22 Solutions for When Your Diaper Pail Smells Like Crap. Literally.

Do you really want guests to smell poop as they walk around the house?

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Are you tired of dunking all the couch cushions in Fabreeze before visitors arrive? Are you weary of the welcoming stench of “A Baby Lives Here” when you walk through the door? Oh, the fecal funk. These stinky diaper pail solutions can help.

Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to place our offspring’s post-digestive matter inside a solid 24-karat gold diaper pail with 5,000 rubies, sapphires, and diamonds like the royal family.  (I could only afford the one with 3,000 rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. #itHurts)

For all the plebeians out there forced to put their baby’s extra excrement into unadorned and unsparkly trash containers…this post is for you.

Smelly Diapers? 4 Strategies for an Diaper Pail Odor Eliminator

Nothing says “welcome to parenthood” like the whiff of sulfur anus in the morning. There are 4 typical approaches to tackling this issue in your home.

  1. Start with the Big Guns (because your nose needs relief NOW)
  2. Use Common Sense
  3. Try Essential Oils
  4. Break out the Home Remedies

Let me break each of those down into 22 specific stinky diaper pail solutions.

4 Products for Code-Red Smelly Diapers

The whole house is starting to smell, and although that would be a huge benefit if you were Shrek, the neighbors are starting to complain. Let’s start with the big guns first and blow those smelly diapers into smithereens. (Not literally. The neighbors are watching.)

  1. Pick up some pooper scooper bags.  Sure, it’s for dog poo…but if it’s strong enough for a 95 lb golden retriever’s Chewbacca Chunks, it will do for your little dude’s dingleberries.  (This is a MUST for the diaper bag!)
  2. If you’d rather not wrap up the poopy diapers separately, purchase some odor-block trash bags and call it done.  You had me at “patented dual-action odor control technology”.
  3. Spray the diaper changing area (and inside of the pail) with Mrs. Meyer’s Everyday cleaner – it’s eco-friendly so you don’t have to feel guilty about not making your own lemon-cake-deodorizers.
  4. Charcoal is a natural dehumidifier – absorbing moisture, reducing condensation and bacteria, those things that cause your noise to wrinkle.  This brand is a favorite.
  5. Purchase a new diaper pail with every baby (plastic can absorb smells over time).  See below for the top three rated diaper pails on Amazon.

The Best Diaper Pails Rated on Amazon

1st Place: Ubbi Steel
2nd Place: Munchkin Step 
3rd Place: Diaper Dekor

5 Common Sense
Stinky Diaper Pail Solutions

These solutions use the “common sense” approach to problem solving.  I still thought I’d mention them, though, because when you’re averaging 5 hours a sleep at night, “sense” really isn’t all that common.  

After all, that’s why you have me.

To obviously state the obvious to those who are oblivious of the fact they are obvious.  (You got that, right?)

  1. Throw poopy diapers directly into the outside bin (you know, for the neighbors), or dump the solids directly into the toilet before tossing the diaper itself.
  2. Every evening spray a disinfectant spray, like Lysol, into the pail.
  3. Vow to never allow the diaper count to rise above 10 or 12 before removing.
  4. Change all diapers in the same spot, so all dirty diapers go in the same bin and you avoid a “surprise” in the guest bathroom 2 weeks later.
  5. Change your disposable brand every few months.  Seems strange, but many parents swear this helps!

9 Home Remedies for
Smelly Diapers

So what do you do if the common sense approaches are a no-go?  (After all, let’s be honest, I don’t care how crappy the room smells, I’m not heading outside after every diaper change… #LikeItIs)

Try some of these stinky diaper pail solutions instead:

  1. Sprinkle baking soda in the bottom of the diaper pail every time you take out the full bag.
  2. Put a coffee filter in the bottom of the diaper pail.
  3. Toss in a few whole cloves.
  4. Put a dryer sheet in the bottom of the pail.
  5. Dump old coffee grounds in a plastic container and leave it in the bottom of the pail.
  6. Heck, toss ALL those things in the bottom of the pail at the same time… #yolo
  7. Keep a spray bottle of white vinegar and spray it into the pail every time you empty it.  (Because you know what smells better than poo? VINEGAR POO!)
  8. Take a half lemon, scrape out all the flesh and fill it with salt.  Then place it at the bottom of the pail, replacing it when it gets “cake-y”.
  9. Pick up some Multicat Litter at the grocery store and pour it into an old sock, tying it off like a ball.  Then secure it to the lid of the diaper pail.  (Obvious Con: Look crawling baby! a Ball Toy to chew on!)

You Have a Diaper Pail in this House?

That’s what you want guests to say when they walk into your home.

They look at your baby, take a big sniff, and then decide that somehow you are such an incredible parent that you managed to toilet train your baby at 2 weeks. 

You’re a genius.

*slow clap*

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