Sleeping Beauty

Its Time To Conquer the Chaos Inside Your Home

Weekly/Monthly chores for moms who have young kids at home, and are beyond exhausted. The bare minimum of weekly cleaning to ward off sickness. 



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Do you feel a overwhelmed about the state of your home? Feel ashamed or guilty that it's not as clean as it “should” be? too. Thats why we created this free printable! 

It splits your weekly and monthly tasks up for each the difference seasons of life. Seasons weve decided to name after our favorite fairy tale queens...

You arent the only cleaner in the house, you know. One of the best gifts you can give your “dwarves” is to have them help keep the home clean and organized. It teaches responsibility, hygiene, and provides a sense of accomplishment as they learn the value of hard work! 

Yes, theres a little more Mom Effort involved in the beginning,  but it will pay off years later when you can say, Please go clean the kitchen! (Trust me, Im so thankful we taught those skills years ago!) Your free cleaning checklist has an asterisk (*) behind each dwarf-helping chore.

Weekly/Monthly chores that can be finished on the weekend. Designed for working moms or moms too crazy busy during the week to think about words like disinfect or wash.


Weekly/Monthly chores for moms who have a little more time (and desire) to really deep-clean their homes.

Snow White

Dont Forget About the Dwarves!

Includes a Special Bonus Page

As my sister and I were putting this freebie together, we found other helpful videos and tools that would be useful to get these tasks done as quickly as possible. Weve gathered all those extras and put them on a special member-only type page for you to access and use with your free cleaning checklist. Consider it a little bonus to go with your freebie!