These Postpartum Clothes Will Make You Feel Awesome

Comfy + Stylish = New Mom Confident

These Postpartum Clothes will make you feel awesome -

Listen, friend, you need some staple clothing pieces that will fit your current body. You are caught in between maternity and normalcy. Do your self-esteem a favor and invest in some beautiful image-boosting postpartum clothes.

The spit-up covered t-shirt and baggy sweatpants you’ve been wearing since yesterday is a one-way ticket to Frumpville. Sure, it’s okay to visit once in a while, but moving there is going to leave you discouraged.  

The first few months after a new baby is born, you’re in survival mode.

Eventually, though, you’ll reach the point where you can devote a little time and energy to getting dressed. Like the plant with its new blooms, you want to dress your new postpartum body in clothes that will make you feel great. 

The Postpartum Clothes You Need in Your Closet

When picking out your postpartum clothes, I recommend choosing items that will work in a variety of situations. (This way you’re covering all your bases!)

  1. Jeans & Comfy Pants
  2. Dresses That Flow
  3. Professional Attire  

Let me cast a vision for you on what your gorgeous self can look like, with a little foresight and careful planting shopping!

What to Wear Postpartum:
Jeans & Comfy Pants

Jeans were the clothing item I was both the most and least excited to buy after having my daughter. Finding a great pair can be tricky in general, but even more so when you’ve still got fluctuating (raging?) hormones and a new body you’re getting used to. 

The best piece of advice I heard when I was a few months postpartum and want to pass on to you is this: when buying a new pair of pants, the size does not matter.

Spending most of your day in yoga pants? Don’t forget all of Lauren’s great ideas of ways to make them look super chic!

It is okay (and totally normal!) if you have to buy a pair of jeans a size or two bigger than your pre-pregnancy size. If the jeans make you feel good, who cares about the silly number on the tag.

And while nothing beats a great-fitting pair of jeans, all mamas know the happiness that comes from finding cute and comfy (dare I say stretchy?) pants. You really can’t go wrong with a trusty pair of yoga pants or leggings.

Postpartum Clothes:
Choose Dresses That Flow

Whoever invented clothes that look cute but don’t really touch any part of your body should get an award, am I right? I don’t know about you, but the last thing I wanted to wear after giving birth was something tight on my midsection. 

That’s where flowy dresses come in. They fit where you want them to and then flow away to hide anything you’re uncomfortable with. 

They’re comfy enough to wear all day while you’re busy mommin’, and they look pulled together enough to feel like a “real” outfit. If you play your cards right, you’ll find one that feels like wearing a nightgown, but looks like you found it on 5th Avenue. 

If breastfeeding is your jam, check out these 20 nursing-friendly dresses.

What to Wear Postpartum:
Professional Attire

Maybe the reason you’re leaving mama dormancy isn’t so much the desire to feel awesome but because your much-too-short maternity leave is over

There’s good news here at least: Professional and comfortable are not mutually exclusive terms when it comes to workwear; you just need some classic, easy-fitting postpartum clothes. Plus, a lot of the items below can be worn in more casual outfits or to other events like a wedding, church, or date night. 

Make your workwear work for you, girl!  

Time to Bloom

Coming out of mama dormancy may take a little time (only you know when it’s time to emerge!), but having postpartum clothes that make you feel awesome will definitely help the transition into the new season of life ahead. 

So, go ahead: put on the new great-fitting pair of jeans or that pretty new dress and show the world the beautiful flower you are.

It’s blooming season, and you look ahhhhhh-mazing! 

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