16 Toddler Costumes Sweet Enough for Year-Round Play

Toddler costumes are more than just for Halloween. They are year-round pretend play!

Should I even bother looking at toddler costumes this year? It’s true, Halloween is going to be different.

Your toddler, as usual, is blissfully clueless to big words like coronavirus, or pandemic. The only word he cares about right now is candy. (Or perhaps Spiderman.)

As we try to keep things as “normal” as possible for our kids, picking up a toddler costume is part of that process. Fortunately for us, our kids are obsessed about unicorns/Spiderman/Cinderella/dinosaurs all year long!

Here are sixteen toddler costumes that will get worn out this year from the dress-up bin. #WorthEveryPenny #StuckInLockdown2021

DISCLAIMER: Millions of parents are doing what you are doing right now, searching for toddler costumes online. So if you find one your kid likes below, scoop it up! Availability (and prices!) will fluctuate madly in the next few weeks!

Precious Toddler Costumes for Girls

I learned early on, as the parent of three daughters, that toddler Halloween costumes were gold. Those dresses (or cowboy chaps) were worn over and over and OVER again throughout the year: countless “shows” in the living room, dances through the kitchen, songs on the front porch…that fabric wonderland provided hours of entertainment.

That is, until they fell apart. (When flies are following my girls around the backyard like a parade…it’s time for new toddler costumes.) Come fall of the following year, that beloved toddler costume was ripped, stained, and (let’s be honest) peed on more times that I’d like to admit.

The only thing that saved me from yearly meltdowns was the purchase of the NEW toddler costume for Halloween. Here are the best picks for 2020.

Want to stretch your dollar even further? Use the unicorn dress for your daughter’s Unicorn Birthday Party. (Just steal some of these unicorn baby shower theme ideas!)

Exciting Toddler Costumes for Boys

If you don’t think toddler boys don’t like to play dress-up…you clearly haven’t met a toddler boy.

Pretend play is all the rage at this age, and picking a solid toddler costume is the first step in helping your child practice this developmentally-appropriate skill. (And it is a skill, by the way! Check this out.)

Here the best 2020 picks for toddler boy costumes. Bring on the grunts and growls, swoops and spins!

Stretch these toddler costumes even further by including them in a Paw Patrol themed birthday party!

Halloween Now…
Endless Dress-Up Later

One of my girls’ favorite things to do, now that they are older, is to go back and watch all the dress-up shows they would put on (with the other neighborhood kids who got roped in). The first thing they always comment on is their outfit.

  • “I remember that costume! I loved how flat out it went when I spun!”
  • “That’s the Belle dress that I wore into the grocery store that one time, remember mom? And the guy who bagged our groceries bowed to me.”
  • “Isn’t that the mermaid costume I was wearing when I fell off the swing and broke my elbow?”

Don’t be fooled into thinking these toddler costumes just costumes.

These are memories.

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