All You Need to Find the Perfect Baby Name

It actually is possible for you and your husband agree on this. Here’s how.

The secret to agreeing on a baby name you both like -

“What’s in a baby name?”  Unfortunately, a lot.

After all, this little pea will take this name with him for the rest of his life! His Christmas stocking, play dates, classroom attendance lists, college applications, winning American Idol…

Picking a good baby name is your first real parenting task. What if you screw it up and your precious “Sparkle McFairy” isn’t proud to carry the surname of your forefathers?

Well, if “Sparkle McFairy” was on your short baby name list, you might as well stop reading, you’ve obviously found a winner. All you other nervous parents, though…keep reading. I can help you find the perfect baby name.

The Perfect Baby Name is
One You BOTH Agree On

Searching for the perfect baby name can be an emotional rollercoaster.

You may have had all your children’s names picked out since you were eight, but your husband…wasn’t part of the equation back then.

Or, what if it’s the other way around? What if he’s had a boy’s name figured out, but it just happens to be the same name as a particular fourth grader who said you looked like a disease in your favorite polka dot dress? Yeah. Not. Happening.

Before naming your baby becomes a point of tension and frustration, sit down with your significant other and discuss these questions together:

  1. Do you prefer creative names or traditional names?
  2. Are there any names that are completely off the table?
  3. Are there any names you can’t stop repeating to yourself?
  4. Is there a family tradition to consider? (Richard Lionheart the 18th, etc.)
  5. How important is a name’s meaning?

Now that you’re fishing out of the same baby name pond, it’s time to start using a bait you can both agree on. Here are the different categories of “fish” we’ll be angling for:

  1. Trendy Baby Names
  2. Traditional Family Names
  3. Baby Names with Meaning
  4. Timeless Infant Names

Choosing a Trendy Baby Name

Choosing a trendy baby name can be really fun. One of the main reasons these baby names are so trendy is because moms and dads love them!

  • These names will make your baby a part of their own unique generation.
  • Most people will know how to pronounce your child’s name at first glance.
  • You can take a trendy baby name and change the spelling slightly to make it just a bit more creative but still familiar.

Top 5 Trendy Baby Names for Girls

1. Posie
2. Isla
3. Olivia
4. Aurora
5. Maeve

Top 5 Trendy Baby Names for Boys

1. Milo
2. Jasper
3. Atticus
4. Theodore
5. Asher

Want more than just five? Here are some books that offer trendy baby names to try:

  1. Trendy Baby Names
  2. The Magic Baby Name Wizard
  3. The Complete Book of Baby Names (over 100,00+ names!)
  4. The Best Baby Name Book In The Whole World

Honoring a Traditional Family Name

Passing down family names from generation to generation can be a great way to continue the legacy of a loved one. Or perhaps you’re joining the tradition of all the first male sons carrying on the same name.

Here are three ways you can utilize family names:

Family Baby Name Technique #1: The Surname Crossover

Keeping names passed down from one generation to the next can be a hefty task to tackle. It’s easy to pick obvious names in the family tree, but what about last names?

Why not take a creative namesake turn and choose a family surname for your child’s first name! It’s becoming its own trend with such surnames like Anderson, Easton, Kennedy, or Addison.

It’s a clever way to add a pinch of creative freshness, while still honoring a long and proud family heritage.

Family Baby Name Technique #2: Twisting Up Middle Names

This is a great option when you need to compromise on different name preferences. Try using a family name as your baby’s middle name:

  • McKenzie
  • Beckett
  • Davis
  • Lincoln
  • Sawyer
  • Monroe
  • Quinn

Or put a southern spin on the middle name using a combination of names:

  • Riley-Grace
  • Arden Stewart West
  • Taylor-Rose

Family Baby Name Technique #3: Blending

For a fun and creative alternative, try combining letters or full names of the family names you like to help you come up with unique baby names! For example, your Great Aunt Ruby combined with your husband’s Grandma Anne to give you a sweet feminine name of Rubyanne.

This way, Rubyanne, will grow up hearing amazing stories about BOTH her Grandma and Great Aunt, and why she was named after these amazing women. What a wonderful legacy to offer!

Picking a Meaningful Baby Name

Let’s be honest, we’ve all googled our own name once or twice looking for the meaning. Well, it’s actually a really great way to decide on a cute baby name for your little bundle of joy!

Start first by thinking about the kind of hopes and dreams you have for your little one. Do you hope your son will be a strong leader or fiercely brave? Or perhaps your daughter be tender-hearted and gracious? Choosing what kind of name meanings you like first, can lead you down the path to the perfect cute baby name!

These are some of the best name meaning categories that will help you decide:

  1. International baby name meanings: Using Worldwide Baby Names can help you find unique name meanings from different parts of the globe.
  2. Religious baby name meanings: Try looking at Biblical Baby Names for spiritual name meanings.
  3. Fiction and Non-Fiction baby name meanings: Take a look at Classic Literature and Historical Baby Names for creative inspiration.

Once you choose the name meaning that you like best, you’ll be able to display that special name and meaning on the wall of your nursery and share it with your baby someday soon!

Baby Names That Never Go Out of Style

Or perhaps you want to avoid all the fads and choose a classic name that stands the test of time. Here are a few to get you thinking:

Classic Baby Names for Girls

  1. Emily
  2. Jessica
  3. Lucy
  4. Katherine
  5. Charlotte

Classic Baby Names for Boys

  1. Jack
  2. James
  3. Thomas
  4. Daniel
  5. Benjamin

For more suggestions, check out this baby name book. Remember, timeless baby names are like building your baby’s future on solid bedrock.

  • They never go out of style.
  • They are common enough for others to pronounce.
  • They are easily spelled.
  • They can be tracked through history, and can inspire your child as they learn about all the amazing things “Theodores” and “Amelias” have accomplished before them!

Celebrating the Uniqueness
of Your Child in the Nursery

You’ve done it! You finally landed on the most perfect baby name for your cute bump (whether or not you find out the sex). Now it’s time to celebrate that beautiful name!

You can start by outfitting your nursery with these cute baby name accessories and decor ideas:

The Perfect Name for
Your Perfect Baby

Naming your children is a special privilege and rite of passage as a mother and father. It’s amazing to think about all that this little person will grow to be!

Soon your little prince or princess will be here! It will be such a wonderful day on the day of their birth when you officially give them their cute baby name.

You have officially NAILED your first parenting task!

Only 5,643,363,215 more to go! Don’t worry, you’re going to be way to be way to busy snuggling your sweet newborn to count. 🙂

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The secret to agreeing on a baby name you both like -

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