The Best Rain Gear for Kids: 15 Examples of Adorable Cuteness

This rain gear is the only thing standing between you and another family epidemic.

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Best Rain Gear for Kids -

Do you remember the phrase, “In like a lion, out like a lamb?” What a croc. I’ve never experienced Spring like a lamb. Spring, to me, is always a very angry and extremely damp lion, coming or going.

Sure the snow has stopped, but it’s been replaced with an icy rain that sprinkles down the neck, soaks pant cuffs, and pretty much hangs a flashing neon sign on my children’s chest: Welcome Pneumonia & Flu! We have vacancy!

If you think you can skip from heavy winter coats to summer jackets, think again. Your child’s immune system needs a bit more standing between him and his next fever than a flimsy piece of linen. Every child should have a set of rain gear to use in those in-between months of Spring (and Fall, actually).

Here are fifteen super-cute examples of what you want to look for, starting with those sweet puddle-jumping feet.

Best Rain Boots for Kids -

6 Warm & Waterproof Rain Boots

1. Dino Wellies | 2. Bunny Waterproof Boots | 3. Rainbow Boots
4. Duck Wellies | 5. Solid Colored Wellies (color options)
6. Woodland Waterproof Boots (also with dinosaurs)

Best Rain Jackets for Kids -

Best Rain Jackets for Kids

1. Waterproof Overalls (color options) | 2. Waterproof Pants (color options)
3. Packable Rain Jacket (color options) | 4. Duck Fisherman Jacket
5. Fisherman’s Jacket (color options) | 6. Dinosaur Jacket
7. Navy Color-Change Jacket | 8. Color-Change Umbrellas
9. Flower Pack-Away Jacket

Picking Out the
Best Rain Gear for Kids

The key for you, oh Masterful Holder of the Wallet, is to choose the best rain gear for the right price.

After all, you’re going to spend money on the rain gear, it’s important that it actually be the best rain gear, right? What’s the use of heading to a local giant box store and spending $12 on a jacket that will have a hole in it before the end of the week?

Rain gear is not something you want to have to purchase over and over again. It’s not underwear. You want to buy something high-quality ONCE, and then reuse it again in the fall or tuck it away for a younger sibling.

That’s exactly where JoJo Maman Bébé really shines.

Jumping Across the Pond:
JoJo Maman Bébé Means Quality

JoJo Maman Bébé has been making high-quality children’s clothing (including the best rain gear) in the UK since 1993. Fortunately for us Americanos, they hopped over the pond and are now offering their adorable designs for our colonial tastes to enjoy!

  • They use real rubber in all their galoshes (or “Wellies” as they are called over there)
  • Recycled materials are used in all their snowsuits and rain jackets.
  • They are a certified B Corp—Better Corporations (B Corps) are a community of organizations aiming to demonstrate their positive impact on people and the planet as well as profit.

They have gorgeous maternity outfits (for those who like Kate and Megan’s royal style), baby gear, children’s clothing from birth to age six, books and toys, as well as plenty of other pretty things to look through.

The Best Rain Gear Now…
Quality Hand-Me-Downs Later

You get what you pay for. I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but I can tell you, from experience that $20 you spent on rain gear for kids is going to leave you with frayed hems, poked-through hoods, and leaky boots…probably before June.

I don’t splurge on many things, when it comes to my kids’ clothes, but I did splurge on their rain gear. Let me tell you something, those boots and jackets lasted for years before they outgrew them and I gave them to a friend.  (Yes, even after years of hard-use, they were still in good enough condition to pass along—without shame!—to a friend!)

Take a minute to just browse through the adorable rain gear collection at JoJo Maman Bébé.

Some high-quality rain protection this Spring will turn off that flashing neon sign and let all those lurking viruses know your child is officially closed for business.

Best Rain Gear for Kids -

This article was sponsored by  JoJo Maman Bébé who paid for the time to research, write, and create these gorgeous graphics. We get a lot of partnership requests here at, but choose only those we think would be an asset to our readers. The quality workmanship of the  JoJo Maman Bébé products definitely fit that bill. I hope you check them out. 

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