Here Are The Perfect Gifts For Any Kid Obsessed With Toy Cars

Matchbox cars are fun…but these will make his eyes light up. Ka-Chow!

The Ultimate Car Toys for Children -

Kids develop unique personalities and interests pretty early on, don’t they?

You’ve got one kid who loves architecture and another who loves to play pretend with dolls, but you know you have a car-obsessed kid if any of the following are true:

  • He points out police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances every. single. time. he sees one.
  • She sits on the front porch every Thursday anxiously awaiting the arrival of the garbage truck.
  • They race their carrot sticks during lunch while waiting for you to finish spreading out the peanut butter.

I’m sorry to say that vegetables can only take your little one so far on the speedway. After a while, he’s probably going to want something with a little more oomph.

Well, look no further. Here are a few great gift options for that kid in your home who is obsessed with toy cars. Start waving that checkered flag, my friend, because one of these is going to be a HUGE winner at your house!

The Ultimate
Car Toys for Children

Let’s start with the most important toy: The actual toy cars. You have a lot of options available to you, but here are a few proven favorites. When it comes to car toys for children, more is more. All these toy cars are sure-fire champions.

The best car toys start with...the best car toys! -

The Ultimate Toy Cars:  More Than Just Wheels

  1. Transport Car Carrier: This semi-truck car carrier comes with 8 mini cars, 2 off-road vehicles, 2 helicopters, 2 roadblocks, and 1 road map. There’s so much to keep your little one busy, and it’s easy to put it all away when she’s done.
  2. Matchbox Gift Pack: Every car lover needs a set of Matchbox cars, and she’ll get nine in this gift pack.
  3. Cars and Pull Back Vehicles: These friction-powered cars don’t need batteries to fly across your floor; just pull them back and watch them go!
  4. Mini Pull Back Cars: Here’s another great pull back option. You’re bound to love these too–there’s a classic VW Van included!
  5. Hot Wheels Monster Jam Tour Favorites: These monster trucks are also friction-powered. Give them a push forward and see how many things you can get them to drive over!
  6. Friction Powered Police Car: Every car-loving kid needs a police car to patrol her city!

Excitingly Awesome
Toy Car Accessories

Now that your child has some toy cars to fill his garage, he’s going to need some accessories to help with his pretend play. He needs a city. No! He needs a race track. No! He needs a transporter! Slip a tiny Go-Pro on the top and bring that living room adventure to life!

The Best Accessories for Car Toys -

Good Car Toy Accessories Make Pretend Play Real

  1. Carpet Rug City: Complete with a hospital, a school, and an airport, this rug city will keep your child occupied for hours of pretend play. The carpet is flat enough for those pull back cars and small enough to roll up and store when it’s not being used.
  2. Matchbox Garage Playset: Here’s a great accessory for those matchbox cars. Your little one will love this 4-level garage.
  3. Hot Wheels Straight Track Builder: Whether or not you choose the 15 foot track or the 40 feet, set this up and then watch your hot wheels fly across the room. Bonus points if you include some flips.
  4. Magic Tracks: This 10 foot, circular track can bend and flex in any direction. When you put batteries in the included cars, they will automatically drive around the track and simultaneously bring delight to your little guy.
  5. Wooden Building Blocks Set: You can up the ante on pretend play by encouraging your child to build a city or road system for his cars with this fun block set.
  6. Car Tape: This car road tape can be used on any hard surface for hours of driving fun.

The Toy Cars Kids Drive
on the Sidewalk

If you want to really fill your toy-car loving kid with glee, get her a car she can actually drive. Thankfully, there’s no need to start budgeting for car-payments yet. We’ve come a long way since the $400 driving options. Here are several reasonably-priced options to get your child (safely!) behind the wheel.

Cars Kids Drive around the Neighborhood - Safely!

Cars Kids Drive…But Parents Can Still Control

  1. Ride On Push Car: This option is best for toddlers, and your little one will love “driving” this car on your family walks around the neighborhood.
  2. Thomas the Tank Engine Roller Coaster: What kid wouldn’t want a roller coaster inside her house? (If you’re interested in my full review of this toy, you can find it here!)
  3. Ride On Car Toy: Give your child a little bit more independence with this gliding scooter. She’ll love the sound effects and working lights, and you’ll love how it helps her physical skills develop.
  4. Power Wheels Lil’ Quad: Now we’re really talking. This sporty ATV is battery powered and only reaches a maximum speed of 2 mph. Even so, you might want to grab a helmet before your child takes the wheel.
  5. Battery Powered Ride-On Car: Another great option for bigger kids, this cool car even includes seat belts.

Dreaming About Toy Cars:
Best Bedtime Books

Eventually, all this driving and playing is going to wear your little one out. But don’t worry, once you’ve got him in his pajamas (car-themed, of course!), you can snuggle up on the couch and read all about cars and trucks together.

Bedtime Books About Cars -

The Perfect Bedtime Books for the Toy Car Obsessed

  1. First 100 Trucks and Things That Go: This is for the kid who wants to know the difference between a skidsteer and an excavator. (Did I mention you’re bound to learn a lot too?) Don’t forget to pack this one for your next road trip!
  2. Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go: A classic–pickle truck included! Don’t forget to hunt for Gold Bug in every scene!
  3. Little Blue Truck: Not only will this give him some fun truck sounds to mimic, but he’ll also practice naming his farm animals.
  4. Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site: This sweet, rhyming story is the perfect bedtime story for your car lover.
  5. Open the Garage Door: This board book has simple words and colorful illustrations, and your little guy will love opening the flaps to find all the hidden pictures.
  6. Pete the Cat: Go, Pete, Go!: Our groovy friend is at it again! Read along as Pete hops on his bicycle to race Turtle’s car.
  7. Cars Boxed Set: Last, but not least, every car-lover needs a few Lightning McQueen books on the shelf!

Wave the Checkered Flag!
You Found the Perfect Gifts!

While I can’t promise the vegetable races around your kitchen table will end, I know that you’ve now got some great gift ideas for that kid in your house who falls asleep dreaming of racetracks and screeching wheels.

You’ve got the cars, the accessories, the drivable options, and even the books.

Now all you need is a good soundtrack, and you’ll be ready to hit the road!

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The Ultimate Car Toys for Children -

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