Be the Queen of Your Castle with This Free Cleaning Checklist

Conquer the chaos of your home. Reclaim your clean kingdom.

Free Cleaning Checklist

Once upon a time…

There was a mom who was so frustrated, fed-up, and ashamed of her “castle” that she…

  • fantasized about winning the lottery just so she can start over in a new house. BURN BABY, BURN.
  • got turned on every time her husband rinsed out a cereal bowl.
  • stopped inviting people over so they wouldn’t have to see her “shame”.
  • mentally blocked out areas of her home that were just too overwhelming to think about.

Seriously, I don’t think I have a single friend who, at some point, doesn’t feel a pang of shame about the state of her home.

That alone is telling. Why do we all seem to feel that a home with people living in it should look like a Better Homes and Garden photo shoot? Life is not a movie set!

Ladies, can I be honest for a second?

My home isn’t perfect. If you said you were stopping by this afternoon, I definitely would spend 15-20 minutes tossing items into the basement and trying to dig out all the socks under the couch. (Personal rant: why are there always socks under the living room couch?!!!) 

I can’t be the only one who feels this way. Anyone else want to take back their castle?

What if we did it together? What if we all used the same Spring Cleaning Checklist so we could focus on the same things together? 

*light bulb*

Your Cleaning Checklist:
A Season For Everything

The problem with most Spring Cleaning Checklists is that they are overwhelming.  For some moms, adding a task to “hand wash all the baseboards in the house” is no problem.

But what if you’ve got three kids under the age of five? Or work 30-50 hours a week? Or homeschool?

Yeah. That’s not happening.

I can practically see all your mom-esteem seeping through your body and trickling out of your big toe. So, in our Cleaning Checklist, we’ve divided the kingdom chores into three sections.  

Sleeping Beauty Chores: Exhausted Cleaning

Are you a Sleeping Beauty?

  • Do you have small children?
  • Are you frequently getting up at night?
  • Does the thought of cleaning and organizing your home feel completely overwhelming?

The Sleeping Beauty Cleaning Checklist consists of chores that are the bare minimum to keep your family healthy. That’s it. It’s focused on disinfecting germ-prone areas and a few “must-do’s” basics for living.

Cinderella Chores: Weekend Cleaning

Are you a Cinderella?

  • Do you work during the week?
  • Are you too busy during the week with other things to worry about cleaning?
  • Do you hate having to do any chores after 6pm? (This is totally me. Abhor it.)

The Cinderella Cleaning Checklist is designed to showcase chores that can be done on the weekend, like a Saturday morning. They include the basics included in the Sleeping Beauty checklist, with a few other bonus chores that make the rest of the week a lot easier.

Snow White Chores: Heavy-Duty Cleaning

Are you a Snow White?

  • Do you actually enjoy cleaning and organizing your home?
  • Are your kids at school during the day?
  • Are you pretty picky about the state of your home? (Or want to be more picky?)

The Snow White Spring Cleaning Checklist is the big kahuna of chore lists. If you were going to hire a cleaner, these are the tasks you’d expect for her to do every week!

Don’t pigeon hole yourself! You may decide you’re a Sleeping Beauty this week, but next week you’re ready for some Snow-White-Level cleaning. The checklist includes all three, so you can choose what’s best for your family for that week.

Don’t Forget to Delegate to the Dwarves!

Of course, you shouldn’t over look the DWARVES!  (Or dwarfs if you’re not a Tolkien fan.)

Our Cleaning Checklist adds a little asterisk (*) behind chores that can be shared with your kids!  Yes, I realize that may be a bit harder, but teaching your kids at a young age to help out around the house will be worth your weight in gold when they are older!

(Trust me. I am currently reaping those benefits, and cannot imagine how much more difficult my life would be if my kids weren’t so helpful!)

Download Your Free Cleaning Checklist

Okay, time for the brass tacks.

We’ve designed a beautiful free printable for you to download and use as focusing tool so you know what things to do each week. Personally, I laminated mine so I can use a dry erase marker each week to track my progress, rather than print off a new one each week.

Need a laminator? This one is cheap enough to do the job! I’m always amazed at how handy it is to have one of these around the house! I’m constantly finding ways to use mine.

When you’ve finished downloading your checklist, head over here for additional bonus materials, videos, and tips to make these weekly/monthly tasks even easier to finish.

Conquer the Chaos.
Take Back Your Kingdom.

Ladies, it’s time for us to arm up and start beating back the Guilt Monster that’s been gnawing at your self-esteem. 

Don’t fight this battle alone, though. Let’s do it together.

The Queen of Your Castle Club is designed to make homemaking easier. Every month we will send out a single email with a single checklist of things, divided again into the three queens, that you can concentrate on that month.

It includes the tasks that so often get pushed aside. When’s the last time you sorted your makeup bag? Cleaned out the drain? Rotated your mattress? Changed your furnace filter?

Let’s start getting on top of these tasks together. 🙂

Get 6 Months of Deep Cleaning Checklists for $4

Want to finally tackle those dark scary corners in your home that keep digging at your Mom Esteem? I’ve created six months of Deep Cleaning Checklists for you.

  1. Each month focuses on a specific area of your home to tackle.
  2. The checklists are divided up into the Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Snow White tasks that won’t overwhelm you.
  3. There are asterisks to show which chores are appropriate for your little dwarves to try.
  4. I’ve created another Bonus Page with videos, links, and other content that will keep you smiling.

Learn more about these $4 spring cleaning checklists. (Good all year long!)

It’s simple to use. It’s insanely helpful. It’s shockingly cheap.

Your mom-esteem is worth more than a Caramel Latte.

Nothing makes cleaning and organizing your home as easy as doing it with someone else! You’ll be inspired to check off those tasks because you’ll know that I (and other moms) are focusing on the same thing, at the same time!

Go Queen Team!

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