Conquer the Chaos of Your Home with These Free Cleaning Checklists

Do you feel overwhelmed about the state of your home? Feel ashamed or guilty that it’s not as clean as it “should” be? Yeah…me too. Be encouraged, friend. Your Fairy Godmother is here, and we’ve got exactly what you need to take back control.

This free cleaning checklist is not your normal cleaning checklist. It considers your season of life and helps you organize your cleaning tasks accordingly.

Which “Queenly” Season of Life Are You In?

It is unrealistic to think that a working mom of young children is going to have the same level of home cleanliness as, say, a stay-at-home mom with children in school. Unless you’re going to hire outside help, any useful cleaning checklist is going to have to reflect your current life situation.

So which station of life are you currently?

  • Sleeping Beauty—Do you have young kids at home? Your goal will be to clean enough to keep the bubonic plague away. Choose activities in this category
  • Cinderella—Do you work outside the home? Your cleaning tasks are going have to fit into the weekend because you’re going to be too exhausted at the end of the day to bother with dirt.
  • Snow White—Are your kids in school? Do you feel you have a bit more time this month to clean? Or do you have relatives coming over next weekend? This category is for you.

Don’t Forget About the Dwarves!

Your kids should learn, at an early age, that Mom isn’t the only one responsible to keep the house clean! So I’ve also added asterisks (*) behind chores that the kids can either help out with, or do independently.

Bonus Help (Videos, Tricks, Tips)

Along with your free cleaning checklists, you will also receive access to a special bonus page with helpful videos and other tricks to help you get done as soon as possible.

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