How a Baby Lovey Can Make a Huge Sleeping Difference

To her, it’s not a lovey. It’s a soothing friend.

What if I told you there was a way to help your baby sleep better at a night?

*offering two pills*

You take the blue pill, you click away. You continue to wake up with your child at night, going through the same exhausting motions.

You take the red pill, you stay here in Wonderland, and I show you how deep your baby’s sleep could be… (without compromising crib safety!)

It’s your choice.

*takes the red pill*

Understand What a Baby Lovey IS,
and What it ISN’T

“I tried introducing a lovey to my baby, but it didn’t work.”

I hear that phrase ALL THE TIME as a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach. (Yes, that’s a thing I had to work really hard for and pay precious money to become.)

My response to that phrase is to ask a few more questions like…

  • How old was your baby when you tried introducing the lovey? (Usually…younger than 6 months)
  • How long did you try to introduce the lovey? (Usually…a few days)
  • What was your method to introduce the lovey? (Usually…I let her hold it during feeding times.)

Here’s what you need to know about a lovey blanket: You’ve got to think of it as more than a sleep aid. You need to think of it as your baby’s best friend.

The purpose of having a lovey in the crib is to give your baby assurance and comfort. It is supposed to smell like you, remind your baby of happy times, and comfort him when he’s sleeping alone in his crib.

You’re not going to get to that point with a few nursing sessions, my friend. You need a “bestie” to stay in that crib with him all night long. 

How to Introduce a Baby Lovey
Your Child Will Bond To

First of all, don’t bother introducing a lovey to your baby if he/she is  younger than 6 months.

A) That’s a sleeping hazard. You don’t want anything in the crib your child could accidentally pull over his mouth while sleeping, causing rebreathing and possibly SIDS.

B) Your child isn’t old enough to bond to anything inanimate at this age! It will remain an “object” much like everything else in the room. Your newborn is only interested in two things: Mom’s face and Dad’s face.

Second of all, when you DO decide to introduce a lovey blanket, it needs to be ALL IN.

  • Mr. Cow has a name (every lovey needs a name, so you can refer to it throughout the day, and your child learns it’s “identity”).
  • Mr. Cow is there for all meals (bottle/breast/solids).
  • Mr. Cow is there for the bedtime and naptime routine.
  • Mr. Cow plays with your baby (while you pretend to be “Mr. Cow”.)
  • Mr. Cow rides with baby in the carseat.
  • Mr. Cow gets everything baby gets. If baby gets a kiss, so does Mr. Cow. If baby gets a raspberry, so does Mr. Cow. When we tuck baby in for a nap, we tuck Mr. Cow in for a nap too.

In other words, Mr. Cow becomes an integral part of your family. A sibling. A best friend.

THAT is when your baby will start bonding with your lovey, and THAT is what will comfort him at 2am in the morning, when he rolls over. After all, if Mr. Cow is there to hug, why does he need you?


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Picking Out the Perfect Baby Lovey

As you are considering your baby’s lovey, keep in mind the first rule of parenting: “Kids don’t always do what we say.”

Despite our best intentions, kids have their own opinions. It’s very possible, that as much as you would LIKE Billy to use the soft little lamb as his lovey, he may just decide Dad’s old T-shirt is just perfect for him.

Don’t force it. If your child has a clear preference for one item, unless it’s a safety hazard, let it be.

Speaking of safety hazards…here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t let him use anything that has long strings or ribbons, they could accidentally wrap around his neck during sleeping.
  • If you choose to let him bond to a blanket, keep half of it tucked under the crib mattress, so he can play and cuddle with a corner, but without pulling it over or around his head. (Again, you need to remove the strangulation hazard.)
  • If you choose a stuffed animal, make sure it’s small enough to be grabbed with one hand. Anything larger could become a suffocation hazard, anything smaller could be a choking hazard.
  • I strongly recommend you have a smart video monitor, so you can watch and see what’s going on inside the crib at all times.

Here are several loveys that other babies have found soothing!

You’re Looking for an Answer

I know why you’re here, Neo. 

I know how you’ve been searching online…how you hardly sleep…why you keep, night after night, sitting in the dark soothing your baby’s cries.

You’re looking for relief. Something to try. I know because I was once looking for the same thing.

It’s the question that drives us, friend. It’s the question that brought you here. 

The answer is out there. Using a baby lovey is the first step in finding the answer of a good’s night sleep.

That sleep is looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to.

Enter the Momtrix and find the snoozes you’re looking for.

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