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An Important (Gag-Free) Baby Poop Color Chart

Your infant: a Picasso of Poo.  A Gucci of gastrointestinal wonders.

Brown is so last year as a baby poop color, and your infant knows it.  She’s a fashionista. She makes STATEMENTS.

The test, as the parent of such an artsy-fartsy baby is to be able to identify which of those statements are “personal expressions” and which baby poop colors are the flashing red lights of danger.

Baby Poop Color Actually Matters

Here’s the baby poop colors you can expect to show up in your infant’s “gift” on the changing table. Keep reading to learn what each of these actually mean.

  1. Lime Green
  2. Evergreen
  3. Chalky White
  4. Rosy Pink
  5. Raspberry
  6. Ruby Red
  7. Mustard Yellow
  8. Hummus Brown
  9. Dirt Brown
  10. Night Black

Baby Poop Colors:
Lime Green

Lime green is one of the most startling of baby poop colors.  Most of the time it’s accompanied by a frothy, bubbly texture.  (Think of a rancid cappuccino.)

This is a sign of a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance.

  • Foremilk is “first milk” that comes from the breast.  It’s fairly sweet and thin, like skim milk.
  • Hindmilk is the milk that “comes from behind” (that’s how I remember, anyway).  It is richer and fattier and contains most of the power-nutrients your baby needs.

Lime green poo is a sign that your baby is snacking too much on the sweet foremilk.  Try keeping her on one breast longer, so she pulls out the thicker, richer hindmilk.

Weight checks are another good way to test this.  Babies who are getting their hindmilk will gain weight easier.

If you’re not breastfeeding, or are and your infant isn’t snacking, talk to your pediatrician.  Lime green poo can also be a sign of a virus.  (He may ask to see the green baby poop color for testing, so ask before tossing.)  Green is a common shade for milk protein allergies, FYI.  Definitely something to ask the Doc about!

Baby Poop Colors:

An evergreen baby poop color is the result of extra iron floating through your baby’s system.  It’s usually also accompanied by thick constipated stools.

Don’t stop supplementing with iron (if your doctor has told you to) or try to switch to an iron-free formula.  Iron is a “must have” nutrient your baby needs for proper brain growth and development.

If your infant is straining and showing signs of constipation, add a little prune juice to the bottle or speak to your doctor about using an over-the-counter stool softener. This can also be a sign of a milk protein allergy.  Click here to see what to watch for.

Baby Poop Colors:
Chalky White

The magic ingredient that colors poop (because I’m know you soooo want to know) is bile.

Using our parental powers of deduction, my dear Watson, we can then conclude that the absence of color in your baby’s waste is a signal your baby is not producing enough bile.  A bile shortage is caused by liver or gallbladder problems and can be serious.  Call your doctor right away.

Baby Poop Colors:
Rosy Pink

This “pretty” shade of poo is directly related to something your baby has eaten recently.  Usually the culprit is beets, but it could also be tied to cranberries, tomatoes, Froot Loops, red Jell-O, or cherry popsicles.

Pink is pretty harmless, but I would still compare it with the other reddish shades.  Art is fickle.  Just because you see pink doesn’t mean your doctor wouldn’t see red.

Baby Poop Colors:

If you see a raspberry baby poop color that looks like mucus (think congealed fat), you need to call your doctor immediately. That could be a sign of a serious intestinal problem.

Baby Poop Colors:
Ruby Red

There are several reasons why you might see a bright red baby poop color.

  1. This is usually caused by a milk allergy.  If you’re breastfeeding, cut out diary.  If you’re giving formula, try switching to soy.
  2. If the poop is in hard pellets, your baby is constipated and the blood (streaked or spotted throughout) is probably due to small tears in the anus.  Adding a little prune juice (teaspoons for newborns, tablespoons for older babies) to her next bottle to soften things up.
  3. If the poop is watery (diarrhea-like) and is streaked with red, this may be signs of a bacterial infection.  Consult your doctor.

Baby Poop Colors:
Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow is the most common breastfed baby poop color.  Why is it common?  Because it’s completely normal.

Occasionally you may also see little white “seeds” sprinkled around.  These are partially digested milk solids and are also completely normal.

Supposedly this breastfed yellow poop smells sweeter than the poops of formula-fed babies.  Heaven knows I’m not going to stick my nose in there to confirm, so I’ll just pass it along as an extra (unconfirmed)  breastfeeding bonus.

Breastfed babies also tend to have looser stools than their formula-fed siblings.  It is very rare for a breastfed baby to be constipated.  (Remember, frequency isn’t the sign of constipation – texture is. )

Baby Poop Colors:
Hummus Brown

If “mustard” is normal for breastfed babies, “hummus” is the Ned Normal for formula-fed infants.  It also can sometimes have flecked little white seeds sprinkled around.

If the consistency is like hummus, baby is fine.  If it’s thicker, like peanut butter, you may have a constipation issue to resolve.

Baby Poop Colors:
Dirt Brown

90% of all diaper changes will display the dirt-brown boring baby poop color.  Although it’s the most boring of baby poop colors, it’s also a good sign that all his little microbes are functioning properly.  Especially after you’ve introduced baby food.

Night Black

There are several reasons why your baby’s poo could be black.  Black, tar-like poop (called meconium) is what your newborn’s very first poop looks like, sometimes days after birth.  It is normal.

If you’re breastfeeding and your nipples are cracked and bleeding, the black flecks sprinkled around your baby’s poop is the result of her swallowing and digesting your blood.  Yes, that’s nasty.  Heal those nips, friend!

It could also be the result of too much iron.  (See my instructions for Evergreen…sometimes it’s a green so dark it looks black.)

If it is a solid black color, you may be looking at a serious problem.  Your baby’s digestive system could be bleeding somewhere.  Call your doctor right away.

Baby Poop Color:
Fickle Fecal Matter

You know, I used to be all squeamish about these things.  But three kids later, the word “poop” has lost it’s ewwww effect.

After changing hundreds of those little “surprises”, I’ve learned just how fickle those little baby’s bowels can be.  What’s brown today can be easily green tomorrow.

That said, no matter which baby poop color your artistic infant decides to produce, you should ALWAYS call your pediatrician if…

  • You see bloody mucus in the poop
  • She is running a fever
  • Your baby is vomiting
  • He is refusing to eat
  • His urine is darker-in color or infrequent (dehydration is the #1 hospitalizer of babies)
  • She seems limp and not responsive – in fact, if this is her, call 911.

Just remember my little mantra:

When in doubt, give Doc a shout!

Your baby’s poo, although not the nicest thing to look out, is your best window into the innermost workings of his little body.  It is the first sign that things are going well…or not so well, so watch it closely and use this baby poop color chart to learn when to pick up the phone and send in the experts!

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182 thoughts on “An Important (Gag-Free) Baby Poop Color Chart

  1. I have a 6 week old son who is formula fed. Within the past 2 days his poops have changed from a dark green to an almost minty green. He also seeks to be having a harder time getting them out since the change. I have not changed his diet or routine.

    1. Hello, Ashley!

      Babies are little wonders and are often times unpredictable – even in their pooping patterns! 🙂 The change in color may simply be because his little body is growing and that includes his digestive system. If the constipation gets worse and more concerning, definitely talk to your doctor about it. Probiotics have been proven to give infants a digestive boost, so you may want to consider trying those as well. You are a wonderful mama to be looking after him so well. Keep up the good work!

  2. My daughter will be one in two days. I just started her on cows milk because I ran out of formula and ever since this, Her poop has been dark but tinted orange. I’m not sure if this is a concern or if it’s normal. I’m kinda freaking out!

    1. If you’re worried about it, Aubrey, I would call the doctor and see what they think. They may ask for a diaper sample to test, so make sure you don’t throw it away without asking.

  3. Hi Heather,
    I am Muskaan

    First time I have been a mother. My son is 5 month 3 days old he is on formula fed. He is suffering from cough and cold from 1 week. He is on meds now he is doing greenish poop is that happens in cold and cough.

    1. Hello, Muskaan,

      Yes, it is very common for babies who are on medicine to have poop that is colored differently than usual, simply because their little bodies are getting rid of what it needs to get rid of. I hope that he gets better soon. Best of luck!

  4. Hi Heather! Loved the poop guide! I’ve been doing my own research on poop since my 5 month old has been having some slight changes in her diapers. Since the meconium was gone, her stool has had the normal BF mustard yellow with flecks look. However, there’s ALWAYS been mucus (since 1 week old). I thought it was normal, since she is now 5 months and a very healthy baby. However, after reading several poop guides I think something might be going on. On the other hand, a day or two ago her stool was greenish yellow with the “normal” mucus we always see. Theeeen (yesterday), it became slightly brownish/greenish/hint of yellowish watery (normal not diahrrea) with soft bits or chunks (small and very soft and smushy). I totally freaked! She is exclusively breastfed so I don’t expect chunks (even soft and smushy) in her stool. However, today she had her first poop a in the morning and it was mustard yellow again with flecks. I don’t understand!!! The “usual” mucus we’ve been seeing in her poop since being a newborn… might it be normal?? And the evergreen with few soft chunks??? What am I doing wrong??? I’m not a picky eater so you can imagine how my diet is. I’m only picky with fast foods, microwave foods and overall junk food (which I don’t enjoy that much). And I drink Lactaid Lactose free and 1% of fat milk, or sometimes my husband’s 1% fat regular milk. I’m not doing solids until whe reaches 6 1/2 months so I’m still freaking out with the soft chunks in her evergreen stool!! Please help a FTM figure this out. I avoid as much as possible taking her to the Pedi and exposing her to sickness unless it is ABSOLUTELY a must.

    1. Hello, Nicolle!

      First of all, you aren’t doing anything wrong. 🙂 Infant stool changes a lot in color and consistency. As long as she isn’t overly fussy, is eating well and doesn’t have a fever, you should consider her stools for what they are – her little body eliminating waste. As her nutrients get absorbed into her blood stream, the larger chunks (like fiber) move through and how fast they get through that system determines how much time they have to absorb water. The addition of water decides how firm the stool will be once it’s out and in her cute little diaper. 🙂 If her waste moves through her body at a slow pace, it will have more time to absorb water and then it could look more like diarrhea. Don’t forget that her waste picks up various digestive juices, bile, bacteria and other things as it moves through her intestines, so it’s going to look different each time. However, that being said, I am not a medical professional, so if your mommy instincts are kicking in and you think something is wrong, you should take her in to see the pediatrician.

  5. Hi. I don’t know if we should be worried or not and its 4th of July and I’m just worried I might be overreacting. My son is 12 weeks old Three days ago he started having diarreah so I took him to the doc who said he has a virus. Put him on pedialyte mixed with his formula (Similac sensitive) to prevent dehydration. Well today (Monday) he has had little green very sticky poop. Not much volume to it but very smelly. I just don’t know anymore! He is on Zantac for acid reflux (since about 8 weeks old) and he was on prune juice (1 oz twice a day) for a while because of pellets in his poop for a while. But when we switched to Similac sensitive he stopped having those so we stopped the juice and he seemed fine for a couple weeks. He seems happy and only the normal baby fussiness. No crying or screaming in pain. Is dark green sticky poop concerning?

    1. I would give it a few days, Amy, and see what happens. The pedialyte might be affecting the color and consistency. If your concerns continue and he begins to act differently than normal, I would take him into the doctor just to be sure. He is a lucky little man to have such a loving, attentive mom. Good job!

  6. Hi, my baby is 6 months old next week, exclusively breastfed. He’s been having dark green poop for a few days now. Day 1 he pooped 5 times & Day 2 he pooped 7 times – both days very dry greenish yellow poop, just a bit each time. Yesterday (day 3) he started having thick green sticky poop, and pooped 3 times. Today is Day 4 and it’s dark green, sticky, thick. No other symptoms – he’s been happy/cheerful and sleeps well. Should I be concerned about the poop?

    1. Petrina,

      Any time you might be worried about poop take it to your doctor! I recommend taking a picture and then calling to see if they want to see the picture or if they need you to bring the diaper in (oh, joy!). Hope your little guy is doing fine!

  7. Dark purple poop was the weirdest thing to come out of my daughter.  Nothing to worry about, though, she just had a little too many blueberries.

  8. Hi I have a 1 year old lil boy he has just 1 kindey and very healthy but I have been trying to research up on y he would still have yellow poop still he was breast feed til 4 months old and then on soy formula until 1 and now on whole milk and our food he eats everything besides I don’t give him corn or honey or strawberries or peanut butter ….. He is a very healthy child weighing 22lbs …. I am not sure if it could be something serious or not being her is 1 and still has yellow poop as if a newborn …. I saw on here alot of helpful ppl so just hoping someone has a lil advice

    1. Heather,

      This is definitely a question to take to your doctor. You might also want to take a sample. You could call ahead and ask if that’s what they would prefer.
      Hope this helps you find your answer!

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