bottle like the doc said because he eats about 32oz+ a day and I find that he had a lot of pains today.. I want to know should I try it again or wait until he’s a bit older. I hate to see him in pain but I also find he’s eating way too much i just don’t know what to do.

    1. Sara, firstly I would share this with your doctor, so he knows what’s going on and can give you some suggestions to try. One option is to use rice cereal instead of the oatmeal. Oatmeal can be hard for some babies to digest. Also, if this continues to be an issue, you could also try one of the pre-thickened formulas mentioned above. Hang in there Sara! You’re being a great mom. It’s hard to know what to do sometimes, he’s just so little and you’re just getting to know each other! That said, you’re doing everything you SHOULD be doing: finding answers and comforting anyway you can. He’s blessed to have you!

  88. So glad I stumbled upon this! It’s comforting to know that we’re not alone. Here is my dilemma. My daughter is one month old. I was breastfeeding and supplementing with Similac for supplementation. At about two weeks she started spitting up a lot and forcefully. She would grunt and strain until it came up. Burping was almost impossible. Bowel movements were normal. Took her to the doctor and they diagnosed aid reflux and started her on .5 teaspoon Zantac. Worked for about three to four days. Called doc, switched the formula to Similac for spit up, stopped Zantac. She threw it up as soon as it hit her belly. Strictly breastfed for a couple of days, still straining and grunting and excessive spit up. Called the doc, they thought dairy allergy. (Brief history-my seven year of has a compromised immune system due to severe allergies, he has the immune system of a three or four year old. When diagnosed at two his food allergies included dairy, oat, legumes, tomato, coconut, sesame seeds, onion and all nuts, we were told by his immuneologist that our newest addition would probably have food allergies but there was no way of knowing what they would be) Anyway, started on similac soy exclusively per docs orders. I continued to pump. Instant difference! Well that didn’t last! I was asked to eliminate dairy from my diet. I had gastric bypass and rely on protein shake and bars for a good portion of my nutrition. So I stopped pumping, cried, dumped about 30 ounces of milk from my freezer and cried some more. Now it almost seems just as bad if not worse than when it all started. I’m at a loss. She still strains and grunts a lot. Her bm’s are sticky and sometimes a little hard. She does burp better now but is spitting up more and more. She’s gaining weight good. I thought maybe we were over feeding her so we cut back. I’ve snuck and nursed her at it doesn’t seem to make things better or worse. Wondering if it really is a dairy allergy or acid reflux or ??? Please help!

    1. Jessica, it’s often hard to stop breastfeeding. Especially if you feel you have to stop before you planned. That said, be encouraged that everyone stops at some point…so you’re no less a “good mom” because you stopped early. You sound like a great, attentive mother. Did the doctor check to see if there was blood in the stool? (A common dairy allergy sign). Another thing that doctors will suggest is to give your baby probiotic drops with L. Reuteri in them (here’s some on Amazon). Those have shown to help babies with colic and reflux signs. I would also take your story back to your doctor and get his thoughts about switching from Zantac (which makes the spitup less acidic) to an inhibitor like Prevacid or Prilosec (which actually prevents the spitting up. Prevacid and Prilosec have some side effects, and they’re only short term solutions, but it may be a helpful conversation to have with your doctor. You may also want to discuss using a hypoallergenic formula like Alimentum or Elecare or one of those, if the thickened formulas don’t seem to be helping. Hope this can give you some encouragement, Jessica! You’re doing a great job!

  89. Heather,

    Love your site. Thank you so much for providing such great information.

    My little guy is 20 weeks. He does not have reflux, but he spits up constantly. He is a happy spitter, I’d say. I’ve tried to figure out if there is something in particular causing the spit (feeding position, type of bottle, etc.) – but I can’t notice any patterns.

    Sometimes he spits (lots) right after his bottle, and he also can still spit up hours later (curdled spit, yuck). We are currently on Kirkland (Costco) house brand basic formula, which is comparable to Similac Advance. He has been on this formula for about 3 months now, but the spit up has really increased in the last month.

    While I’m super glad he’s not in pain, I am going crazy with the spit up. Today, we went through 10 bibs and 8 outfits in 12 hours!

    My questions:
    1. Do you think that non-reflux baby who spits a lot could benefit from either Enfamil AR or Similac Spit Up?
    2. I normally mix bottles as I go (right before feeding baby) using room temperature water. Do you think there’d be any benefit in pre-mixing and using a bottle warmer? It just occurred to me that perhaps that may have an effect?

    1. Katie, so glad that you’re find the website helpful! It’s very common for spitting up to get worse between the 4th and 5th month. I think you’re instincts to give the thickened formula a try make a lot of since. While it’s good that the spitting up isn’t irritating his esophagus, thickening the formula may cut down on the problem. I would experiment with your pre-mixing and warming idea and see what happens. Try it without for a week, and then try it the other way the next week and see what happens. 🙂 (Let us know if you notice a difference! Other parents may want to give that a try as well.

  90. Hi,

    So my daughter is 3 months old today. She has already had an upper GI done which proved her reflux but confirmed that there is nothing else wrong with her in terms of things being twisted or getting backed up etc.

    We started her on similac sensitive because my other 2 were on special ones, nutramigen and alimentum. So we tried the sensitive which I thought she was ok but then started having issues so we put her on Similac Soy. She seemed to be ok with that but her spit up was projectile at least 3 times a day and I was constantly worried about her choking on it since she had choked once before. So the doctor decided to put her on Alimentum. We also went through Zantac which helped for about 2 wks. Then we changed her to prilosec. She is still on it but still having major problems with the spit up and choking. We must change her outfit like 4-5 times a day just because of how much she soaks her bibs/outfits. I know spit up is normal for babies but I am not sure if this is excessive or not.

    I can’t change brands of formula because we are on WIC and they only work with similac and that is it. The doctor has also said, do 1 tsp of cereal for every 4 oz of milk. Ok well she went from drinking 5 oz of Soy every 4 hrs to now doing 4oz of alimentum every 4 hrs. She was having spit up problems so the doc said to do 2 tsps of cereal for the 4 oz of alimentum. But the problem with this is..it isn’t working and she is still insanely constipated.

    I have not gotten any sleep. Yes I know infants are supposed to wake up at night but she wakes up every three hours for the next bottle. We feed her, it takes an hour to put her down because of the reflux and then she is out for the next three hours. This is her night. During the day it is sometimes the same and some times she doesn’t sleep at all. She sleeps in her swing because she can’t lay flat and hates her crib despite the mattress being raised. She can’t sleep with me because then I won’t get any bit of sleep at all.

    Needless to say I don’t want to resort to surgery to fix this problem. That is not an option in my book. But I am in desperate need of sleep but also in need of figuring out a good solution so she can sleep and be comfortable.

    1. Wow Alison! You’ve certainly had a crazy stressful few months! I can’t speak specifically about her GI issues, since I don’t have a medical degree. My encouragement with that area is to to discuss those concerns with your doctor, and if you feel you aren’t going anywhere with that, feel comfortable to seek a 2nd opinion.

      I would let her sleep wherever she sleeps and don’t feel a second of guilt about it. Right now, the goal should be 1) work through her reflux issues more with your doctor so she’s eating better and spitting up less and 2) Survive, doing whatever it takes to get as much sleep as you possibly can. They do have these special bean bags that help babies sleep sitting up (but help wean away from getting addicted to swinging). You could try one of those. These months are insanely hard, and although I’m sure it feels hopeless at times, you are, every day, pulling a little closer to the edge of the pool. Keep trudging through…and you’ll start to feel the sand beneath your toes at the shore. And of course, me and the other Incredible Infant readers are here to encourage you. (hugs!)

  91. I have a 3 week old baby girl. Just last week at her 2 week old check up her doctor told me she had GERD. Her doctor gave me enfamil A.R to try it has helped with the spitting up but got really constipated and she was having trouble pooping. I ran out of milk and gave her similac advance what I have been giving her since she was born. I Don’t know if it’s still the GERD or because I switched her milk I have tried the orange similac for fussiness and gas but I just don’t know what I can do to help her not be in pain. She constantly cries at night and arches her back and spits up. It’s normal for baby’s to spit up but I’m not sure how much is normal. Do you think changing bottles would help or is it the milk??? I am scared to keep trying different milks because if her little sensitive stomach. Please help me I would really appreciate your advice!!

    1. My guess is the Similac isn’t thick enough to stay in her tummy so she’s spitting it up and it’s burning her throat. (Heartbreaking!) My suggestion is to go back to the AR and talk with your doctor about different strategies to help with the constipation, like perhaps adding a little prune juice (1tsp) to the bottle to help. But I would definitely talk to him about that, she’s very little, so any adjustments should have a doctor’s approval. Then, if you run out of AR again, ask your doctor if you can thicken the Similac by hand with a little rice cereal. You’ll want to stir it in, with a spoon, and avoid shaking the bottle (which creates air bubbles babies can swallow). He can again help you with the specific amount of rice cereal. Hope this can help, Yolanda. You’re doing a fantastic job being her mother. Hang in there. (hugs!)

  92. Hi! Your site is my new addiction! It is so helpful and well written! (And it gives me a few chuckles when I’m up all hours of the night! The Muppets and breastfeeding…pure genius, and of course I have an Animal!) And of course my little guy has an issue…or two, or maybe more in my sleep deprived paranoid mind. He has recently been diagnosed with silent reflux (as my first son had it as well…he also had a milk protein allergy, but unlike my seven week old term baby he was born at 28 weeks…not sure if either of these could be genetic or just coincidence?) This is such a guessing game for me this time…I had a while NICU staff addressing all issues before. Anywho…my seven week old is breastfed and supplemented with formula (originally Enfamil newborn, then gentlease, and transitioned to Gerber soothe two days ago.) Besides the reflux, he is very gassy and fussy and cries out frequently in his sleep (a few times an hour.) What could be causing this? My ped seems to think th Gerber formula will help address this…I’m trying to be patient as I know it takes some time to work, but Momma is going back to teaching soon and I need some sleep too (our longest stretch without crying out has been 45 mins!) My kids will eat me for breakfast I’m this zombie like (no, literally they may…who’s bright idea was it to assign Lord of the Flies while I was on leave?!) Any suggestions would be tremendously appreciated!!

    1. LOL – Thanks Jenn! I’m always happy to hear I can make other people (besides myself, husband, and parents) chuckle. 🙂 As for the formula, I would stay on the Soothe for at least a week before switching, that will make sure any reactions are due to the Soothe and not the residuals to previous formulas. Also, do you have him sleeping on an incline? There’s a “U” trick I shared in this post that shares how to incline the crib mattress slightly without having him roll to the bottom like a cute sliding caterpillar. If after a week you’ve seen no improvements, talk to your doctor about using one of the prethickened formulas above.

      BTW, you get 50 bonus points for two excellently linked references – zombie with Lord of the Flies…LOL. (Are you always this much fun when exhausted? 🙂 Very thankful to have you part of our little community, tucked in an obscure corner of the Internet! 🙂

  93. My son is almost 3 months. We have been on several formulas from similac advanced to similac sensitive, to similac soy, then nutramigen, now on evecare. Plus been on 3 past medicine and now on 2 different ones. He fights to eat…be gags, pushes it away, and screams. I know he dont like the formula. He sees a specialist for acid reflux. He still throws up, regurgitates, screams, but wants to be happy. He also has problems with constipation. What can we try next? Maybe we can get the doctor to try…I’m tired of my baby being sick. Plus I can’t leave him with a babysitter due to I don’t trust they will see him choking in his sleep because it’s silent so I’m not working still…Please help!

    1. Lisa, I would strongly encourage you to go back to your doctor and tell him these things aren’t working and you need a new treatment plan. If it seems that’s going no-where, look for a second opinion. If you can, look into seeing a pediatric gastrointologist – they have MUCH more experience in these types of situations than a normal family doctor or pediatrician. There are answers out there, we just have to push until we find them. There is hope, my friend. Keep being the awesome advocate your little man needs. I know it’s exhausting and discouraging, but you are fighting a good fight here for him. He’s very blessed to have you.

  94. I have a question! So happy I found this and read everything. My LO is 10 weeks (5 week gestational) and has been on nutramigen due to allergies she experienced with other formulas. I honestly can not tell if she is just colicky or has silent reflux. It’s not every feeding but some feedings (usually evening or early am) she will drink a couple ounces and then scream and take awhile to finish. Also sometimes (usually when she’s awake between feedings) she will act like she’s starving 2 hrs later. She will cry off and on. I thought at first it was mostly afternoon and evening but just depends. She does have a cough here and there and seems stuffy constantly. Gets the hiccups a good bit. And she spits up when burped almost every time. Sometimes she is easy to burp. Sometimed very difficult. But she does pass gas quit often! I asked doc this week and they said to just watch to see how she is. Whether it gets better or worse jn next couple weeks. But I don’t want her in pain :/ so I can confused on which it could be. Considering its not every feeding etc. Any input is very much appreciated! Thanks

    1. Ashley, I would seek a second opinion. Some of those symptoms could be linked to acid reflux. I would see what another doctor says, if it is medication might be able to help. You could try one of the thickened formulas above, but I would wait until your doctor has looked him over first. If he has allergy issues, you don’t want to switch only to discover that the thicker formula triggers an allergy, and wasn’t needed in the first place. 🙂

  95. My son is almost 3 months old. He was diagnosed with silent reflux. I am looking for the best formula for him. He is currently on Prevacid 7.5 mg solutabs. I have tried Similac Advance, Similac Sensitive, Gerber Good Start and Similac Alimentum. He seems to do the best on the Similac Advance. However, it seems like he wants to eat all the time. Sometimes drinking up to 7 ounces at night. I know this can be because of the reflux. He doesn’t really ever spit up. He is a happy baby unless he is feeding. Then he kicks his legs like crazy and turns his head from side to side but is still hungry. It makes feedings frustrating for both of us. I am scared to try the Similac for spit up due to the chance do constipation. He isn’t a very good pooper on any formula. Do you think this formula would work for silent reflux and worth a try? He starts daycare in 2 weeks and I sure would like to see him better at feedings when I take him there.

    Thank you,

    1. Jodi, I can’t say for certain that it will work for silent reflux, but I can share that I know that it has worked for other reflux babies. As for the constipation…oftentimes that is something you can work on. Like adding some prune juice to every bottle, or other techniques to help keep things softer. I would discuss your idea to switch over to spit up with your doctor, and get his thoughts on your constipation concerns. Then follow the mobster’s advice to slowly do a switch, if you decide to. He also could be going through a growth spurt (common at 12 weeks) and is eating more than normal because of that. Did his hungry-all-the-time appetite peak recently? Hope this can help!

  96. Hi
    My little girl, two months old, has reflux. She was diagnosed with reflux as she started vomiting after almost every meal when she was 4 weeks old. We started AR formula and the vomiting stopped however all the symptoms of reflux continued. Reflux turned into silent reflux And I could hear her re-swallow milk.
    The pediatrician then suggested a hypoallergenic formula. We started using it and the vomiting started again. As soon as we put her to sleep she would start chocking. I had to hold her during the day and during the night in my arms. She slept on me as she would wake up and cry when placed on her back.
    I suppose the reason is that the hypoallergenic formula is not thickened. My husband and I panicked with all the vomiting and decided to try another AR formula after only two days. She now seems to have silent reflux again! I am wondering if we gave up on the hypoallergenic formula too quickly.. ? How much time should we give for it to work? Please let me know what you think, my little one is suffering 🙁
    Thank you

    1. Anna! How scary and exhausting! I would ask your doctor if you could either A) mix in a little of the AR formula with some of the hypoallergenic formula or B) hand thicken the hypoallergenic just a little with rice cereal. Ask your doctor how much he would recommend you add to get the right consistency. See what he thinks of those options. Keep trying things! Not only does it increase your chances of finding a solution that works, it will give you a sense of hope through this difficult time.

  97. Hi my daughter is 4 mo old and I suspect she may have silent reflux. We put her straight away on soy formula since she was born and has always been a fussy baby which I assumed was just colic. She’s been less fussy but still spits up a lot- like 2 hrs after a bottle she’s still spitting up. Also putting her to sleep is such a battle. She screams and cries until you get her in a right position and Is constantly swallowing and getting herself upset. She cries a lot when pooping but it comes out creamy and she only poops 1-2x a day. I’m thinking of switching her to dairy formula but wanted to know if you thought it would make a difference? Also does it sound like reflux?

    1. Maggie, it does sound a little like silent reflux to me. I would try one of the formulas above, that are pre-thickened and see if those help. They are designed to thicken up in the tummy so they’re harder for her to spit up. She doesn’t sound constipated (since it’s creamy). Also, some babies only poop 1-2x a day, and some babies poop every OTHER day, and some babies not for SEVERAL days. Use the consistency as your guide – if it’s harder than peanut butter add a little prune juice to help soften things up in her bottle. Hope this can help!

  98. Im trying to find what is best for my LO. He is 5 weeks old. When he was born he started with enamel newborn since i had a lot of trouble nursing and he did fine with that until he was 2 and a half weeks old. He was diagnosed with GERD and was put on zantac 2x a day. He was never a heavy spitter and does not consistantly spit up his meals. He is wheezy and grunts and snorts most of the time, usually around feeding or after, frequent hiccups, fussy and extremly gassy. I have tried a couple formulas since:gerber soy which was recommended by his pedi. He spit up occasionally with that but stopped pooping. we have been giving him prune juice as directed but does not always help which makes him uncomfortable. He does not cry very often, just whimpers and and is super fidgety and strains to try and poop. We have also tried similac sesitive but he is the same on this one as well.Our pedi also had us try nutremigen but we are not positive he has a milk protien allergy and I dont think he is colic even though he is fussier at night. We tried it today and he struggled taking an oz- spitting it out, and shaking his head, and did not take the bottle at all. Im wondering if we should try enfamil AR because it is thicker but wondering if it will help with his reflux. What are your thoughts? He has not been diagnosed with a milk allergy.

    1. Kelly, I think your instincts are good. Try the AR and see if that helps. The thicker formula may really help him. If that doesn’t help, the Plan B I would suggest is Good Start Soothe. It’s the most gentle non-hypoallergenic on the market. Then let me know if we need to come up with a Plan C. Hang in there!

  99. Hello –
    I am almost certain my 1 mo old daughter has silent reflux. She is incredibly fussy when she is awake which most of the time is for feedings. She gets the hiccups pretty much after every feeding. She does spit up from time to time and when she does, it isn’t much. She will only sleep on her belly or propped up on my husband or I. Oddly, sometimes she just likes to lay on her back on the floor. She has no problem drinking a bottle as I’ve heard lots of moms say the baby turns there head to the bottle. The ped prescribed he generic zantac, 2x per day at .5 mL each time. It seemed like it was helping her a few days in and doesn’t seem to be helping anymore. I put her on nutramigen yesterday and it seemed like it was making her even more unhappy so I went back to gentlease. What do you suggest? Should we try Enfamil AR along with the zantac?

    1. Mary, I think you’re instincts are good. I would try the Enfamil AR or the Similac for Spit Up and see if that helps. But firstly I would try Good Start Soothe – it’s very gentle and less expensive. See how that affects her, then use the AR and Similac for Spit Up as your Plan B and C. This will get better, Mary!

    2. Thank you! Less than 24 hours on the gerber soothe and (knock on wood) her temperament has changed so much. She slept longer in between feedings last night too!

  100. Our 6 week old is battling what appears to be silent reflux – minimal to no spit up, wailing cries during burps, congestion, that “phlegmy” sound in his throat, hiccups, etc. He is a happy baby for the most part, but his cries during and after feedings kills me. He is formula fed thanks to breastfeeding issues. He was on Similac Advanced but that made him terribly fussy. He’s on Similac Sensitive but that doesn’t do anything for reflux. The pedi told me to try switching formulas, so I’m planning to try Similac for Spit Up. I’m concerned, however, about the constipation factor. I had tried Babys Only Organic formula between the Similacs and he was backed up so badly he got a fissure. In an effort to possibly reduce the constipation that may come with the Similac Spit Up, can I mix it with Sensitive? Or would that not help at all for reflux or constipation? He has daily (usually) poops now.

    1. Kristina, I would try the Similac for Spit Up, but I would add a little bit (1 teaspoon) of prune juice in his bottle once or twice a day, then see how the poops go. If they seem a little runnier than normal, cut back on the prune juice. If they seem a little harder- pebbly, then add the prune juice to his next bottle and see what happens. That way hopefully we can take care of the spit up AND the constipation in one go. Let me know if it’s not working though, and we’ll come up with a new plan.

  101. Hi, my baby will be 4 months this Thursday. She is on nutramigen because she was diagnosed with colic. She also takes medicine for eacid reflux and has been deemed a Happy Spitter. The nutramigen deff helped her colic and her sensitive tummy. I rarely have to give her gas drops anymore. But after 4 months of happy spitting I just want it to stop! She spits up 24 /7 …first its milk colored then when its almost time for her to eat again its all clear but doesn’t bother her. Should I mix her nutramigen half and half with the AR?? I’m just so scared to try anything new because she is doing so good with her tummy and gas issues on the nutramigen. Should I just suck itup and continue to change her bib 20 tines a day??? TThanks for your help!

    1. Chris, what if you added just a teaspoon or two of rice cereal to the Nutramigen? That would thicken it up a little more and perhaps make the spitting up decrease. Give that a try and see what happens. *fingers crossed!*

  102. We had tremendous success with the Similac for Spit Up. However, at the time we used it (with my now 2 1/2 year old) the powder form had been recalled so only ready to feed was available. EXPENSIVE!!! When the powder formula was available again, we tried it but it was difficult to get it to mix well. So, we just decided to bite the bullet and pay an arm and a leg for the ready to feed. It was a ton of money over the months but we decided it was well worth it for the baby to be happy (and for us to keep our sanity). 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing that Tricia! I’m amazed at how many parents have found the Ready-to-Feed premixed formulas to work better than the powdered. Thanks for adding your input!

  103. Thanks Heather! What is the sleep shuffle? Right now I am still doing the enfamil AR and I started giving him his medicine again at 230am because he seemed in pain? He has spit up a little more today but not as much as before. Do the medication and AR formula cancel each other out? Lots of great tips on constipation too! When he takes a tub (every other night) I give him a baby massage and rub his belly. I always do the bicycle with his legs and it seems to help. Today he got his peaches and oatmeal and had a huge BM so that was good!!! I just hate seeing my little man in pain! He is sitting up better so I’m hoping this reflux will start to go away! Thank for all your info 🙂 love your blog!

  104. She takes the Gerber Soothe well and had no trouble for about a week. She then started spitting up a little but I didn’t think much of it. She spits up very frequently now. It’s not projectile, but it’s with every burp and even hours after she eats she’s spitting up multiple times. She is SO miserable and we’re hardly getting any sleep.

  105. Hello! So I exclusively breastfed until my Son was 3 months. He has always thrown up and the Dr diagnosed him with Acid reflux at like 4 weeks old. He was on zantac that didn’t work so he switched it to axid. (Sp) at 3 months Dr had me give him a bottle with cereal mixed in it because maybe my breast milk was too thin. This worked for a little until I could no longer keep up with producing then milk my son needed. I tried everything to up my production. So I had to switch to formula. I put him on similac sensitive and he did okay then started spitting up a ton. Also he gets constipated a lot so we have been giving him prune juice since like 2 months. I just started him on enfamil AR and he is still spitting up a lot( not as much) but still a lot. Also I noticed he spit up a lot more when I get him his medicine too so I stopped giving him it for a day and he spits up less. He has been eating solids too since 4 months and he is now 5 months old. Also he was starting to sleep through the night and since I switched to the AR he is back waking up at 3am to eat. I dont know what to do. Do I switch his formula? Do I give him his medicine? What about the constipation? Everytime I give him prune juice he basically spits it all up. I tried the prunes baby food today and he was Puking everywhere so I don’t think he can handle that well. Help!

    1. Jenna, firstly, you clearly are doing a great job problem solving what could be causing him troubles and then trying “fixers”. That’s totally awesome. 🙂 Here’s what the options sound like to me: Combo #1: Give him Similac Sensitive plus medication = sleeps through night better, but spits up a lot. Combo #2: Give him AR and drop the medication = spits up less, consistently wakes up at 3am to feed. Combo #3: Try Good Start Soothe with medication = ????

      If you choose Combo #2 – try the Sleep Shuffle instead of feeding him at 3am, and see if you can wean him off that feeding. If you CAN, it seems Combo #2 may be your lucky winner.

      Now about the constipation…congratulations. I’m about to do something I vowed I would NEVER DO on this website. I’m going to link to an article on my OLD GERIATRIC website that I haven’t touched in years. I’m warning you, it’s hideously ugly, very disorganized, and should have a bright yellow “NEWBIE” printed across the top….but I’m trusting you can over look all that because some of the articles are actually really helpful, and until I get that subject written up here on this website it will have to do. 🙂 So click here and read about the various ways you can treat constipation at home and then give some of those a try.

  106. Hi there! I’ve been reading everything on your site and I’m desperate for some insight! My baby is 4 weeks old. She started out on similar advanced in the hospital and did fine with it but we switched her to Gerber Soothe because my cousin had a lot she could pass to me. She was a fabulous, easy going baby for a week or 2. She started getting really irritable so we tried enfamil gentlease & she wouldn’t take it well. Then I noticed the acid reflux so we tried AR and she seemed worse so we went back to Gerber soothe with rice cereal added (as suggested by doctor). She is now on zantac and the 2 nights following, she slept GREAT! However, while the reflux seems better, the last 2 nights she has been awake screaming for 3+ hours. I can feel her stomach rumbling but I’m not sure if there’s anything I should do or change? Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

    1. Hayli, I’m not sure this abrupt change is due to the formula, since she’s been doing better on the Soothe. …Unless you’re saying she’s been doing this since you switched back and added the rice cereal? Is she spitting up? or is it the gassiness that you feel is the crying culprit? If you noticed this after adding the cereal, remove the cereal for a day or two and see if things change. Then add just a LITTLE back in and see what happens. Then let me know if we need to pull together another round of ideas.

    2. I’m almost positive it is the reflux now. She is squirmy/fussy/ screaming all day long if she’s not sleeping. Doctor suggested doing zantac 3x/day instead of 2, but I’m not convinced that thats going to do the trick on its own. I’m going to try Colic Calm drops and if that doesn’t work, I plan to start Similac Alimentum. What do you think?

  107. Help please!
    I have been breastfeeding my little one since birth, he is 4 months today.
    I have eliminated dairy and soy for almost 1 1/2 months. I am now pretty much on a total elimination diet.
    I struggle to eat and I am sure that effects my milk!
    We have battled the food issues, and thrush (still are).
    He is currently on Prilosec OTC. Which is causing tummy issues, ( ie, cramping, green poops, new issue is black specks)
    I am over breastfeeding! I can’t do it anymore! I don’t eat like I should, my hair is falling out, and I am a real “B” (if you know what I mean)!
    Where do I go from here? GI said to stop breastfeeding and use Nutramigin a month ago when I asked to change meds. ( not real helpful!).
    I am now ready to change. Do you recommend starting Nutramigin first sine he has MSPI?
    Thank you for any suggestions!

    1. Friend, first of all, don’t feel guilty about letting breastfeeding go. We all do at some point anyway. 🙂 Considering he is having such problems, I would recommend in your case starting with the Nutramigin, just so you can hopefully see some relief faster. Then after a few weeks or months, you can start trying other less expensive formulas and see what happens. BTW, Nutramigen isn’t the only hypoallergenic on the market, so if that one isn’t quite THE ONE, you still have options. Hang in there, things are going to get better!

  108. After a few trials my 3 month old baby is on enfamil A for the past month. Spit up decreased however we still had painful reflux and gas pain with the formula and so he was just prescribed Zantac. Is it true that the AR formula is ineffective when on Zantac. I heard that bc Zantac decreases the acid the AR formula doesn’t thicken as it should. Is it better to transition to another formula and just add rice cereal? Is there a better formula to help the GERD along with using the Zantatc ( nutramigen didn’t work for us).

  109. My daughter is 3 months and has reflux. It doesn’t seem to hurt her but, it will come out nose and mouth. Sometimes projectile. We switched her to Enfamil Ar and seems to work really well with her. Along with burping frex. We had her on a 2 oz every hr diet (with rice). Well I’m sorry for mother and daughters sanity we had to learn how to work that a little different. That is where the Enfamil came in. She can now take 4/6 oz and sleep regularly. If you are questioning I would deft try the AR and see if it helps.

    1. Robyn, if she’s doing better on the Enfamil, stay on it. 🙂 I would only encourage you give AR a try if other, cheaper formulas, aren’t working as well. You did the right thing – every mom has to figure out what fits her family best, and it sounds like you’re doing just that. Well done. 🙂

  110. neocate.FORMULA. reflux treatment ,colic treatment ,nothing worked.afer 3 months of screaming 7 days a week 24 hours a day with a baby that would sleep only for 10minutes out of exhaustion before waking for the next round off screaming .i was told my baby was naughty !!!!!what.i went on a soy free dairy free and citris free diet.i was at my wits end.Then neocate was offered .Magic result straight after first bottle.

    1. That’s great Fee! So glad to hear that you finally found a solution! Your story is encouraging and will give other parents things to try. thanks for sharing it!

  111. Hi Heather! After searching the web for the magical answers I have found that your blog is the best. My question for you is, my daughter is 6 months old and she has just developed eczema or it has just started to flair up. Never was a problem before now. I have taken her to the dr and they have gave a steroid cream but said to discontinue after a week because it can thin the skin. So I have opted not to use it and use aquafor. Seems to help. But the kicker is, when she eats oatmeal or rice cereal it seems to flair up! Is this common? Second question, I have been thinking about switching her formula (Gentlease) to a different formula because of her AR. She is on Zantac and has been since she was 6 weeks old. Is there any one formula you would recommend for AR and eczema to keep it at bay? Thanks so much for any advice. BTW I LOVE your blog. I have found more helpful info on here than any other site.

    1. Stephanie! What a sweet encouragement you are! Thank you! I’m just thrilled to be able to help. Those baby days can be so tough! Two things. Firstly, it sounds like an allergy may be present. It’s true about the steroid cream, it can thin the skin, so it’s good to give Aquaphor a try. (Put it on immediately after you’ve pat-dried her after a bath, it’s most effective then.) That said, my kids were given a cream that I mix with vaseline and it is NOT a steroid. So if it doesn’t improve, ask your doctor about that. (If he doesn’t know what I’m talking about, let me know and I’ll grab the actual name. Don’t have it here with me at the moment.)

      As for the AR – I’ve heard several people speak favorably about the Enfamil AR – that it was helpful to them. Try that first, then try the Similac for Spit Up – and if you’re still having issues, let me know and we’ll come up with Plan C! Thanks for the comment, Stephanie. I’m always happy to help when I can! And thanks SO MUCH for reading!

  112. Hi. My son is now 4.5 months old. He had a complicated history with needing open heart surgery at 13 days old and since then has had terrible reflux. He is on zantac and prylosec and maxed out on both meds for his weight at all times. He is also on Prosobee due to milk protein allergy (blood in stool). His reflux is getting worse and worse, and he had a scope down his nose because he is having such trouble breathing/gagging/coughing and basically his mouth/throat is a mess from the reflux. We are waiting 3 weeks to see GI and our pedi has not been super helpful. Do you think we should switch his formula? He is also super constipated always and needs pear juice to go to the bathroom without it being hard balls. Thanks for any advice!

    1. Oh Heidi! What an exhausting (emotionally and physically) five months! Massive virtual hugs cyber-flinging your way. 🙂 It’s possible he could do better on a different formula. I’m wondering if he would do better on Nutramigen AA, Neocate, or Elecare. (Details on those here.) They are hypoallergenic: dairy and soy-free. That said, it’s not going to help much with the reflux. All the reflux formulas I know of are dairy based. You would have to add a thickener (like rice cereal) by hand.

      Due to his previous health issues, though, I wouldn’t do ANYTHING without running it by your Doctor first. If your pedi isn’t being helpful to you, start doing some research to see if you can switch to someone else. A supportive doctor takes away a lot of stress! 🙂

  113. hello, my baby was borned at 29 weeks after 21/2 months at the hospital. we went home he was fussy all the time, arxhing, bubbles in the mouth, hiccups not sleeping at night. but he wasn’t vomiting. ths pulmonologist ordered zantac which made the reflux worse. so the gastroenteroligist order nexium and carafate. it helped him for a couple of weeks but now he is vomiting, projectile vomiting 2-3 times a day and spit ups almost after every feed. he is 4 montha now and instead of getting better he is worse. he… is taken similac neosure since he got out of the hospital alternating with breast milk. I stopped the breast milk cause he will vomit more with it. even with rice cereal. I dony know if chamging the milk willl jelp him amd will give him eveeveything he needs bsing he is premee. please let me know what you think about my situation. I barely sleep cause im afraid he will aspirate. I elevated the head of the bed dont know what else to fo cause. he doesnt stop spitting up or vomiting now

    1. Bless you Yahaira! What an ordeal! Talk with your doctor about using Enfamil AR or Similac for Spit Up. Since they are thicker formulas, they can really help reflux babies keep the formula down. A few readers have also reported that this Hylands product has helped their baby with reflux. Also something you could try. Hang in there, Yahaira! It’s going to get better.

  114. I also thought my baby had silent reflux and was told 3x by my pediatrician that she just had a sensitive tummy. She wouldn’t sleep for more then 20 min, had horrible painful gas, would only sleep on my shoulder sitting up, could not even be laid down for diaper changes, but not spitting up so all was ok according to the dr. I noticed that she was wheezing onmilk based formula and switched her myself many times until nutramigen seemed to be an expensive godsend. Also, she was finally diagnosed after she started gasping when I would lay her down and I took her to the ER scared out of my mind for her. Found out silent reflux was burning coming up and taking her breath away. I do want to say that probiotics and gas drops helped. but for 3 months she slept in a rock n play sleeper or on my shoulder. 🙁 at 9 months almost like it never happened.

    1. Wow Jen! That’s so stressful! I’m very thankful, though, that she’s doing better now. Very encouraging for other reflux-suffering parents to see that this does pass! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  115. We just switched from Similac Sensitive to Gerber soothe for our 8 week old. She was very uncomfortable with the Sensitive. She’s having a hard time getting the Gerber down as it’s so much thinner, any suggestions?? Thanks!!

    1. Cara, you could sprinkle a little extra formula in the bottle, and see if that helps. If she’s still having trouble in a week, you may need to shift to a new strategy. Let me know and we’ll come up with a Plan B. Doing great though, Mom! Hang in there!

  116. My daughter doesn’t spit up every time she eats, but when she does, it’s a lot and come spraying out of both her mouth and nose. We are going to try enfamil AR, but are wondering if it will flow easily through a slow stage 1 nipple?

    1. I haven’t heard of it being an issue with the stage One nipple, but if you think it’s a problem add a teensy weensy more water. Hope the AR can help Ashley, poor baby girl!

  117. My LO is 2.5 months old and suffers from silent infant reflux. For the first 24 hours after birth he was on similac advance and spit it up really bad. Once he turned 24 hours old he was switched to similac sensitive, he done wonderful on it. The reflux was our only problem on it. His ped recommended to switch him to enfamil ar, which I did. Now he Is suffering from constipation and I can’t really tell that it has helped his reflux. He has been on it for 5 day. Should I try similac for spit up?

    1. Two things: to help with the constipation, add a teaspoon to his bottles for a day and see if that helps. If you still can’t tell, go ahead and switch to Similac for spit Up and see if you notice an improvement. The good news is that you should be able to switch right away, and not have to do a slow transition. You’re doing great Mom!

  118. I have been reading this…..it seems like most comments are about babies much younger. I have a 5 1/2 month old daughter that constantly spits up after bottles. She is currently on similac isomil due to being very fussy and gassywhen she was 2 months old and of course the constant spit up as well. She constantly passes gas and her poops are pretty solid ( I can handle that) what I cant handle is the constant vomiting or spiting up after bottles. Even 15-20 minutes after drinking shes still spitting up. We live in bibs and burb rags its crazy. She has been on solids now since 3 1/2 months and shes dosent spit up the solids which makes me think she needs to switch maybe to enfamil A.R???? If I do that, would I just slowly introduce the new formula and mix them until I change completely??

    1. Trisha – I think your instincts are spot on. Give a switch to AR and see if that helps. And you’re also right again – introduce the formula in stages for a few days, it should help her get used to it. Well done, mom!

  119. Hi there,
    I am breastfeeding right now and supplementing with one or two bottles a day of Nutramagin in the evenings just to give my self a break as breastfeeding has been very uncomfortable for me and can last an hour since my LO is a slow eater. With a four year old at home in the evenings, I don’t always have an hour to breastfeed. Problem is my LO spits up after every feeding, whether bottle or breast. It is usually with chunky digested bits in it as most of the spit up happens an hour or so after eating. He m ay spit up every now and then with the burp, but it happens more later. I try to burp very well but it seems to happen no matter what. Most times it’s enough to soak his arms or top of his clothes and other times it goes down my back completely. He is also very gassy, and seems to be the worst when I am trying to soothe him to sleep either day time or night time. He will just get red-faced and cry, arch his back and kick his legs out. THis is very disheartening to see and is so frustrating that I am filled with anxiety over it. Also, unless he falls asleep in his car seat or in my arms after BF he will only sleep for 20 minutes or so before waking up and crying if he’s put in his swing to nap. I wonder if he is waking up with a pain or something and can’t stay asleep? he also as a lot of hiccups after spitting up. Do you think this is acid reflux? Would switching from BF to formula make things worse? I am considering moving to formula soon My DD was formula fed and while she did have some gassy episodes, she did fairly well on the formula. I don’t know, perhaps it is some kind of food allergy? If you have any advice, I’d appreciate it. I have an appointment this coming Monday with the pediatrician but I am feeling so anious to know what is going on with him so I can help.

    1. Christal, I think before you try to work on his sleeping, you’ll have to get his feeding issues solved. I think that may be the reason he’s having a hard time sleeping. My guess is that since he’s spitting up so much, he’s hungry a LOT, which may be waking him and making him fussy. It’s my hope that if you can get the food to stay down, he will feel full longer, and some of those sleeping issues may resolve themselves.

      That said, since you’re combo feeding, it’s really hard to figure out what could be causing the spitting up. Is it something you ate? or is it the Nutramigen? I think the Nutramigen is an interesting choice, since it is designed to help babies who are allergic to cow’s milk. Cow’s milk is closely related to breast milk…so I’m wondering if the Nutramigen is reacting negatively with the breastmilk in his tummy?

      hmmmm….thinking this over, I would recommend switching to Good Start Gentle first, for your combo-feeding, and then give that a few days to see if there are any improvements. (Unless there was a medical reason and your doctor recommended Nutramigen??) If he does better, than we have the culprit. If not, we’ll have to try something else. Hang in there, we’ll figure this puzzle out. 🙂

    2. Thanks Heather. The only time he gets the Nutramagin is the nightime bottle, and if for some reason I dont have expressed milk, but that has only happened once or twice. Its almost always the expressed breastmilk. Do you think the 3 ounces or so of formula would upset him all day when the rest of the feeds are breast? Thats why I think he may have the reflux since he is spitting up and then has hiccups after. He also smacks his lips a lot after the feeding and seems to be swallowing something that bothers him.
      Also, on the Nutramagin, I only bought that because the lactation consultant said it was the least worst of the formulas. In the beginning I had to supplement with formula because he was tongue tied and was not gaining weight due to not transferring milk from my breast. We were able to correct the tongue tie and now he is feeding better although it takes him a looong time to eat.

    3. Christal, you may be right about the reflux. Hopefully your doctor can shed more light on that on your appt. Monday. Your lactation consultant…hmmm…”least worst of the formulas” I’m not sure I would take formula advice from her, since it sounds like she has some passionate feelings about using formula in the first place (Forgive me if I’m wrong, but that would make me feel very anxious about breastfeeding, which would tank my production – my milk supply was very tied to my emotions. 🙂 ) That’s a “pressure to preform” that you don’t need right now.

      Formula is just a another way to have a healthy baby. (Show me the evidence that 100% of all Harvard grads were breastfed, and I’ll jump on that “everyone must breastfeed or they suck as a mother” bandwagon. But unfortunately, that evidence just isn’t there.) It’s one of the blessings of living in the 21st century.

      My guess, right now, is that it’s not the formula (although I would stop overpaying for the Nutramigen if he doesn’t need it. Good Start Soothe or Gentle would probably work and be a lot less expensive.) What if you pumped and added a little rice cereal (like a teaspoon) into the expressed milk and gave him that? If it is reflux, that could help keep it down. Give your doctor a call today and see what he thinks about that idea, and how much to add. Hopefully this will help. You’re doing great there, Christal. You are the best mom for your little boy. 🙂

  120. My 7 week old started on Enfamil Gentlease formula due to fussiness and gas. The fussiness didn’t stop so we switched him to Gerber Good Start Soothe a few days ago. I want to say about 3 weeks ago he started getting more and more difficult to burp. He arches his back and cries uncontrollably, so from the sounds of it he has reflux. Should I switch him to Enfamil A.R, or Similac Sensitive, or another Geber Good Start formula? I have an appointment with the pediatrician next week. He doesn’t cry at the sight of the bottle and drinks it with no problem. He just cries when I stop feeding him to burp him. It’s impossible to burp him. He does spit up on occasion. Sometimes the spit up just looks like formula and other times it looks to be curdled. And when you mentioned silent reflux…at times whe I burp him it does sound like he is spitting up but he doesn’t actually spit up, so I wonder if he is swallowing it. I am wondering what I can do to help him until my appointment next week. Thank you for your help.

    1. hmmmmm….have you tried using gripe water? Is he constipated?

      I would be surprised if it’s silent reflux, since he doesn’t seem to try to avoid eating, or cry a lot during/after feedings. However, I do think you’re right about the gas bubbles. Which bottle are you using? I’m currently doing a ton of research on baby bottles, so it could be that he’s not “clicking” with the bottle you’re using, and is swallowing too much air.

    2. I have tried using gripe water and there is no change with that. We have been using Colic Calm gripe water. We are using Dr. Browns bottles. He has always preferred that bottle, as we have tried them all. He cries during feedings when it comes to burping, but other than that he doesn’t cry. I nursed with formula supplements for 4 weeks, and as soon as he went on full formula he spit up. He doesn’t spit up every day, but enough to make me worry. He has spit up during the feeding, after the feeding and sometimes hours after a feeding. He also during feeding has choked as well, which also makes me nervous. At times the choking is so bad, he can’t get his breath.

    3. Hmmm…In that case, I would give the Enfamily AR or Similac for Spit Up a try. Hang in there, Eden. The choking is so scary. (Hugs). If the AR doesn’t help, I would try a hypoallergenic formula. Frequent spit ups are usually related to reflux or milk intolerances. Try the AR for the reflux, and then give Plan D (hypoallergenic) a try if that doesn’t work. We’ll get there!

  121. woah, lots of comments here.. just wanted to say that (in South Africa), a product called Bennets Colic Mixture does wonders

    and btw, the quote was from Macbeth.. or some Shakespearian play

    1. Woah, good score on the quote! 😉 50 parent points! I haven’t heard about that mixture, but it sounds wonderful. I’m definitely going to do some research on that. Thanks so much for recommending it,

  122. Hi! Love your articles! So here’s my dilemma . My 3 month old was exclusively on breast milk ( pumping every 3 hours because he never latched) he started arching his back and screaming bloody murder during every feeding! I thought it was something I was eating so I cut back a bunch of stuff and nothing change. So unfortunately I stopped pumping. My Pedi suggested gentle ease but made my LO super gassy! He would cry and cry so here came the gas drops and tummy massages at 3 am. Then I noticed he started to spit up, sometimes formula and sometimes clear stuff way after feedings. Dr said he had reflux. Put him on a medicine 2 times a day and it didn’t work. So he gave me Prevacid. No more arching of the back episodes but now he is gassy doesn’t want more than 2 ounces. He will eat more if I put cereal in it but I think that’s what makes him gassy and constipates him. I’m currently on gerber gentle per your blog. Liquid kind. So should I keep using GGS formula, with rice cereal ? What are your thoughts about oatmeal? Also what do you think about gripe water?

    1. Wendy, I’m so glad the blog is helping you! I do recommend gripe water, but understand that for some babies it works great! while others not at all. You just won’t know until you try.

      Have you tried Good Start Soothe? That would be worth experimenting with.

      I don’t usually recommend adding cereal to formula unless you’ve tried the formulas in this article already, and it’s clear you need a hypoallergenic formula. There are no thickened hypoallergenics right now, so in those cases adding cereal may be the best choice.

      I would either give Soothe a try, or a prethickened formula like AR above. Hang in there, I know this is hard, but you really are doing great,

  123. My granddaughter is 4 1/2 months old. My daughter-in-law breast fed exclusively for almost three months, but now we have to supplement with formula once in a while due to DIL not being able to pump as much while working. She only gets about 4 to 5 bottles of formula during the week. I’ve had two episodes where two hours after feeding her a bottle of formula (one Infamil w/ iron, one Soy formula), she vomited the whole bottle. Then about every 10 minutes she would gag and spit out mucus (nothing else in her poor tummy to throw up). She wouldn’t cry, but would be listless afterward. This lasted for about an hour and a half. We changed the formula after the first time, but she did it again on the soy. It doesn’t happen every time…..just those two times. The only thing similar both times was that we mixed the formula with Nursery water. Could this be reflux? She gets hiccups a lot, and spit up a good bit early on with the breast milk, but it has gotten better except for these two times (and they were about 3 weeks apart in occurrence).

    1. Madeline, firstly, the word “listless’ concerns me a little. If your baby does that again, call your doctor. She may just pooped out because she’s vomited so much, but it could be something else, like dehydration, which is really serious for babies.

      I don’t think reflux is the issue here…I suspect it’s the nursery water. Nursery water is rather ill-named, since it’s not recommended to be used with formula at all for children under 1 year. The nursery water has “extra flouride” – but for teeny bodies, it’s often too much (which is why she may have thrown everything up). I suspect that if you stop mixing the formula with the Nursery water, you will see those episodes stop.

      Personally, I never gave my children nursery water. The topic of added flouride is actually a hotly debated at the moment. We live in an urban area, so the city water is treated, and I can see in the yearly report that I don’t need to add anything. If you live in a rural area, you may want to consider the flouride water, but not probably until the first birthday has passed. Hope this can help!

  124. My first had GER (now 4) and I discovered the AR formula then. It changed so much for my lil guy. During the day he was a tummy sleeper. Babies with reflux are so much more comfortable on their tummies.

    This new baby has the same issues. He is on the AR formula. Breast milk even hurts him 🙁 I am in the process of getting a napper to help keep him upright when sleeping. Fisher Price, Summer Infant, and Bright Stars make upright nappers that are fairly priced. I hope that will help with my guy.

    1. I hope it can help too Michelle! Thanks for chiming in about the AR! I’m sure that will be helpful for other moms in a similar situation. 🙂

  125. My daughter is now 7 weeks old, been to the ER several times and just got out of the hospital a few days ago. She has been spitting up horribly since she was 2 weeks old. After several ER trips due to dehydration they hospitalized her over night and diagnosed her with Acid Reflux. I was happy to get an answer finally as to why she couldn’t keep anything down.

    Well now our issue is formula. I personally prefer Enfamil and would love be able to afford the Enfamil AR, however I can not. She is on WIC and they will cover Gerber, which was fine with my frist daughter. Now here comes the bigger issue… I thought that maybe I could exchange my Gerber for the Enfamil AR so that she gets the right formula. Can’t do that, WIC restricts it to where you have to take it down to the office and return it… Well they also refuse to put her on Enfamil AR even after the doctor faxed a prescription for it to them. So now I’m stuck making my daughter suffer because I can’t afford what she needs. Does Gerber have a version of AR? I’ve looked on their site and they’ve got one for fussiness, gas, and colic which is the closest I can manage to find. I’ve called them and am currently awaiting a call back from their “dietician”. I just want my daughter to keep food down! Any suggestions? My next thought was to call WIC tomorrow and see what all my options are or if I am restricted to only Gerber because Silminac has an AR formula. This is so frustrating!

    1. Samantha, it definitely feels like an up-hill battle. The good news is, even if it doesn’t seem like it, you’re winning. You know WHY she’s having such issues, so that’s a huge battle won. I know the war isn’t over, but you are doing a GREAT job trying to get what your girl needs. Gerber doesn’t have a spit up formula right now (that I’m aware of, anyway). So I think you’re best bet here is to add rice cereal to the Good Start by hand. Talk to your doctor for his advice on how to thicken the formula in the safest way possible. You need it a little thicker, so it stays down, but not so thick that she gags on it. It may take some tinkering to see which ratio works the best.

      Also, WIC may not cover Enfamil, but Medicaid may. I would contact your local Medicaid office and see about eligibility. It's possible you can get reimbursements there. Again, I'm not sure…it's just a hunch you could check into. Hope this can help, hang in there. It gets better, promise. 🙂

  126. I have a 6 week old who has been diagnosed with acid reflux. She is on Zantac twice a day taking 1 ml each time. She is taking the similac sensitive. My older daughter was the same Zantac and similac sensitive.
    She will arch her back and cry when burping still. She is still spitting up about 2-4 times each feeding. She sleeps in a napper and we never lay her down flat! She only spits up during the feeding when burping. She also has a rash on her face and chest. Its little red bumps that are rough to the touch. Older daughter never had that. We also switched from avent bottles to dr Brown’s.
    Just concerned with the spitting up and the rash. She is fussy during and right after a feeding and then will be content until next feeding. We are doing everything we did with our first that helped her but this one is still uncomfortable!!!

    1. Trisha, it sounds to me that she may be having an allergic reaction. The first thing I would try to deal with is the spit up. Have you tried any of the thickened formulas in the article? Those could be helpful. Or, if you’d rather try to fix the allergy issue first, and let the Zantac work on the reflux, start with Good Start Soothe – it’s 100% whey, which is very very easy for a baby to digest. If after a week she’s still showing allergic reactions, you may need to consider switching to a hypoallergenic formula. Hope this can help!

  127. I really appreciate the article. My son is 6 weeks old and for the first five weeks of his life, his spit up became worse and worse. He gaged in his sleep often, spit up in his sleep consisitently and then began waterfall spit up during feeds. The doctor kept saying spit up is normal and my son is gaining weight so everything was fine. After only being able to keep an oz down and falling asleep for hours I demanded to switch to Similac for Spit up. We did and it worked wonders. The problem now is his bowel movements have nearly disappeared. He was doing ever other day and now he’s last one was on Monday and today is Thursday. He’s screaming and it seems like its because he hasn’t gone. Monday’s poop was massive and all green. He was very fussy before it and back to normal after it so I think it’s not having moved his bowels that is making him so fussy. Gripe water helped but not so much anymore. What can I do? How can I help him to go? The doctor said 7 days without a bowel movement is normal but that’s not normal for my son.

    Also, we switched to Similac for Spit up. What is the different between that and Similac Sensitive for Spitup? Thank you!

    1. My favorite line: “The doctor said 7 days without a bowel movement is normal but that’s not normal for my son.” You GO GIRL! You are exactly right. Just because the stats and medical reports say it’s normal, doesn’t mean it will be normal for your baby. So way to rock the mom thing! Firstly, I would start adding 1 teaspoon of prune juice in his bottles. Then once he has a bowl movement, see if it looks any different – is it softer, and seem easier? If so, then move it down to 1tsp a day, and see how that affects him.

      As for the difference, I honestly can’t tell you about that, I’ve not researched that deeply on those two yet. (Making a note for the future, though.) I would try the Sensitive for Spitup and watch him for a week and see if you notice any changes. Hope this can help!

  128. My son is 7 weeks old. I started out breast feeling but it got to where he would throw it up and it was kinda chunky ish and he started to act as if he was always hungry and got real fussy and started to not sleep well so I switched him to gerber gentle which worked great for about a week I took him to the Dr and the switched him to similac alimentum and he was like a whole new baby he was happy he sleep great for naps sleep all night but not even a week later it started getting the same as it was plus he was real gassy now they are trying him on premie formula plus zantac 2 times a day so far he isn’t throwing up just a little spit now and then but he still doesn’t sleep well at all. He will sleep maybe 10 minutes at a time then he will start to fidget real bad and wake up fussy!! Do you have any opinions on this? Should I maybe try Soy?

    1. Stephanie, you are in the middle of really tough time, hang in there, it will get better. How long has it been since you tried the latest thing? Give it at least a week or two before switching. When it comes to reflux, the Zantac can take several weeks to finally kick in. Try some gripe water to help with the gassiness, that may be why he’s not sleeping as well.

  129. My son is 12 weeks old and his reflux has progressively been getting worse. While he hardly ever spits up during a feeding, 2 hours later he will spit up digested and/or undigested formula EVERY feeding. It’s not a large amount of spit up but it’s enough to go through multiple bibs and outfits throughout the day. I keep him elevated for at least a half hour after each feeding and I have him propped up throughout the day to try to limit the reflux as much as possible. His pediatrician does not want to treat his reflux as he does not have a problem gaining weight ( born 8lbs 4oz and was 14 lbs 9 oz at 2 month check up) but recommended switching from similac advance to similac spit up. I know you’re supposed to use the formula for at least a week before throwing in the towel but we only had him on it for 4 days before switching back to similac advance. The similac spit up was so thick that it was clogging up his nipples even after switching to the faster flow nipple with the larger holes. We would wait 10-15 minutes before giving him the bottle so the froth would go down after mixing it just to have to shake it up throughout each feeding to unclog the nipple. He was getting so frustrated,not to mention all the extra gas bubbles he was swallowing from the foam, and would cry and stiffen his back during every feeding which is something he never did before.I’m not sure if this is considered constipation but his bowel movements changed to a mash potato consistency and took a lot of grunting and pushing to produce. Should I keep him on the similac advance and deal with his reflux? As per similac’s instructions I used the larger nipples and waited a while after mixing before giving him the bottle.. Do you have any other suggestions that would make similac spit up not such a nightmare? Can you combine formulas? Could I maybe thicken up the advance a little with the spit up formula so it’s thicker but not too thick to drive him and me crazy each feeding? I would like to stick with the similac brand because aside from his reflux and never ending laundry we do not have any other issues. I would appreciate any suggestions.

    1. Gina, what a frustrating journey you’ve been on! Here are some thoughts:

      1. Yes, you can combine formulas. You could try a sprinkle of advance to try to thin up the formula a tad. (Good instincts there, mom!)
      2. I wouldn’t normally recommend this, but since he seems to be growing healthy, another option is to try adding less formula to the water to thin it a little more. Fiddle around with the ratio to see if you can’t find the perfect consistency between getting through the bottle and being thick enough to stay in his tummy.
      3. Another option is to try a different a different bottle style. I’m going to try to write an article on the different bottle styles in November, hopefully that can help you choose.

      As for the poop, it does sound a little on the thick side. Try adding a teaspoon of prune juice into his bottle. Give it 4-5 days and see if that helps. Let me know if I can do anything else!

  130. Thank you for this! I’ve been pumping exclusively, and my milk supply is beginning to dwindle, so it’s time to start supplementing. My little guy has been on Zantac for acid reflux since two weeks, and I wasn’t sure which formula to use. Thank you!

  131. My son is now 9 1/2 weeks old, was BF for 4 weeks then went to good start soothe. He has spit up a lot, got worse with formula. It definately isn’t affecting his weight (14.6lbs at 2 mo check up lol born at 8.6lbs) and he doesn’t seem to be fussy when spitting up. I told the dr at his 2 mo check up that he spits up a lot and he said try giving him a little less formula more frequently and try using 1tbsp rice cereal per bottle.. If I give him less than 5 oz, he cries for more.. And I’ve tried putting rice cereal in every bottle but doesn’t seem to be helping. He sleeps on his belly and has been since about 5 weeks because when we would lay him on his back he would wake up. His little chin is all broke out from the milk, spit up or something .. I want to switch formula’s but am getting WIC, we have tried good start soothe and good start gentle. My daughter who is now 4 1/2 did very well on good start soy.. Wondering if I should try him on that.. ? Any suggestions are appreciated!! 🙂 thanks!

    1. Stacy, he spit up with soothe? hmmm…. Have you tried any of the spit up formulas in the article? Enfamil AR? or Similiac for Spit Up? That would be my personal Plan A. THen, for Plan B, I would try the soy, since your daughter did so well with that. And then, for Plan C I would contact the WIC office, or the doctor’s office, or the formula manufacturer and ask about free samples and coupons for a hypoallergenic formula. Give those suggestions a whirl and see if they help. Good luck Stacy, sounds like you’re instincts are good. Keep at it!

  132. Hi Heather! This site is very informative. My LO is 6 weeks. He has frequent hiccups, burps a lot, u can hear the milk hitting the bottom of his tummy during feedings. He spits up a lot sometimes it look kinda thick looking and yesterday I noticed it had a funny smell not to mention he has ecZema. Doc told me to get cetaphil. He is on Zantac 1ml 3x a day. But I stopped giving him that because it made him constipated…well not poop in a day. He is also on enfamil newborn I was considering switching formulas. He sleep throughout the night, when he is woke after feedings he is very fussy u can tell something is wrong. Only thing tht calms him is a bottle but I don’t want to overfeed. I tried gripe water drops worked for a minute or 2. I read that probiotic drops should work. Haven’t tried it yet and I want to switch his formula. What do you think? Please help

    1. Liz, firstly on your comment on constipation…constipation isn’t related to how OFTEN a baby goes, but the texture of the poop when he DOES go. My children were never once-a-day poopers, but that didn’t mean they were constipated. As long as the poo isn’t pebbly, or boulder-ish, he’s fine. Just wanted to throw that out there, just in case, since it’s a common misunderstanding.

      Okay, have you tried a thicker acid reflux formula like the ones above? Or you could try a more hypoallergenic formula, the eczema makes me wonder if there’s allergies at play here. Here’s the list of sensitive/hypoallergenic formulas. They would also be a good thing to try.

  133. my baby is 2 months and suffers from colics and spit up:/ i tried giving her enfamil newborn but it gave her diahrrea. i then switched to gentlease and she would have super green bowel movements with bloody stools. then dr. put her on sobee (soy milk) and she became constipated. After she was put on nutramigen but started having acid reflux and doesnt pass a lot of gas. now i put her on enfamil infant but she keeps spiting up and cant poop. I dont know what to do i hate seeing her cry and suffer. what would the best formula be for acid reflux/spit up and gas/colics?

    1. That poor thing Jennifer! If the biggest issue is the spitting up, I would try Enfamil AR – it’s thicker and can help keep things down. If her biggest issue is the gassy tummy and colicky symptoms, try Good Start Gentle. If her poop gets really hard and she starts passing pellets, slip 1-2 teaspoons of prune juice in the bottle. That should help soften things up. Good luck!

  134. My daughter is 11 weeks old today. Since we were in the hospital and breastfeeding she was spitting up and unconsolable. After we got home (and after a bout of Mastitis and then Thrush) her spitting up became progressively worse. She started to lose weight and it took several trips to the Pedi for them to take us seriously. They put her on Zantac and when that did not help they put her on Zantac AND Prevacid Solu-tabs….I was concerned about FPIES to milk and/or soy but the Pedi said it was extremely rare. I was not convinced and sought a second opinion once she started having problems pooping and was extremely gassy and spitting up non-stop from one feeding to the next and screaming all of the time. Her poop was lime green and mucusy. That was at 5 weeks. The first Pedi I mentioned said that since she did not have blood in her stool then she did not have an allergy (something I now firmly believe is a myth…blood occurs AFTER the digestive tract is severely damaged after being exposed to the allergen over and over and over). On my own I went dairy-free and then dairy and soy free….I did not realize that things wouldn’t change in a few days. I read it takes 2 weeks for the “offenders” to get out of the mom’s breastmilk and then an additional 2 weeks to get out of the babies digestive tract but even longer for the baby to heal. The second pediatrician we went to automatically said that I needed to continue being dairy and soy free, pump to maintain my milk supply but try out Nutramigen until my milk supply was “clean.” That gave both me and my daughter a break from breastfeeding- which by that time was much needed for my sanity and her healing. THe new Pedi also switched her from the Prevacid Solu-tabs to a compounded version of Prevacid as she said that the Solu-tabs can have traces of milk protein that can still effect severely sensitive babies. After a few days on the Nutramigen my daughter seemed so much happier and spit-up less. However, after a couple of weeks she was straining to poop and was screaming for days straight while passing gas…her BM’s were still mucusy. We were told to give it a little more time and then when she was 8 weeks we switched her to Elecare which is an elemental formula—-even Nutramigen has milk in it, as it is milk based….it can still bother sensitive babies…..we also were told to give her a milk-free Probiotic (BlueBonnet)……they also took her off of Prevacid and Zantac thinkign maybe the Prevacid was causing her to strain and the alcohol in the Zantac was irritating her esophagus….she still projectiles three weeks after these changes and the new medication…Axid….is not helping at all….she only eats 1-2.5 ounces every 3-4 hours….she is developing some sort of food aversion…her daily naps are no longer than 30 minutes and she is still choking in her sleep (even sleeping sitting up)…..I am tired…she is probably tired and always seems in pain…..so the Reflux is not manageable at this point but her BM’s are no longer mucusy. She still has a lot of gas….probably from screaming so much and swallowing so much air….

    http://www.refluxrebels.com is another great source in addition to this website- it shares common myths about reflux and milk/soy protein allergies/intolerances.

    1. Wow Katelin. Just wow. If I were handing out Mommy Awards, you would definitely be at the top of the list. You are a mama BEAR! She is so blessed to have you. I know you’re exhausted and struggling, but take a minute and look back at this comment. You have FOUGHT. You have STRIVED. You are inching ahead, little by little, towards the sunrise. Don’t give up! You are closer to the top than you were 11 weeks ago. That baby girl has a mama who is fighting tooth and nail for her health. That is precious. And, sadly, it’s not always a sure thing. You have gone without so she could do better. You have rocked through the screams. Asked questions. Researched. Take a minute and bask in the fact that you have risen up to the mom challenge. Well. Done.

      Now, to specifics. I feel rather foolish throwing this out there, with all the stuff you’ve tried…but have you heard of these Hylands reflux tablets? I’ve had a few moms report good things about it, it may be something to mention to your doctor. Also, talk to your doctor about if adding some prune juice would trigger her allergies? It’s very good for constipation. Other than those things, I think you should keep consulting with your doctor. Your baby’s case is WAY above my brain waves. In this case, my best role is as your cheerleader. And I think you are doing so wonderful. Keep it up, keep trying, keep “surviving”. It will get better. IT WILL GET BETTER. Time heals all things – even acid reflux. xo Heather (also, thanks for that website! I haven’t heard of it but I’m definitely checking it out!)

  135. My little girl has reflux and is on zantac. She is 10 weeks old and I have tried so many formulas that I would feel bad to change it again. She has been on enfamil newborn and gentlease then nutramigen then enfamil prosobee then similac alimentum then back to prosobee. She is on it right now and she still spits up alot but it has helped her fussiness
    and gas I think but has made her sooooo constipated I have tried extra water, juice, Karo syrup, and stimulation but she still OS constipated. Im wondering, im in the process of changing her formula to gereber goodstart soothe, is this a good choice or should I keep her on
    the prosobee and just deal with the constipation? this is the first day transitioning her to the good start soothe and she seems really fussy. is this normal? I’m only putting a little bit of the goodstart in her bottle and mostly prosobee. Im so lost and don’t know what else to do for her.

    1. Firstly, you are trying new things for her. So don’t get discouraged, you’re doing exactly what good moms do: search for answers. 🙂 I think you’re doing the right thing with the formulas. Just make sure you give it a good 5-7 days to see for sure if it’s helping/hurting. For constipation, did you try the 1-2 tsps of prune juice? That could help. If after 5-7 days it doesn’t seem any better, you could try these Hylands tablets – reflux moms have told me those are helpful.

  136. Thank you for all the info but I have a 4 month old son we have tried breastfeeding that didn’t work out so well, Then he was on Similac complete then we switched to Enfamil Gentle ease because all he did was cry and stiffin out his body and his belly would be really hard then I finally took him to the dr and he put him on Enfamil AR with Zantac twice a day but Enfamil AR didn’t work for him then we have since changed to Enfamil Prosobee soy based formula adding rice cereal with the zantac twice a day. But he is still spitting up and very gassy all the time. What would you suggest I am up for any help please!

    1. Ashley, you could try switching to Similac for Spit Up or Prosobee. I’ve learned that brands do make a difference. Some babies just do better or prefer a certain brand over another. Also, just this morning I was talking with the mother of another post-reflux baby and she shared that this natural remedy by Hylands helped her son a lot. That’s all I know about it right now, but I wanted to mention it as a possible thing to try.

  137. My twins both have reflux and a milk allergy. They are on neocate which is an amino acid formula, but very thin. Its making my sons reflux worse, but I can’t give him much else because of the allergy. Any thoughts?

    1. Jenna, talk to your doctor about whether you could add cereal by hand. It’s not preferable, but it’s better than nothing. He may have some suggestions on how to add it without making it clumpy, or using a tool to prevent gas bubbles. Start there.

    2. My 4 month old daughter has reflux , formula allergies and severe excema.
      She has tried Enfamil infant, Gentlease, Nutramagen -helped with the colicky symptoms but not the vomiting excema or reflux. We started Zantac after 1 wk she who was having diarrhea every other day started to poop 6-8 times a day with mucous and blood in the stool, stopped the zantac. We are now on Neocate powder which makes her stop pooping, It’s now every 4 days dark green, sticky . She’s still vomiting and itchy red patches on scalp scratching is disturbing her sleep did not gain weight in 2 wks . So we started some rice cereal and colicky symptoms return within 24 hrs plus reflux symptoms worsening . Where do we go from here especially as far as formula….???

    3. Melissa, go back to your pediatrician and ask him about adding prune juice to the Neocate – does he feel she’s constipated? I would also seek a referral to a pediatric gastrointologist. Those are the super-brainy doctors who know EVERYTHING about babies and digestion. It seems like there may be other issues going on that someone with the higher level of training (beyond your usual pediatrician) may be able to help. Hang in there. You’re doing a great job – being her advocate. That’s a sign of a great mom. She’s truly blessed!

  138. I love you site but my problem is that we have tried several bottles and have trouble with LO not getting the formula out of the bottle. We us similca spit up cause that is what is covered by wic. Please help!! Thanks in advance.

    1. Do you have the right nipple size? Different nipples have different size holes to help with formula flow. Pick a nipple with a faster flow and see if that helps. 🙂

  139. My 12 week old has been spitting up with occasional bouts of projectile vomiting and “waterfall” vomiting. We tried Similac for spitting up and one for gas. His poop on the sensitive one was black, sticky, and he had uncontrollable gas. He never stopped vomiting. We switched to Nutramigen which has helped everything but the throwing up. With the Nutramigen, he recently started having extremely runny diarrhea. So honestly I am not sure what to do now. His older brother had horrible reflux and was on medication for it.

    1. Danielle, have you tried one of the per-thickened formulas above? I’m wondering if he would be able to keep a thicker formula down. That’s the first thing I would start with.

  140. I have a 2 week old baby girl. She has been diagnosed with silent reflux. She is currently on Zantac. I also have her on Similac Sensitive. I switched bottles to Dr. Brown’s as the Avent nipples were too fast flowing and she would choke and sputter. Elevated everything…etc. She seems to be getting more fussy, more gassy, more miserable. Difficult to get her to wind down and stay asleep. Also give her gas drops and gripe water as she gets constant hiccups. Spit up not too bad but she is clearly suffering. Arches back and stiffens up. Sounds a little stuffy too. At best poops once a day. Doc recommends Similac Total Comfort. Hesitant to switch formulas…not sure what to do. Please help!!

    1. Christina, poor little thing! Hopefully the Zantac will be good for her. In regards to pooping – once a day isn’t anything to be worried about, unless there’s red mucous or in little pebbles. My Bella poops every other day (sometimes every 3 days) but she’s not constipated. Constipation has more to do with the texture of the poo (nuggets of nastiness) than the frequency.

      As for the formula, I would strongly encourage you to try one of the formulas above for a little while. These formulas can help because they are thicker than the normal formula, which means gravity helps them stay in the stomach easier. Also, you could try letting her nap in a swing or a baby bean bag, the sitting up usually helps reduce the reflux burning.

  141. I have a 7 week old baby boy who has reflux and colic. He is taking Zantac currently for the reflux. I am actually currently breast feeding but am thinking of going to formula. At around 4weeks old I tried supplementing with different formulas (enfamil newborn, gentlease, and similac alimentum) but also tried Prilosec at the same time. His reflux got soooo bad during that time! There was spit up EVERYWHERE! He also got a really bad diaper rash that bled. Well I decided to go back to only breast milk and go back to Zantac. His diaper rash is better and he doesn’t spit up as bad. But I am wanting to go to formula because he is still sooo fussy and isn’t sleeping good at all. When I’m feeding him, he sometimes kicks and screams the whole time through the feeding like he’s in pain. I’m just wondering if there is a formula out there that would make him feel better than my breast milk. Is there a formula that is good for reflux but also would not give him a severe diaper rash due to a possible allergy? I just don’t want to stop breast feeding unless I know there is something out there that will help him feel better.

    1. That poor baby! Wow Holly, you guys have really gone through the ringer! I think you should try one of the formulas in the article above. The main issue with reflux is that, since the esophagus isn’t fully formed yet, liquids can pop back up and burn his little throat. A thicker formula has been shown to drastically reduce the amount of “popping up”. Since it’s thicker and heavier, it stays inside the tummy better, rather than taking a pleasure cruise back up the throat. Does that make sense at all? You may want to mix a little of the thicker formula into your breastmilk for a few feedings to see how he responds. That way, when you decide to make the switch permanently, it should be a little easier to transition. Hope this can help Holly! Good luck!

    2. Does the Enfamil AR cause constipation? I’m scared to give this to him and for it to just cause him to fuss about something else. Is he too young to give him prune juice at 7 weeks old? Also how long should I give a formula to see if its going to help him?

    3. I have heard of constipation issues with the AR, yes. But it’s hard to tell if it’s the cause or not. You can give prune juice in small amounts. Start with 1-2 tsps at that age. I would give the formula 5-7 days to see if it’s helping.

    4. Also have you heard of Pregestimil? It is suppose to be for reflux and colic. Do you think this would be a good choice to start him on?

    5. Pregestimil is a blend that’s designed for babies who struggle with digesting fat. I talk about it in my colicky baby formula article here. I think you’re instincts are spot on here, Holly! If you’re not happy with the AR, I would go head and give Pregestimil a try. It’s not as thick as AR, but if his reflux is linked to the fat-absorption issue, it may be just the thing. In fact, due to your comment, I’m going to add it in this article as well, as a back up plan. 🙂

  142. Heather,

    My little boy is 11 weeks and has acid reflux. When born, he only BF the first day (due to latching issues & lack of interest) so I had to supplement while in the hospital with Similac Advanced. He gagged often and spit up from time to time, but I was told it was due to him being past due & born via C section. When we got home from the hospital I pumped but still fed him the Similac Advanced and the spitting up got worse and then horrible gas pains followed. After a few sleepless nights, from all night crying (both of us) my sister suggested switching to Similac Isomil. He kept it down better but would still spit up & even arch his back and cry while burping him. After all of that he was diagnosed with Acid Reflux. The peds say it’s not bad enough for medicine and to keep him on Isomil that he will eventually grow out of it. Poor guy still spits up during every feeding, along with the crying but no more back arching. Isn’t there something I can do? We’ve even gone to the chiropractor to help it. Please help!!!

    1. Isomil is basically a soy formula. I think what your baby needs is a thicker formula that will be harder to spit up. Try one of the formulas above. I really think they will make a big difference, Alisha! Just until he’s a bit older and the reflux goes away. Then you can switch to a regular, less expensive, formula. 🙂

  143. I am loving this site… thank you for all the info. I’m here because I’m not convinced our daughter has true reflux – she sleeps at night with no problems, but we have had issues with fussiness, spit up (recently), and my biggest concern is her breathing. Here are the basics:

    -7 wks old
    – diagnosed with reflux Thursday
    -currently on Gerber Gentle after switching from Gentlease
    – spit up after each bottle started around week 6 (after we switched to Gerber)
    – around week 6, would spit up a little even an hour or two after eating
    – a few days ago started sounding congested – lots of rattling
    – of course, no breathing trouble at appt. Doc listened to us describe her symptoms and diagnosed reflux.
    – Doc recommended trying Similac Sensitive (orange) and .8mL of Zantac twice a day. We asked about rice cereal and doctor said we could try it but it sometimes made things worse.

    So here we are, two days later. We have NOT switched her formula yet because I really want the Good Start to work… mainly because of cost (it’s free at daycare). So we’ve tried a few doses of Zantac and the rice cereal. The rice cereal has really helped with reducing the spit up – as in, none. But her breathing sounds worse… it really does sound like she’s got an awful cold. Not an emergency situation, but definitely making her uncomfortable and fussy.

    Going to try switching to the Similac today just to see if it is the magic difference, but I doubt it will be…

    My questions – does this truly sound like reflux? Since the spit up has reduced, could the acid have reduced too, but the extra congestion be due to an actual cold? How can I even tell?? Does anyone else have similar experiences?

    1. Kerry, I’m not the person to argue with your doctor. 🙂 However, it certainly doesn’t sound as bad as others I’ve heard. I think you’re doing the right thing, trying these things and seeing if it helps. I would treat it as a normal cold, and just see how that helps. If she’s congested, here are some things you can try to help clear her up.

  144. This formula info for colic & reflux is great but what about breastfed babies with colic and/or reflux? I’ve tried everything (besides giving her back to the hospital) and am losing my mind.

    1. First Kate, I would speak to your doctor about possible medications to help with the reflux. Secondly, ask him about adding some rice cereal to pumped breastmilk in a bottle. Part of the issue with reflux babies is that the milk isn’t thick enough to stay down. Your doctor can help guide you as to how much rice cereal. You don’t want it so thick she chokes. Hang in there friend! I know it’s SO HARD right now, but it will get better. Hold on by your fingernails, and keep seeking information and trying new things. You’re doing the right thing!

  145. Hello I have a 7 week old baby girl. She was diagnosed with silent reflux at 2 weeks old. My family doctor told me there was nothing you could do. That she would grow out of it. Well I couldn’t accept that. Especially since she was in the er because of choking on the fluid coming up. It was very scary!! So I did some research and found that nutramigen was the way to go. So we switched her and she did great for about a week, then started the episodes again. We started to add rice cereal to her bottles and she was a totally different baby. But this formula is extremely expensive. I have noticed in the last couple days she is starting to spit up ( which she has NEVER done) and her bowel movements are complete yellow water! I was wondering if we could maybe mix something with the nutramigen to help with the cost and maybe with her bowel movements. Any suggestions??

    1. That would be scary, Jessica! Firstly, make sure she doesn’t have diarrhea or is showing any signs of being dehydrated. I’m wondering what would happen if you mixed the Nutramigen with one of the thicker formulas above for thickness? That was one thing that came to mind you could try. The potential issue there is that the thicker formulas aren’t hypoallergenic. But it’s something to try. 🙂

  146. Thanks for all of your info! My daughter is 4 months old & was diagnosed with reflux at 7 weeks, when I was still breastfeeding, & was prescribed Zantac. At 10 weeks we started formula, with Enfamil AR. She still spit up quite a bit with it. About 2 weeks ago she seemed really uncomfortable – gassy, constipated, belly was hard. We started Enfamil Gentlease…. The spitting up is even more, & the gassiness is still there. The spitting up doesn’t seem to bother her, but after feedings she just sometimes seems to be struggling (more so at nighttime) I have noticed a greenish tint to her stools a couple of times (but not all the time). Should I ask about switching medications, or should we try another formula first? She is growing fine, off the charts for height & weight, which is hard to believe with the volcanic amount of spit up! Any thoughts/recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Maryjane, if the main issue with the Enfamil AR is constipation, I would try to keep using the Enfamil AR, but try different things to help with the constipation. For example, you could add 1 Tbs of prune juice for every 4 oz of formula. (Once she’s older than 4 months you can increase that to up to 1 oz prune juice/4 oz formula.) Add the prune juice in two bottles every day for a few days and see if that’s helping. The hardest issue to handle is the spit up. So if AR is really helping with that, than we can try different things to help with the constipation. Or, you could quickly switch over to Similac for Spit Up, or Parents Choice with added rice. Some babies just do better with different brands. You’re making progress Maryjane! 🙂

  147. Great information! My twin girls are ~11wks old. I breastfed and supplemented with Similac Advance for 1st 3wks. Due to emergency surgery at 3wks pp, I stopped breastfeeding and girls were 100% formula fed. Advance made them very gassy and fussy so switched to Similac Sensitive. One girl did ok while other still had issues. My husband wanted to try Similac Soy on that daughter and reflux kicked in and had to add rice cereal, which I wasn’t happy with. Both doing ok on different formulas but still cried when passing gas and bowel movements. Read about Similac Total Comfort (broken down proteins -very thin formula) and switched both girls 3.5 wks ago. Stomachs were great but eating 5oz almost every 3hrs with only a bit longer break at night. Met with pedi at 2mth checkup last Monday. He was concerned they were eating too much and wanted me to add rice cereal (1tsp per ounce of formula) to reduce formula intake. Girl with reflux has gotten worse and ecsema has flared up. Past 2 days she is crying in pain and spit up is sour. Its not gas pain but seems to be pain from burning in throat. Nurse at pedi office said to try pedialyte to settle stomach and call back if continues when try bottle again. I’m so lost on what to do and what to try next. I just want my sweet girls to be happy. Formula woes are not fun! Please help.

    1. Terri, sounds like your reflux girl (with the eczema) may be struggling with an allergy issue. I would switch to Similiac Sensitive for Spit Up, as it could help with any allergy issues and is a good formula for acid reflux. Since it’s thicker you won’t have to add the cereal by hand (a bonus since they’re so young).

      Can you give that a try and then let me know if it doesn’t help? It’s very hard to have ONE baby whose struggling…let alone TWO! I want to help as much as I can. Hang in there, keep trying things and seek a second medical opinion if you have to. You and your husband are doing a great job, even if it doesn’t feel like it.

  148. Amazing info! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    I recently (today) switched my lil girl to Enfamil A.R. because I heard good things about it. She isn’t in any pain, but she would spit up so much, and often, that she’s been wearing bibs since birth LOL!
    She also has been diagnosed with Tracheomalacia (sp?), which is basically, her trach is flat and immature, which causes her to make crazy kazoo sounding noises, which scares people, because they think she’s not breathing good LOL, not really funny, but I have gotten used to it, so I laugh, and even make the noise with her, and she laughs and smiles with me. Anyway…,all 3 of my girls were spitters, and I just dealt with the multiple launderings with the other two, but with this one, I tried adding cereal, and it helped some, but still she spit up, (just alot more chunkier, LOL), a lil less frequently though. She is 3 months old, and weighed 6.4oz at birth, and is now 12.12oz, so no problem with weight at all. She is thriving well, as a matter of fact, moving along way quicker in milestones, than she should be. She is also a happy baby, so the spit up thing is really just bothering the ones who hold her lol. Anyhow, I gave her the A.R. today, and she seemed to do well, yet when she spits up, it is curdled, not a whole lot of spit up, but frequent. So I’m just wondering if this is normal? Like maybe it will take a little bit of getting used to? OK, now that I’m done with my “essay” lol. I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks again 😉

    1. Aliyah, what a good mom you are! Sounds like you know your babies well, and know when to freak out, and when to laugh. That’s awesome. As for the curdled spit up, I would give it a week and see if it improves. If your baby seems happy, and is spitting up less and still growing, I wouldn’t worry about it. If she seems to gag on it (too curdled?) or is spitting up MORE than normal, perhaps switch to a different formula for acid reflux and see if that helps. Keep trying things until you feel you’ve gotten the results you’re hoping for!

    2. Thanks Heather! I will keep watching how she does, and keep you posted. Thanks again for all your great advice/input.

  149. Enfamil A.R. is the best. Nothing else worked not soy not alimentum nothing not even meds I switched to ar and its was truly a miracle no more changing of clothes or screaming babies god send I tell you.

  150. I meant to say he was already (and has been on similac spit up). So I guess I’ll give gerber soothe a try. If he does have a milk allergy, I’m going to be real upset with myself for not researching more and ‘just dealing’ with the spit up.

    Btw, is there a difference between similac sensitive spit up and similac spit up? The container I buy is green and doesn’t say sensitive on it. The one you mention is orange and says sensitive on it. I do know there is a regular similac sensitive but it doesn’t say spit up on it and the lid is orange. I’ve even looked at similac a website for the one you mention.

  151. Thank you for the great articles! I found your blog bc I recently saw somewhere else about the red ring around baby’s anus and green stool being an effect of milk allergy. My son, who is 6 months, has been on reflux medication since he was 2 week old. He has had green stool since I stopped breast feeding at one month old. He also has a continuous red bumps on his chest that don’t react to coconut oil or steroid creams. Even though he is on axid twice a day (1ml each) he still spits up entirely too much. Sometimes I can hear him and he swallows it, sometimes it’s just clear liquid when it comes out but usually it’s white and thicker and stinky. The red ring around his anus doesn’t change with rash creams, yeast creams, or coconut oil either. BUT he doesn’t seem bothered when I put something on it. He is 6 months, 26 inches, and 16lbs 8oz. He only gained 1 1/2 lbs since he was 4 months. Also, we have been using Similac Spit up since he has been on formula (we did try others when trying to make his spit up amount less). He is generally a very happy and smiley baby! only fets upset when I dont feed him quick enough. last week we started solids too, but the poop is still green (with other pretry colors too- and thicker and one piece). So, after the background, what should I do now? He’s on a sensitive formula and still experiences a few of the milk allergy symptoms. We’ve seen a dr about his reflux and even saw a pediatric GI(who just simply told us he has reflux, which we knew already, and sent us on our way!). I don’t want to try soy bc of hormones if I can avoid it! Please help me, you seem knowledgable!

    1. Amanda, it definitely sounds like he has an allergy of some kind. I’m assuming you’ve already seen my article on formula allergies (talks about the red ring around the anus), but just in case, I’ve linked it here.

      I guess I would recommend giving a hypoallergenic formula a try, and thickening it a little with cereal to help him keep it down. If that doesn’t seem to help the allergies (give it at least a week), try switching to Enfamil AR or one of the other specific acid reflux formulas here. 🙂

  152. This is what I needed to read. My daughter was diagnosed with acid reflux at 3 weeks (She’s 5 weeks now) and prescribed Zantac (1 mL twice a day). We also are using Lityle Remedies gas relief drops. We had her on Similac Sensitive which kept her full, feeding regularly and spitting up minimally. But we were lucky to see one bowel movement per day and the fussiness was just heartbreaking. We just recently switched her to Enfamil Gentalese and the bowel movements are regular…up to 4 times a day…and her fussiness is essentially gone…like a new baby. BUT she has started spitting up a lot and I know it’s from the reflux. We have her sleep in her car seat so she’s inclined and won’t even put her in there until maybe 20 minutes after feeding. I’ve also noticed that she has been sleeping less on the Gentalese than the Similac. I chalked that up to the Similac being a thicker based formula. I’m eager to try the Enfamil A.R. now to see if this will help her at all. Thx for the information, Heather!

  153. Thanks for the great info on your site! My little guy has had silent reflux since day one. He is happy all day, keeps his food down, but at night he is awake constantly. He is now 8 months old and the lack of sleep is getting to all of us. I’ve talked to the doc a ton and everytime its been about adjusting his medicine (zantac). Never once to I consider switching formulas, since he never spit up…why had it taken me so long to realize this?? He is on similac advance. I will try Enfamil A.R. but have also been told to try the Gerber Good Start brands. Do you have any info on those? What is the difference between them? Thanks so much!

    1. Jen, I’m so glad it could be helpful to you. Gerber Good Start is my favorite regular formula, since it’s the most gentle brand on the market. In fact, their REGULAR formula is what most the other brands (Enfamil, Similac, etc.) use as their GENTLE formula (partially broken down proteins). Which means the Good Start GENTLE formula is even better (100% broken down proteins). I guess I would start with the Good Start Gentle and see if that helps first. It’s much cheaper. If that doesn’t seem to do it after 5 days or so, go ahead and give Enfamil A.R. a try. The good news is that Enfamil A.R is still a dairy-based formula (it is in the same “formula family” as Good Start Gentle). This means you should be able to switch abruptly without causing him tummy pain.

      Hope this can help! Heather

  154. Heather,

    Your website has been very helpful, full of great information. My little guy is only 6 weks old. He definately has reflux. He gulps his food and air, grunts, pushes the bottle away, spits up once in a while, but mostly I can hear the food move up and down his throat. He is on meds and we have had a swallow study done. Poor guy!

    After reaing through your website I thought I should switch formula. We changed from similac advanced to gerber soothe. This helped calm his tummy down a bit but did not help with the reflux. Unfortuneately we have added cereal to his bottle to help make it thicker and stay down. This does help, but not a cure. He still struggles often.

    I reread your site again. It soulds like Enfamil Ar or Similac Sensitive might work out better since it is naturally thicker. What are your thoughts on these two products? Have you heard any success stories? I would love to hear from you. Thanks so much!!

    1. Kristin, poor guy indeed! I’m so sad for him! But I’m also very happy for him, since he obviously has a good mother who wants to do all she can to help. (Well done!) I think you’re on the right track, thinking about switching to a more “reflux specific” formula. Start with the AR if you can, since I’ve heard more successes with that one. (Sensitive is also good, but I would start with AR.) You may also want to call your pediatrician’s office, sometimes they have AR and Sensitive formulas to give away to parents just like you to try.

      I HAVE heard great things about these formulas when it comes to babies with problems similar to yours, so take heart! The important thing in these situations is to just keep TRYING stuff. That way you feel like you are moving somewhere, and it makes the day-to-day endurance a whole lot easier. 🙂

      Glad to chat, always here to help if you need me.

  155. Ok…please help!!!

    My 9 week old daughter has been on Nutramigen for 3 weeks now. She’s been wheezing since she was born..I call her “zombie baby” because of all those weird grunting/wheezing/choking noises she’s always made.

    She also chokes sometimes and cries inconsolably allllll of the time! She’s always wanted to eat constantly, but only very small amounts at a time!

    Well, all three visits to her ped resulted in “shes fine”

    I honestly went with it because I’m formula feeding for the first time ever (breast surgery…tried to bf and didn’t have milk) and figured it was the formula!

    Now..after more research…I KNOW she has silent reflux!

    My question is this….should I switch formulas again?

    Before the nurtamigen, she was on enfamil infant ready made. It worked for about two weeks!! She wasn’t as fussy and wasn’t at all constipated like then Gentle EAse and Prosobee made her!

    But now…she’s sooooo fussy..with normal and sometimes explosive poops! She is literally crying the whole time she’s awake.

    I have an appt with her ped. (Again!) tomorrow because I called and told them that I’m sure it’s the silent reflux…but I don’t dare get their advise on formula or anything anymore!

    So….should I try the AR??? Perhaps that will help a bit? Or would switching yet again make things worse? I’ve already tried her on 6 formulas including the one we are on now.

    Thank you!


    1. Sarah,

      First of all, if you’ve been to the same pediatrician three times and you don’t feel he/she is being helpful, I would seek a 2nd opinion from a new pediatrician. Just in case. You can always go back to the first, but it never hurts to have another doctor look at her.

      Secondly, if you’re confident she has silent reflux, I would go ahead and switch to the AR and see if that helps. Have you seen these tips to make the formula switch easier? Then set up another appointment with a new doctor and go from there.

      You are her only advocate, and you’re doing great! Keep looking for answers and experimenting with solutions. Yes, some things we just have to endure as parents, but you can endure WHILE finding answers. 🙂


    2. Yeah my doc says my son is fine too, he’s 2 mons old and he spits up every time u burp and is very hard to burp. We have him on Enfamil AR and add gas drops every bottle and no change sometimes its worse. Also tried soy, and plain simulac sensitive no change…. I give up!

    3. When my son was 2months old after tryin gentle and soy and they put him on nutramigin and generic zantac. he is four months now and i add as much rice cereal as i do milk and he still spits up bad..he HAS to wesr a bib at all times. i think I’m going to try AR. and i get his nutramigin through WIC but that’s with a prescription friend from pediatrician. i tried oatmeal and he kept it dwn but couldn’t go to the bathroom and that’s with a litte Karo in every bottle. after three day he still didn’t poop and started using rice again and he went to tge bathroom but still spits up soo much

    4. Ashley, I do recommend giving AR a try – you may find that helps a lot. Another option is to alternate the rice and the oatmeal in his bottle. Also, try using two teaspoons of prune juice instead of the Karo. It’s less sugar, and has more fiber. If you add that to the oatmeal bottles, it’s possible that will fix the constipation issue. Worth trying! Hang in there Ashley, things will get better!

  156. This was an amazing article… Is there any difference between similac sensative for spit up powder versus ready to feed? You only mention the powder mix…

    1. Hello I have a question. My 5 month old has chronic reflux. He is on two different medications and we have switched his formula from gerber gentle to soy, nutrimegan, elecare, and similac for spit up. He has threw up with every formula after every feeding. Is there any difference between Enfamil A.R and similac for spit up? I am running out of options. We also add rice cereal to his milk.

    2. Mackenzie, I’m so sorry to hear of all this! Poor little baby! The main difference between them is that one is Enfamil and one is Similac. Theoretically you could say there is no difference, since the basic components are the same, but I’ve found that with some babies brand does actually matter. Hope you can find the right formula soon. Keep hanging in there, you’re doing a great job, brainstorming and problem solving to find answers. He’s lucky to have you. 🙂

    3. My daughter is 5 months old and has had reflux issues since 4 weeks old. It was Silent reflux, she didn’t spit up but had really wet burps, hiccups all the time, fussy after feedings, cluster feed, and slept best in swing. She was on Enfamil Newborn formula and they suggested we switch to Gerber Gentle Soothe. We do the ready made b/c powdered seem to irritate more. Formula alone didn’t really help so they put her on Zantac that didn’t help. Started Prilosec compound saw little to no improvement and started adding rice cereal to bottles which seemed to help for 3 weeks but then old symptoms reappeared. We tried a couple bottles without rice cereal but she screams after her feeding with pain so have continued to add rice to bottle which eliminates the screaming immediately after feeding. But she still spits up(not alwAys consistently spitting up but does in spurts) she gets fussy and irratiable about 45 minutes after feedings, always putting hands in mouth and drooling all the time creating rash on neck and chest, sometimes wants to eat within an hour of last feeding maybe to sooth pain, will only nap during the day if held but will sleep all night in bed fine(that I don’t understand?) so anyways we have an appointment with GI in a few days. But saw your article and now wonder should I try just switching the formula? Don’t know why my pediatrician hasn’t sugested that? What is best recommendation?

    4. Candice, two things I think could help your situation… 1. I would talk with your GI specialist about switching to a hypoallergenic formula. These acid reflux formulas are helpful for some babies and are less expensive, but for other babies, research has shown that they do better on a hypoallergenic formula. So ask Dr. GI about that option and see what he says.

      2. Recent research has also shown that giving your baby probiotics like these on Amazon may also help in fighting acid reflux. I would see what he thinks about that as well.

      I hope this can help Candice! Please let me know if I can do anything else to help. You’ve been doing a GREAT job, searching for answers and being your little princesses advocate. I know things are really tough right now, but you really are being the best mom to this little baby. There are many things we can’t control as parents (like medical stuff), but we CAN control asking questions and seeking answers! And it sounds like you’ve been doing exactly that. Well done. 🙂

    5. My 10 weeks old has the exact symptoms as your baby. She screams after feeding, wet burp, hiccups a lot. She will take about 1 hour nap time after feeding if I hold her in my arm, she will immediately wake up if I put her down on bed, but she will sleep through the night. Sometimes 6 hours until her next feeding. We went to the doctor and they have given her the Prilosec and it have not seen any improvement yet. She is still spitting up, still arching her back after feeding, still fuss and cry, more like screaming after being fed, I stop feeding her powder formula and switched to ready to fed formula (no bubbles) that seems to help a bit more. It just a bit more costly.

    6. Caycee, what did you end up doing that solved your issue. Our baby girl LITERALLY has the same exact symptoms and she sounds wheezy after crying.

    7. I’m the miraculous mother of a 3month old with horrible reflux, unfortunately he was diagnosed while i was in the hospital with peripartum cardiomyopathy, he tolerated breast milk, but due to my condition the medications negate That option. My family and i have tried all of the suggestions in the above article as well as those Candace has tried (A/R, zantac, cereal, similac, enfamil, gentlease, soy) we have the Miserable day napping, sleeping at night, starving within minutes or an hour of eating, 8oz/4hrs… LOOKING AT BABY BREEZA…ANYONE HAVE A MIRACLE CURE? What did the GI Specialist say?

    8. My dd has been diagnosed with silent reflux but she also has a milkallergy,so she is on alimentum,there are no hypoallergenic formulas for babies with milk allergy that also have reflux. 🙁

    9. Andrea, you’re correct there’s no pre-thickened formula for reflux babies. However, new studies have shown that hypoallergenic formulas can also be really helpful with reflux – so you may already be in a good spot! Another recent development in reflux treatment is giving babies probiotics like these. May be worth talking over with your doctor!

    10. Silent refluxers (in my experience) can also greatly benefit from Similac Alimentum formula. That formula in combo with Prevacid, has worked wonders for my son. Silent reflux is the devil and I’ve had two sons with severe cases….a lot of these doctors are not up to speed on this subject from what I’ve seen and read. Articles like yours are truly a lifesaver for some of us parents. 🙂

    11. Thanks so much for adding this comment! It’s good for other parents to see they have more than just two options, and I have heard that some of the hypoallergenic formulas, like Alimentum, can be really effective. Thanks for sharing your experience, I’m sure it will be encouraging to others. 🙂

    12. My daughter since the day she was born has had a spit up problem along with hiccups, which I understand is normal to an extent. I tried telling the doctors she acted like she had acid reflux but they told me she was to young to be able to tell. She is now a month old and since day one has projectile vomited after almost every feeding. It is now way worse and she projectile vomits up almost everything she eats along with little spit ups every once in awhile. She will also get hiccups 4-5 times a day maybe more and will even wake her up, sometimes the hiccups are dry and sometimes wet. She screams none stop while clawing at me and nothing I do will sooth her and it breaks my heart. She will only sleep if she is either in the car seat, bouncy seat (sometimes) or I am holding her. I do not get sleep or anything done around my house or anything and I can’t seem to help her. At first the doctor tried to tell me that I had a hyperactive let down and that was the problem, but I tried everything they told me to do and nothing is working. They put her on Zantac, but does not seem to be working actually seems like she is projectiling more. She only poops maybe once a day and it always seems to be super runny and yellowish to green. I am breastfeeding now still (everyone including WIC like to make you feel bad when you are not breastfeeding and your baby is formula fed even though my son was formula fed). She is constantly arching her back and pushing away and will not stay latched on very long. It seems like when a baby has a major reflux problem that the formula is helps so much more because of the milk allergy thing and all the other reasons. Are the babies better off on formula with a reflux problem? Which formula seems to help the best the Enfamil AR or the Similac Spit up especially to control the projectile vomiting? I really need help my son only had a colic problem and with the nutramigen it fixed it and it seems to be a family thing with having to have the nutramigen but she seems so much different and it breaks my heart to see her in so much pain.

    13. Amber,

      It does break your heart, as a mama, to see your little one in pain. It feels so unfair!

      I would love to see you work with a really good lactation consultant. Someone like this could confirm if you have a hyperactive let down. However, in the mean time, have you tried pumping and feeding her a bottle instead? This could help you figure out about the let down too. If the feeding is easier with the bottle then you may indeed be drowning her (not your fault!). A really good lactation consultant could help you slow your flow as well if that’s the problem. I am not the expert but I have seen breast shields used to help in a case like that.
      The tricky part of all of this is that the symptoms you have mentioned could come from either the let down or reflux. Have you tried some of the other things that help reflux babies (Keeping the baby more upright during feedings and for 30 minutes after each feeding, having her sleep in a Rock N Play or Baby Bean Bag, though I don’t think you mentioned how old she is so that is a factor you have to consider too!)?
      I hope some of these ideas will help!

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