Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten with This Free Printable!

Do you know what skills your preschooler needs to have mastered before he enters kindergarten?  (Yeah, I didn’t either…) 

Obviously, you want your child to thrive in his first real structured classroom, so why not spend 10 minutes a day working on the basics of colors, ABC’s, and 123’s?

Teach Your Child in 10 Minutes a Day

Trust me, you can do this in the cracks of your busy life. Ask him to show you the red car. Have him count the grapes left on his plate. Have him tell you what sound the “B” makes while you’re running errands in the car.

Our own Elizabeth Daghfal (who also happens to be an elementary education teacher), has created this useful checklist of things to be working on with your 4 year old NOW so he’s ready to rock the schoolroom when he arrives at the kindergarten classroom.

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Want more inspiration? See the games and activities she suggests in The Dr. Seuss One-a-Day Way to Get Ready for Kindergarten. Pick just one skill and work on that skill (with these repeatable games) every day for a week. You’ll be amazed at how far he will come by the end of the month!

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