How to Find an Amazing Pregnancy Doctor

Don’t just take the first pregnancy doctor that pops up in your online search! You are about to embark on an adventure that will change your life forever.

Your body is about to be transformed in several ways, and some of those can feel kinda scary.

Getting to Know Your Pregnancy Doctor

You need a pregnancy doctor that gets you. That you have 100% confidence in. That requires actually sitting down and asking your delivery doctor a few questions at your very first meeting. Questions like…

  • How long have you been practicing as a delivery doctor?
  • What tests do you routinely do during pregnancy? Why?
  • What methods of pain management do you recommend?
  • If you are not at my birth, who else might be? When can I meet them?
  • Can I tour the hospital maternity ward/birth center?
  • How long would you allow/recommend we go past our due date before having to be induced?

Interviewing Your Pregnancy Doctor Can Make Childbirth Less Painful

One of the reasons childbirth is often hardest the first time around is because you aren’t completely sure what to expect. In other words, the stress of the unknown causes you to tense up, which makes the contractions work harder, which leads to more pain.

So, if you want to give yourself a boost in pain management, do your due diligence now to try to iron out as many wrinkles as possible before hand. Find out now if your pregnancy doctor allows the use of birthing balls or water births. Discover now what your delivery doctor’s c-section rate is.

Get all these questions answered and out of the way while you’re still pregnant. Things are still going to be chaotic, but you’ll have a MUCH better idea of what to expect!

Use Our Free Questionnaire

Our two-page printable will help you think through what you’re really looking for in a pregnancy and delivery doctor. Do you want someone who will encourage you to go natural? Or is on board with every painkilling technique you can (safely!) use?

Don’t forget to read through the article that prompted this free printable in the first place! See Say “I Do!” to You Perfect Birth Provider for more helpful tricks and tips!

No matter how many babies you have had, a new pregnancy will always make you feel nervous. Nervous and excited. You know where this path is going to lead: with your gorgeous little cuddle bundle. An awesome pregnancy doctor can make that goal a lot easier to achieve.

Once you have our questionnaire, you’ll have a better idea of exactly what types of questions to ask to make sure that your pregnancy doctor is the best fit for you, eliminating a lot of unnecessary stress once Go Time! arrives.

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