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Ever wish you could just snap your fingers and have a cleaning fairy reorganize and declutter your disorderly home? 

Are there spots in your home that you quickly try to avoid thinking about? Or, are you like me and sometimes you just want to light a match and start over from scratch somewhere else? 

The easiest way to get tough stuff done is to do it with friends. That’s where the idea of Queen of Your Castle came from. 

I will put off cleaning out my makeup drawer on my own, but knowing that thousands of other women are ALSO doing that task helps me get it done. High-five team! 

My friend Lauren has created some beautiful printables for us to use as we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and take back those dark corners once and for all. 

Can I get an AMEN? :-) 

So let me explain how this whole Queen of Your Castle club works. (Youre going to love it...) 

Its time to take back your kingdom.

*eagle cries*

Tired of Living in chaos?
Yeah... Me Too.

Why Not Have Bonuses? 

Bonuses. Theyre pretty fun, so I thought I'd toss in a few to go along with that 50% off discount. (Can you tell that I really need some cleaning buddies?)

When you join our little club of royal awesomeness, you’ll also receive a few other helpful tidbits!

Bonus #1: Weekly & Monthly Cleaning Checklist

Each month focuses on a Bigger Picture type of project to keep your home clean and organized. But what about the Weekly/Monthly tasks? Ive split those chores up in the Clean Queens format, so you can pick the chores that fit your stress level!

Bonus #2: A Super-Secret Royal Bonus Page

I can only stick so much information on a printable. (After all, you don't want to print off a NOVEL every month!) Which is why I created a Cleaning Queens Only page full of extra bonus videos, tips, and clever products designed to make your life easier. 

Bonus #3: Whatever Months Have Already Passed

These checklists cover the months of March–August. So what happens if youre just seeing this in April or May? No problem. Ill send them all over, and you can decide if you want to play catch-up, or start fresh with this months tasks. 

Sleeping Beauty

Queen of Your Castle is designed to be as simple as possible. We understand that the ability to clean and organize your home is dependent a lot on the season of life that you are in! For this reason, weve divided each months tasks into three “Queens.” 

How This Club Works

Sleeping Beauty tasks are designed for moms who have young children. You are exhausted, my friend. Your children require a LOT of attention and may or may not be sleeping through the night yet! 

These tasks are streamlined to just a handful of tasks each month. They are bare bones to keep your household humming and beat back the Guilt Monster that keeps peeking over your shoulder. 

Snow White


Cinderella tasks can all be done on the weekend. So if you’re working full-time through the week, or homeschooling, or just find yourself a bit too overwhelmed to clean and organize during the week, this is the Cleaning List for you! 

Pick one of the four weekends, set aside an hour or two, and fly through that month’s projects. You’ll feel so much more confident about your home and can finally kick aside the villainous Captain Contempt whispering in your year. 


What if you actually enjoy cleaning and organizing your home? Snow White is the queen for you! These are your heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Perfect for stay-at-home moms or working moms who want to really get their home in shape on the weekend. 

Which Queen Are You?

Which of these queens best describes your life right now? Or, perhaps the better question is what is your current stress level?

Your club membership includes ALL THREE queenly checklists, so if you feel like a Sleeping Beauty this month, but next month you want to go all Snow White, you can easily make the transition.

Let’s Win This Battle Together

More Than Just Cleaning

Queen of Your Castle is more than disinfecting a few countertops. Its about building confidence. Every month youll get more than just your Queens Checklist.  You’ll also receive additional optional tips like...

Learn how to get your dwarves more involved

Join Us!  
Reclaim Your Kingdom!

An Area to Organize — Each month well tackle a spot in the house that’s often over-run and get it cleaned up and organized together! Time to take 30 minutes to get that nagging corner cleaned up! 

Reclaim & Conquer — There is, inside every home, a small area thats become over-run and junked-up. Perhaps its your makeup drawer, or the shoe pile by the back door... Each month we will create a battle plan to get that sinister spot reclaimed!

Tasks for the Dwarves — You know youre not the only person in the house who can clean and organize! Help your dwarfs (aka children) learn responsibility by having them help! Each checklist highlights the tasks that can be delegated (or at least aided) by the smaller workers living in your home. 

Your Crowning Moment — At the end of each month’s checklist, youll find this special section. It’s a reward task just for you! After all, you’ve worked really hard and deserve to put up your queenly feet and enjoy some royal R&R! (If you want to request a husbandly foot-rub...who’s stopping you?) 

The Queen of Your Castle Club is a monthly email with a printable document to help you focus and complete the tasks with myself and other harried mothers around the globe. Were doing this TOGETHER, remember? 

Right now all new members of the Queen of Your Castle Club will get a 50% discount. 

For less than one cup of regular coffee at Starbucks each month, you can join a community dedicated to kicking chaos to the curb. Its time for a little “We Can Do This!” homemaking encouragement. We are all Makers of Homes, my friend. We all want to create warm, clean, healthy environments for our kids to bloom in. 

Of course, this 50% off discount isn't going to last forever. (Sorry.)  Click the button below and find your first email (and the bonuses below) in your Inbox within the next 15 minutes. 

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“These checklists are brilliant. They break down the behemoth tasks of cleaning AND organizing into manageable, doable chunks. As a Mom I have decision fatigue. I’m grateful for a list that lays it all out there that isnt made by me!”

-Sabrina Fox

these checklists are brilliant...

Inside the Queens Court

The Queen of Your Castle Club was created by two sisters, Jenny and Heather, who were looking for a community of mothers who could support each other in the quest for a clean castle. They had tried other cleaning clubs and felt discouraged about the overwhelming amount of emails and MUST DOs that never really managed to fit into real life. 

Heather Taylor

Heather is the Chief Encouragement Officer at MightyMoms.club. She lives in Racine, WI with her husband, three children (ages 8, 11, & 14), and two shih tzus, Perrin and Frodo. Shes a Cinderella cleaner. She’s also the “I” on this page and feels very awkward writing in the third person. (She thought you should know.)

Jenny Blake

Jenny is the Agent of Awesomeness at MightyMoms.club. She lives in Kenosha, WI with her husband, four of her five children (ages 12, 14, 16, 17, and 19), and two cats, Forrest and Jenny. (Yes, the kids actually insisted on naming the cat JENNY. It makes for some awkward vet calls...). Shes a Snow White cleaner. 

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