Improve Your Child’s Sleep

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks like what you’ve been doing to help your child sleep better, just isnt working anymore. Something needs to change. But do you know how to change it?

As Certified Gentle Sleep Coaches, we want to help you figure out exactly how to fix your childs sleeping struggles.  Were here to get to know you, your unique child, and your parenting style and then discuss the various sleep strategies and methods to perfectly fit the “change” you're looking for. 

Its all about customization. A one-size-fits-all approach to sleeping just won't do. Your situation is unique! Let us listen to you and help you develop and implement a sleep coaching or shaping plan that will give you the results your tired eyes are yearning for.

Say Goodbye to Hopelessness

It's Time to Try Something New

Newborn Sleep Session

A 60-minute Phone Session with a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach

Personalized DIY Sleep Shaping Plan

Comprehensive Newborn Sleeping Workbook for Session Notes

Full Health Assessment Analysis


Youve been winging it for long enough. Its time to sit down and really talk with someone who knows what shes talking about. Let us listen to your situation, get to know you and your baby, and then make some recommendations. Nothing can give you hope like a plan!

Yep. There’s a Guarantee.

Time to Make Change Happen.

I know it feels like youve been walking down the Dark Tunnel of Exhaustion forever, but Im telling you - there's a glorious horizon of rest just around the corner. (Where the clouds are soft, downy, allergy-free pillows!) 

Oh, and did I mention that the Full Coaching Packages have a 110% Money-Back Sleeping Guarantee? Yeah. You read that correctly. No other sleep coach is willing to take that gamble. We are as dedicated to your sleeping success as you are. #partners


For Newborns Up to 22 Weeks Old

Newborn Sleep Shaping Session

Good rest starts here. Click on the button that matches your babys age and sleeping struggle. Discover how we can help get you closer to a good nights rest!  


For Babies 22 Weeks - 2 Years

Full Sleep Coaching for Babies

**110% Money-Back Guarantee**


For Children 2 - 6 Years

Full Sleep Coaching for Children

**110% Money-Back Guarantee**

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